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We provide full stack blockchain development solutions and apps for various industries.
We also provide decentralized NFT based tokenization services.

Blockchain App Development Services

We're a reputed blockchain development company that incorporates fullstack development strategies and has a five year track record of serving clients. We have assisted various cryptocurrency start-ups in developing ground-breaking software that have had a positive influence on the world. We have a team of seasoned engineers and tech wizards with years of experience in the blockchain app development market. Our team specializes in creating corporate blockchain solutions for a variety of sectors.

We are a renowned blockchain development agency that incorporates fullstack development strategies and has a five year track record of serving clients. We have assisted various cryptocurrency start-ups in developing ground-breaking software that have had a positive influence on the world. We have a team of seasoned developers and tech giants with years of experience in the blockchain application development market.

Our team specializes in creating corporate blockchain solutions for a variety of sectors. Nextbrain has proven to be the top blockchain software development company that has a complete team of blockchain developers, designers and managers. They employ best practices and prerequisite tools for developing a decentralized ecosystem for your brand. The highly skilled developers have excellent skills at working with different platforms comprising Solidity and Ethereum. As a blockchain development company, we serve you with a broad range of decentralized solutions that add transparency, scalability, and security to your system.

Blockchain development services we provide

Following is a list of NFT and blockchain development services we provide.

custom blockchain app development
Custom Blockchain app development

We have expertise in various platforms like Tezos, Hyperledger, Corda, Tron, Stellar and EOS and will help build custom Blockchain apps for our clients. We provide scalability and robustness in every app and have our in-house UX designers make it attractive.

support services
Support services

We provide support services for every blockchain or NFT solution we provide. This helps you upgrade your solution when the latest technologies become available and also help in swift and efficient repairs when something goes wrong.

Blockchain Development Platforms

We work with the following blockchain development platforms


Private enterprise which is permissioned and provides enterprise grade blockchain solutions


Smart contract based decentralized applications(dApps)


Platform that provides reliable and scalable payment solutions

Matic Polygon

Layer 2 blockchain solutions, based on ethereum


Hybrid dApp and smart contract based blockchain solution

Hedra Hashgraph

Secure and fair decentralized apps on a public network


Tokenization and decentralization app platform


All the blockchain solutions with a high transaction speed

Blockchain Development Process We Follow

We follow an agile development process to accomplish blockchain development solutions.

  • 1
    Blockchain Consulting

    Blockchain Consulting

    As you have recognized that your business requires an effective blockchain-based solution, you are required to choose the platform that is suitable for your project. Our blockchain consultants do market research, platforms & tools to complete features prioritization.

  • 2

    User experience & Design

    As you have planned the app, it is time to begin designing the user interface. Our experts deliver high-quality designs on blockchain projects at the time of offering a seamless user experience, with the back end impacting the entire architecture of the application.

    User experience & Design
  • 3
    Enterprise Blockchain Development

    Enterprise Blockchain Development

    Many platforms are available such as Hyperledger sawtooth, hyperledger fabric and Ethereum. In this blockchain development phase, developers evaluate, ideate & build enterprise-grade apps to maximize the overall ROI of the business.

  • 4

    Blockchain Application Deployment

    Our developers deploy blockchain projects in multiple stages such as frontend, backend deployment, blockchain network configuration and validating the nodes. We also perform pre-launch testing of deployed programs like dApps & smart contracts.

    Blockchain Application Deployment
  • 5


    A proof of concept can be either a theoretical buildup or a prototype based on the practical potential of a blockchain project. We offer app maintenance and support for eliminating any technical/bug glitches. The developers are available to solve such issues.

  • 6

    App Migration & Upgrades

    Based on your different requirements and needs, we administer the support required to migrate your existing application to the blockchain platform. We use advanced tools & technologies to create blockchain applications.

    App Migration & Upgrades
  • 7
    Select Accelerator To Optimize Blockchain App

    Select Accelerator To Optimize Blockchain App

    Accelerators have a major role to play in optimizing the separate components of blockchain like data storage and transaction validation. It is the final phase of the blockchain development process.

Industries we have transformed with our blockchain development solutions

Blockchain development solutions have extended applications across diverse industry verticals.

Hire Blockchain Developers

As the leading blockchain development company, Nextbrain has well-versed and scrutinized specialists that provide blockchain app development services to create highly scalable and steadfast blockchain applications. Hire blockchain developers having many years of experience in building unique blockchain platforms for businesses.

Hire Blockchain Developers

Why Choose Nextbrain For Blockchain Development Services?


Cost-Effective Development

As a renowned blockchain development company, Nextbrain experts ensure reliability & effectiveness across the development process. This assists in curating a world-class outcome for your client.


Agile Development Process

Our developers follow an effective development cycle with an effective development process. Each step of the process is created in a way to offer maximum value to end users.


All-inclusive Support

In case of any technical glitches or bugs, our experts are available to help you with support & maintenance services after delivery and deployment.


Quality Assurance & Testing

Our QA professionals ensure that dApps are effectively tested prior to launch. The QA services assist you in building a secure blockchain platform for your business.

Blockchain Web 3.0 Development Services

Blockchain Web 3.0 Development Services

As the leading blockchain development company, Nextbrain offers a complete range of Web 3.0 development services using best-in-class blockchain development solutions. We have well-versed as well as professional blockchain app development services for building effective and scalable applications. We have experienced professionals having the potential of diverse blockchain platforms to deliver unique enterprise-grade blockchain solutions that make a difference. Blockchain is becoming the next-gen technology for developing full-fledged blockchain networks. As a dedicated development team, we deliver premium-quality solutions to customers.


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  • What are the advantages of developing a blockchain solution?
    Blockchain Development has been expanding because of two key reasons. The first is data security and integrity, followed by low operating costs. Nearly no other technology can provide the level of quality blockchain solutions achieve.
  • How to find a good blockchain development company?
    You must ask a lot of questions in order to identify the best Blockchain Development Company. Since when has a company been working in that domain, project development methodologies, cost structure, corporate knowledge, developer expertise, portfolio, and most importantly, what they contribute to your product
  • Why choose nextbrain to develop your blockchain solution?
    You should choose nextbrain as they have worked with many clients and have expertise on many blockchain platforms. They have provided services for various business sectors ranging from private to the public sector, and therefore are reliable to develop your blockchain solution.
  • What is the cost of your blockchain solutions?
    The cost of the blockchain solution depends on the number of services you use, and hence we cannot tell you the price directly. Send us a custom set of requirements and we will give you a quote of the price and time required to complete the project. We also work with NDAs and other legal restrictions in place.
  • What other technologies fit well with blockchain technology?
    There are many technologies that fit well with blockchain technology. The most important ones are artificial intelligence and machine learning. IoT devices can also use blockchain to securely communicate between one another.
  • What are the various industry applications of Blockchain technology?
    Supply chain management, finance, voting and regulatory compliance with auditing are some of the areas where Blockchain is helpful.
  • Which technology is the most popular in Blockchain app development?
    Ethereum is popular for being the most secure crypto currency platform built on a blockchain. Ethereum can only be created using its own programming language, Solidify.
  • Do you extend blockchain development services in other cities?
    We have a great reputation for providing end-to-end Blockchain development services for clients all over the world including
    1) Fort Worth
    2) Houston
    3) Austin
    4) Dallas
    5) Dubai
    6) Sydney

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