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We are a full-stack blockchain development company in Austin that builds robust and highly scalable blockchain solutions and apps for various industry verticals.

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Nextbrain is the leading blockchain app development company in Austin having all-inclusive knowledge of blockchain technology. Having many years of expertise, we have been able to master blockchain development services across various industry sectors. With the recent advancement in technologies, it is significant to equip businesses with decentralized, secure and scalable blockchain solutions. Our professionals assist startups, enterprises and businesses to streamline their operations to be more efficient and create automated renditions of their businesses by combining advanced tools and blockchain development services.

Blockchain is considered a revolutionary technology that has evolved over the years. It is a realistic peer-to-peer network that will reduce reliance on intermediaries. Nextbrain is dedicated to developing, designing and architecting blockchain software products. It is the leading provider of blockchain development solutions such as smart contracts development, dApps development, blockchain app development, and integrated blockchain solutions.

Our Blockchain Development Services

Following is a list of NFT and blockchain development services we provide.
Blockchain Technology Consulting

We offer blockchain consulting services that assist you to design an operational blockchain business network that remains democratic, secure and expedient.

Blockchain dApp Development

Our blockchain developers help enterprise, business and start-up grade businesses for developing highly scalable and robust dApps for marketing & maximizing ROI.

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Custom Blockchain app development

We always strive to build efficient feature-rich custom blockchain applications by adopting the potential of world-class blockchain technologies and tools.

Decentralized Exchange

Our decentralized solutions are offered through highly secure, easy-to-use and immutable exchange platforms having effective real-time trading systems of digital assets.

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Blockchain wallet development

Our Blockchain Developers in Austin create secure and safe blockchain wallets having cold & hot storage features enabling the exchange of digital assets & cryptos.

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We help startups & businesses tokenize assets with reliability and authenticity for powerful risk management, better liquidity and cost-effectiveness.

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Support services

Our round-the-clock support solutions cover the support and maintenance of blockchain development solutions. Our experts are well-aware of the maintenance services.

Blockchain Development Platforms

We work with the following blockchain development platforms

Private enterprise which is permissioned and provides enterprise grade blockchain solutions


Smart contract based decentralized applications(dApps)

Data Security

Payment solutions based on blockchain


Platform that provides reliable and scalable payment solutions

Matic Polygon

Layer 2 blockchain solutions, based on ethereum


Blockchain apps with an increased transaction speed


Hybrid dApp and smart contract based blockchain solution

Hedra Hashgraph

Secure and fair decentralized apps on a public network


Tokenization and decentralization app platform


Maximies transparency, efficiency and security as a public blockchain solution


All the blockchain solutions with a high transaction speed


Very efficient and a fast blockchain platform


About Blockchain Development Services

  • Do you offer blockchain development solutions?
    We are an enterprise blockchain development company in Austin that specializes in decentralized business models, web3 product development, assets tokenization and blockchain app development solutions. We offer solutions that are tailored to client requirements for accomplishing the best possible results of our cooperation.
  • How does your company ensure the confidentiality of blockchain development projects?
    From the very outset, we ensure from all sides the confidentiality of blockchain development projects by signing NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement. Therefore, we respect all private policies contained within a project.
  • Do you provide source code and rights to the owner of the project?
    The client to whom the project belongs is the rightful owner of the source code rights too. This is a relevant part of the service agreement and standard procedure. We offer source code that contains the code after the completion of the project.
  • Do you assure project quality during project development?
    We have adopted the agile and scalable model of project development while working with our clients. Our blockchain technology developers evaluate development efforts and administer the client with positive outcomes.
  • Is it possible to upgrade my blockchain product in future?
    Yes, our developers can upgrade your blockchain product, define, build, and grow approaches. As the product is built by our professional developers, it paves way for further upgrades.
  • How much time is needed to conduct blockchain software development?
    A blockchain software development project can be completed within a month or even some weeks. On the other hand, some blockchain projects take a long time to develop owing to the different complexities involved in the project. At times, the work scope and features of the project are responsible for the time taken to develop.
  • What is the cost of blockchain software development?
    The cost of blockchain software development depends upon the complexities of the blockchain project. It includes the specifications, features and functionalities involved in the project. The process of using advanced blockchain technology and tools also adds to the cost.
  • Do you charge any hidden costs?
    No, we never charge any additional costs at the time of project development. From the very outset, we give quotes depending upon requirements. However, any changes from the client-side in the middle of project development can add costs.

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