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We are the leading website development company in Bangalore offering end-to-end web development services. We handcraft refined solutions with the synergistic effort of our experienced and dedicated team of web developers to transform your dreams into a unique reality.

Compelling Custom Web development solutions to reshape your business

Our dedicated Nextbrain team offers integrated tailor-made website development services for your dream website. We extend our seamless services in building unique, robust, responsive, user-friendly, and scalable websites that improve your business growth through improved traffic. With the help of advanced technologies, agile methodologies, online marketing methods along skilled manpower, we resolve any inconsistencies into feasible solutions.

Being the best website development company in Bangalore, we follow a customer-centric approach meeting all the requirements and objectives of the customers. Our services have extended to start-ups, small, and medium-sized industries across different verticals. We provide large scale web app services consisting of simple content website applications, e-business applications, and complex internet applications.

Our Web Application Development Solution

We offer customized next-gen websites and web application development that consists of simple content websites, e-business apps, and complex internet apps using advanced technologies like Laravel PHP Framework, Opencart, NodeJS, AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS3.

Custom Web Solution
Custom Web Solution
Corporate Website Development
Corporate Website Development
Conceptual Design
Conceptual Design
Graphic design services
Graphic design services
Web hosting
Web hosting
Content management system
Content management system
Responsive Design
Responsive Design
Full Support
Full Support

Serverless application development

We deliver custom and scalable web and mobile apps by implementing robust serverless app development technologies to minimize operational complexity and improve business productivity.

Ecommerce development

We have world-class expertise in providing custom ecommerce solutions that suit your business needs and resolve your business challenges to obtain optimum results.

MVP development

Our dedicated developers are specialized in creating digital products for a low cost by minimizing the rework time and improving the overall business revenue of client’s.

SaaS product development

Our expert SaaS developers are well-versed in developing cloud-based SaaS applications to boost your business by reducing operational costs which offer robust SaaS solutions.

Web application development process

We focus on developing quality websites that are enticing, highly responsive, easy-to-navigate, robust, and secure. We follow well-planned strategies and agile methodologies along with a systematic stepwise development process. We give importance to small details with an insight to handcraft the best websites that can drive more traffic.



Through in-depth research and analysis, we gather all possible information about market trends and target audience.


In the design stage, we concentrate on wireframing and the user interfaces design that meets the customer’s requirements.


Our QA team does continuous testing to ensure the websites are free from technical errors, critical bugs, and other code errors. We make sure that the app serves the intended purpose.
web design process


We make precise planning regarding the technologies, tools, for the project work, define website layout, modules for moulding a feasible website.


We use the popular and object-oriented MVC development Laravel framework along with CakePHP and Yii. We develop websites with an insight to grab the attention of online market trends.


In this stage, we launch the websites to the online stores after resolving all technical issues. We monitor the websites to know the user's interaction.

Why are we the best Web app development company?

We work with a perspective to deliver the best websites through the integration of the right tools, technologies, resources, and world-class expertise. Being the top website design company in Bangalore, we extend our remarkable services to many business enterprises.



We follow an agile work environment that all the requirements of the customers are fulfilled to ensure ultimate user satisfaction.


Latest technologies

We use advanced infrastructure along with the latest technology like Laravel PHP Framework, Opencart, NodeJS, AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS3 to develop mind-blowing websites.


World-class expertise

Our web development team is highly experienced to tackle any problems with systematic and precise development solutions. We craft alternative solutions to offer the best digital experience to the users.


Better coordination

We work as a team, the coordinated working pattern helps to find brainstorming ideas to ensure 100% accuracy, operational performance, and productivity

Our Remarkable Works

We offer our full-stack goal-oriented web development services to help your business to turn into a brand. We build scalable websites with amazing creativity and expertise to boost ROI. Connect with us to share your requirements and ideas; we are here to help you make it a success.

See all our services

We deliver end-to-end digital solutions, custom built for your infrastructure, expanding on continuing
digitization and transformation possibilities.

SaaS Product Development

SaaS Development

We are top product development firms
providing high quality digital products
as per client’s requirements.
User Experience Design in Bangalore

User Experience Design

Our expert designers transform your
ideas into reality creating customized,
user-friendly digital experiences.
Mobile app Development company in Bangalore

Mobile app Development

We help customers to create a next
-generation digital experience with various
mobile applications to enhance
customer engagement.
IOT Development company in Bangalore

IOT Development

We can help you unlock the value of
the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve your
business insight, improve agility, maximize
value chains and reduce cost.
Staff Agumentation Services

Staff Agumentation

Our experienced mobile and web app
developers deliver quality-rich products
within the given deadlines.
Web Development

Web Development

We deliver high-quality software that
performs automated tasks, without human

FAQ about our web application development services

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  • How much does my customized website cost?
    Generally, for a website with basic features and functionalities, we charge around $2000 to $25000. But this rate is not fixed and changes according to the complexities of the project, development time, scope of the project, etc.
  • What are the hiring models of your company?
    We have 3 hiring models. Clients can according to their preferences and 1. budget.Full-Time hiring (a complete day) 2. Part Time Hiring (4 hours/day) 3. Hourly hiring (certain hours of a day)
  • What technology do you follow for backend development?
    Our professionals are highly skilled in many backend development frameworks. We are fully updated with advanced tools and technologies like Laravel (PHP), Node.js, AngularJS, Vue.js, Adobe XD, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 to design and develop your websites.
  • Will you sign NDA?
    Yes, we will. We follow a strict NDA policy to keep your idea safe. To protect the assets of both parties, an NDA will be signed by both you and us.
  • How long has Nextbrain Technologies been in business?
    We have been contributing our seamless services across many verticals since 2016. We are highly skilled in mobile app development, web design, and development, UX/UI design, cloud computing, bot development, IoT development, digital marketing services, e-commerce services, etc.
  • How many team members Nextbrain Technologies have?
    We are a team of 50+ professionals bangalore , India and have completed more than 120 remarkable projects. Our services include android app development, iOS app development, hybrid app development, web development, etc.
  • How many industries have you served so far?
    Our services have extended to several industries like automotive, e-commerce, education, healthcare, beauty care, food, groceries, etc.
  • How do you design and develop a website?
    After proper research, we analyze your requirements to find the best possible solution. We build wireframes of a basic web design. After that, we start coding. Once the app is fully developed, we do continuous testing to ensure complete functionality and resolve any errors. The final website will be launched after testing.
  • Will you provide maintenance services for my customized website?
    Yes, we will. We provide QA testing services for our clients and resolve all technical issues. We are available 24/7 to clear your queries.
  • Can you work with my existing website?
    Yes, we can. We offer good services to upgrade your existing website with the existing tools, systems, and CRM.

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