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Nextbrain is a NFT Token development company with years of experience. Try our development expertise
to create a custom NFT token that can be used in various businesses. This can help you create a
new type of profit model while also gaining lots of insight on your customers.

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Features of NFT Token Development

Create your own custom non fungible token that your users can exchange. We have software developers with years of experience in NFT development and many clients around the world have taken our help to build both their own custom tokens and even NFT platforms. We will help you in creating the most convenient NFT solution catered to your user needs.
Our skilled team will help you with the following processes
  • Creating a whitepaper for your custom Token
  • Our team will gladly assist you in the particulars of how you want your NFT to be traded.

  • Actual development of the token and crypto wallet
  • Our expert team will develop the NFT using the latest tech stack available at the moment.

  • Testing & Quality assurance
  • All our development processes will undergo a rigorous testing phase for quality assurance.

  • Support services and upgrades
  • We will help you upgrade to the next best version of the technology whenever it is time.

How NFT development is designed:

Businesses and individuals can maintain their ownership of their work for the rest of their lives by using NFT development services. NFTs exist on blockchain and therefore work on the same kind of technology. The development company creates NFTs according to some universally accepted NFT standards, ensuring security. NFTs are strictly regulated and designed to be as decentralized as possible. They can't be exchanged on exchange systems like conventional fungible tokens. Each NFT is designed to have its own metadata, ensuring exclusivity.

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Non Fungible Token Development Standards

It is critical to analyze the various blockchain standards and select them depending on your business requirements for NFTs to function successfully. The bulk of NFTs are built utilizing Ethereum's ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token specifications. These guidelines determine whether or not your NFTs can be easily implemented and whether or not they are compatible with various exchanges.

The ERC721 standard was the first to create non-fungible assets. ERC721 is a smart contract standard that is inheritable. ERC721 allows you to map unique identifier addresses to the person who owns that identifier. ERC721 also allows these assets to be transferred in a permissioned manner over the blockchain.


TRC-721 is a TRON network protocol for creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This protocol is ERC-721 compliant. To boost the value of a collectible, one can use the TRC-721 standard to digitize it into NFTs. TRC-721 standard tokens can be used to represent any digital or physical asset in the real world. TRC721 can be easily deployed onto your unique collectibles because of TRON's public chain infrastructure. It is simple to implement and can also be quickly deployed.


ERC1155 introduces the concept of semi-fungibility to the field of NFTs. Designed by the Enjin team, ERC1155 uses unique IDs to indicate asset classes rather than specific assets. The transferability of ERC1155 is an important feature. When purchasing several assets of the same class, such as a virtual item in games, users do not need to select the token address each time. Instead, the user must specify the asset's amount as a representation of the ID. Multiple smart contracts and transaction time are reduced as a result of this.

Characteristics of Non Fungible Tokens

Following are some characteristics of NFT tokens, regardless the blockchain standards they use:
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Every NFT token is unique, that is it has an identifier based on which it can also be identified in the blockchain. No two NFT tokens will ever have the same IDs.

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Unlike other digital currencies NFT tokens are not divisible. That means you cannot send a ”part” of a NFT token to anyone.

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Blockchain makes sure every NFT token can be always verified by both the sender or the receiver of the token. Thus it is transparent to all users.

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The security of the NFT and blockchain technology is one of the best in the world as of the moment. This means there is very less chance of attacks and losses.

Non Fungible Token Use Cases

NFTs surprisingly can be used in many Industries.
  • Gaming industry
  • Virtual assets, like gaming collectibles, can become more secure and trustworthy through NFT tokenization. Characters with unique abilities and qualities in games provide for a more enjoyable gaming experience. This makes profits both for the gaming industry and secures trust of the gamers.

  • Art
  • Because of piracy, maintaining the copyrights for artworks has become problematic for digital artists. NFT tokens have shown a lot of promise in solving this. One can purchase an artwork securely when it is bound with a NFT token. They then own all copyright information, including the artist's name, date of production, and asset worth. This frequently results in financial gain for artists.

  • Domains
  • Domains and websites can use NFT tokens for representing ownership. Because of the increased security in NFT technology, such websites are less likely to suffer losses from malicious hackers.

  • Real estate
  • NFT can also be used in the management of real estate in the virtual world. Landowners can build on and monetize their land by leasing out more securely with this technology.

Why should you consider developing non-fungible tokens?

Following are the many benefits of developing non fungible tokens or NFTs:
  • Multiple use cases
  • Because of the multiple benefits that NFT development provides, it is valuable in a variety of sectors. The wide spectrum of use cases makes it desirable to everyone interested in starting a NFT or cryptocurrency related business.

  • Simplified design methodology
  • Based on the ever-increasing number of people looking for NFTs, there is a streamlined design process. The design is done in a time efficient manner yet will have all the features you request.

  • Quick
  • Because developing an NFT does not take a long time, developers will fulfill deadlines and provide on-time delivery to you. Our design expertise will obviously also play a role in this.

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How beneficial is NFT token development
to business?

By working with a Non-Fungible Token Development Company to create your own NFT tokens and platform, you can pave the way for a prosperous future and have access to a variety of lucrative business prospects. Apart from smart contracts, you can also use a variety of different options. Regardless of your industry, you will get access to a vast number of ledgers and gain comprehensive insights into your clients. You also earn a percentage of every transaction that takes place on your platform.


Click on a questions to expand and reveal the answer!

  • What are the famous blockchains for NFT creation?
    NFT creation is mostly done on the ethereum blockchain. ERC and ERC are the most popular blockchain standards for development.
  • How to start investing in NFTs?
    Reach out to us with your ideas and we will assist you with investing into NFTs.
  • How do you make money with NFT?
    NFTs can be very beneficial for businesses. Businesses that have their own NFT marketplace can gain a lot of money from NFTs.
  • Can someone sell my digital art to another customer?
    No, the nature of digital art that is bound in the blockchain and NFT system cannot be sold to another customer without your permission.
  • Why should you choose Nextbrain for developing NFT tokens?
    We have worked with various clients before and know the technology used in creating NFT marketplace & token development, so you are sure to get good value from us.
  • Do you work with NDA and other legal agreements?
    Yes. We can work with NDAs and other similar agreements as long as you state them clearly and before the project.

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