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We are the top iOS app development company delivering next-gen and
tailor-made iOS/iPhone applications using cutting edge technologies
to elevate your business.

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Development stack

Being a leading iOS app development company, we offer end-to-end iOS/iPhone app development services following best
practices of the industry and using cutting edge technologies. We have a highly talented team of iOS
developers who build iOS apps using Objective-C and Swift. We ensure that we offer high quality apps by
using efficient iOS frameworks. We brainstorm ideas to offer custom iOS solutions for your iOS app
development using flexible engagement models.

Development process

We make sure that we keep all the latest code in a safe and secure place by using GitFlow. We write and test the code
in a number of iterations through continuous integrations to maintain stability. We review the code, conduct
QA testing and finally release the app. We offer a in-house platform for APK sharing which enables our clients
to download the latest versions of mobile apps.

Development process

UX Design

Wireframing, Prototype & Mockups

We start with wireframing a design which offers the layout and outline of the page. We use best design tools like Adobe
illustrator, XD, Photoshop, etc. to design apps. Then we create the product mockup to show how the product
will look. Then finally we develop the prototype which is much similar to the final product but the UI and
backend are not included inorder to minimize the development cost.

Our UX design team creates wireframes through sketching which gives a clear idea of the outline of the screen. We make wireframes of every screen so that we can improvise it for further changes and give a better user experience to the end users.

Our iPhone app developers create Mockups to give an idea of how the product looks like before the prototype is developed. In this phase, we include the app functionalities and test the signals to make your iPhone app robust and user-friendly.

Our iPhone app developers in Bangalore develop a prototype which is much similar to the final product but the UI and backend are not included inorder to reduce the development cost.


Coding, Interface, Debugging

Our mobile app developers use high quality code to build robust apps.
Our expert iOS app developers use Swift and Objective-C to develop
the apps. Then we do a step-by-step QA testing and quick debugging
in order to make the mobile app flawless and bug free.


Testing, Delivery, Support

Once the process of debugging is completed, then we test the app to ensure that it is working properly. Then we finally deliver the app
and launch the app to the App store. We also offer any maintenance support to the app even after its launch.
Testing, Delivery, Support

We have a team of certified QA analysts to ensure that your app is working properly and bug free. We thoroughly check and run many test cases to find even minor errors and fix it to offer a secure and flawless solution.

Once the app is free from all the bugs and coding errors, then we deliver the app to the app stores. We will also offer promotional services to your app to attract more customers and promote your business.

We have a support team who offers complete support incase of any issues with the features and functionalities of the app. You can contact us for any quick support and maintenance issues.

Our Remarkable Works

We offer our services to the world’s top brands helping them deliver quality products. Tell us about your new
business requirements and we are here to help you make it a success.

Our Client Speaks about mobile app development work

We extend our unique digital solutions to all top brands. We brainstorm creative ideas to ensure a better customer experience.
Discuss your requirements and goals with our team to make it a great success.

Technology Stack






Objective C

Objective C





Who is behind our iOS apps

Want to have a quick look about our iOS app developers? Our team of highly talented iOS app developers are always updated
with the modern technologies and deliver robust iOS app development solutions to your business.

Mohan C

Mohan C


Mohan is our iOS lead expert and he is focussed on improving the
Nextbrain development processes. He gives importance to team
management to ensure smooth workflows, track the progress
of the work with a well-organized team effort.

Ganesh kumar

Ganesh kumar

iOS developer

Ganesh is our professional iOS developer who believes in developing the
best possible solution with high quality and creativity. He understands
the client’s requirements and follows an agile methodology for every
work to deliver unique customer experience.



iOS developer

Arumugam is our iOS lead expert and he is focussed on improving the
Nextbrain development processes. He gives importance to team
management to ensure smooth workflows, track the progress
of the work with a well-organized team effort.


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FAQ about our ios app development services

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  • What is the estimated cost of developing an iOS app?
    The cost for developing an iOS app depends on various factors like the scope and type of the project, features, and functionalities, backend infrastructure to run the app, level of UI and design sophistication, etc. Being the top iOS app development company in Bangalore, we usually charge $30k for a simple iOS app with basic functionality and about $50k for more complex apps.
  • How long does it take to build my customized iOS app?
    The duration of developing an iOS app depends on many aspects like the scope of the project, the complexity of the project, additional features, etc. Generally, we take 2 months for small-sized apps, 3-3.5 months for medium-sized apps, and approximately 5-6 months for the big-sized app.
  • What information should I provide to start the work?
    Clients can share their ideas, details of the project, requirements and goals, scope, timeframes, or any business challenges. We are here to help you to craft the best solution.
  • What methodologies does your company follow?
    Our team of developers follow an agile methodology where all the requirements and preferences of the clients are considered. We are highly accomplished to solve any of your business challenges and seamlessly work to develop refined solutions that enhance your business.
  • Will you provide support, maintenance, and upgrading services for my app?
    Yes, we will. Our technical team offers seamless support and maintenance services even after the launch of the app. We will resolve all technical errors, remove bugs and errors. We also provide upgrading services to ensure complete customer experience.
  • I have only vague ideas about my business app. Can you help me with that?
    Of course, we can. Our in-house team helps you to reshape your ideas and transform into unique apps. We assist you to find the missing pieces by including all your requirements and goals along with market trends and preferences of the target audience to develop the best possible solution.
  • How can I find my target audience?
    We handcraft mobile apps for the target audience. So before the development process starts, you need to know about the end-users of your customized app. Being the top mobile app development company in Bangalore, we do in-depth research, competitive analysis, demographic studies, preferences of the target audience, etc. to find a suitable conclusion.
  • How can I get more mobile app downloads?
    Our team focuses on creating more online marketing strategies and innovative ideas to market your app. Our experienced team develops a customer acquisition strategy, and content marketing strategy for your blog, etc. We believe in making your company a unique brand.
  • How can I ensure the quality of my app?
    Quality is our major priority. We do continuous testing to ensure the quality and functionality of the app. We take into account our customer’s requirements along with the preferences of the target audience. We concentrate to deliver high-quality apps within the specified deadlines.
  • Can I own the source code?
    Yes, you can. We will provide appropriate copyright or license rights for the source code for your project. You can review our code ownership terms prior to the commencement of the project.

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