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The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the face of technology to a great extent. The concept of connectivity and communication between human beings and objects have changed, with the incorporation of the IoT technology. Businesses are rapidly shifting to the trend in smart applications using IOT.

Nextbrain works in partnership with various start-ups as well as enterprises to develop the IoT technologies and incorporate these in the apps, such that human interventions could be negated or reduced. The Company’s IoT app development services assist you for your business in all the way from empowering your resources to integrating process and data.

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Security systems

We offer you the best IoT solutions, that will help you to deploy monitoring and security systems for your office or business.

Fleet management

Track the movement of your fleet, with our IoT based fleet management system, and help your business to take control on them and monitor them constantly.

Point of sale

With our IoT app development services, retailers can combine and analyze data from different sources to deliver truly personalized and individualized engagement

Asset management

Our IoT application services and additional platform capabilities provide the foundation for functions such as remote asset management, GPS tracking and mapping.

Home automation

IoT enabled home appliances are a device with remote On/Off facilities, such that the entire process could be automated and controlled without human interventions.

Enhanced technology

The team of Nextbrain uses advanced infrastructure along with their expertise in enhanced technology to develop mind-striking applications.

Skilled resources

The members of Nextbrain are highly skilled and experienced in developing several types of IoT applications.

Competitive pricing

We develop apple watch applications for you at most competitive prices that brings huge returns on investment.

Proven methodologies

The company sticks to proven methodologies of delivery instead of taking risks at the expense of our customers.

Constant support

We offer constant support to all queries raised by our clients and remain engaged even after the delivery of the project.

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