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A Chatbot is defined as any software that performs automated tasks, without human interventions. Chatbots is a software that identifies the information being shared by a customer through text or over voice and provide an appropriate solution to them.

The advent of chatbots has simplified the process of customer service executives as they can now look into the customer issues that cannot be sorted by the chatbots.

Once the chatbots are installed, they need a training period, in which the system “learns” through artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Chatbots get smarter and learn more as they keep interacting with more customers.

Chatbot development services - Boon for developers

  • Simplifies user tasks.
  • Efficient customer handling
  • Saves time and money
  • Easy to use because of simple interface.
  • Staff Retention.
  • A decrease in call and email support
  • Customer satisfaction achieved
  • You can build a basic Chatbot really fast.
  • Round the clock support
  • Lower acquisition rate.
  • Comparatively cheaper Development cost.
  • Chatbots are more human
  • Can be programmed in various languages.
  • Messengers have beaten social networks.
  • Better interaction with your users.
  • Uncompromised adherence to privacy
  • Customer autonomy.
  • Easy too use

We build bots for


The sandwich ordering chatbot developed by Nextbrain

A good news for the foodies. Now you can order your favorite sandwich without any call or go to restaurant’s websites or food ordering mobile apps from the restaurant.

The famous pizza and sandwich brands are using the chatbots through Twitter and Facebook to help their customers place an online food order. Now get your favorite sandwich by chatting with the chatbots.

Nextbrain technologies have successfully designed such chatbots for ordering sandwiches and pizzas, without logging into any online food ordering system or mobile app.

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Nextbrain developed bot for healthcare appointment


Chatbots have created a revolution in the healthcare industry also. The bots can often act as a substitute for a doctor, for not so critical patients, suggesting prescribed medicines for instant relief.

Nextbrain has designed a healthcare chatbot helping the patients to book an appointment with the doctors, along with assisting with the timings and availability of each doctor. This bot also reminds the patients about pre-appointment and post-appointment activities.

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Bot solution - Room for everyone

Save your customer’s time with quick response via Chatbots
  • Chatbots help you in the betterment of customer service experience with immediate Chatbot auto response.
  • Chatbots also offers proactive support tools to help in easy push notifications to deliver offers and updates timely.
  • Chatbots has native in-app searchable FAQs so that users can find answers to common questions easily.
Ease your patients to avail medical services easily
  • Chatbots helps patients to setup appointment with right doctor and reminds them of pre-appointment and post- appointment actions.
  • CChatbots can help patients in food consumption tracking, Nutrition management, renew patient’s prescriptions and discharge related processes.
  • 24*7 auto-response chatbots for patients to queries related to health.
Engage customers with chatbots to make more purchase
  • Chatbots can help customers to provide quick services and products related tips, to take feedback and provide products recommendation.
  • Chatbots could be potentially useful for customer service, answering simple or frequently asked questions.
  • Chatbots also help retailers to freeing up more time for them by its multi-tasking capabilities.
Chatbots, a better and effective experience to banking customers
  • Chatbots help customer if they wanted to find out their bank balance, check on incoming payments, or give orders to wire funds.
  • Chatbots can be useful in giving advice to customers, directing them to nearby ATM, Helping during transactions.
  • Chatbots can help automate fraud prevention process.
Manage your business smoothly and easily with chatbots
  • Consumers can enquire with chatbots about their regarding concerns. It also helps to manage export import details.
  • Chatbots takes away the complexity of accounting by letting you to manage your accounts easily.
  • Chatbots help to track shipment status and delivers real time inventory reports.
Boost your business with multi-tasking Chatbots.
  • Chatbots can help customers to take purchase decision, offer discount codes, and notify customers about out of stock products and possibilities of its availability.
  • You can use chatbots to automate order processes and in customer support.
  • Chatbots can handle customer’s objection, get customer feedback and deliver shipping notification.

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