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Metaverse Development Services

We are a metaverse development company that has years of experience in the field, and can help you develop your own metaverse with any kind of features you request. We have served many startups with custom metaverse requests that have helped them give their consumers a better consumer experience. Our custom metaverse and metaverse services help you to gain a lot of data on your users, provide them with better experiences and improve your expertise on the latest technologies.
We provide the following services when it comes to developing your metaverse.
  • Research
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Support
We are also available at all times on call and through other communication channels and respond immediately to your queries.

What Is a Metaverse?

Simply put, Metaverse is a 3D simulation of the real world in the virtual world. It is based on the latest virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR) technologies. Your users will have their own 3D avatar and can interact with other users with their own 3D avatars in the virtual environment. Shopping, trading, entertaining themselves and so on are all possible inside the metaverse just as in the actual world.

User Research
User Research

What can Nextbrain provide for a company that needs its own metaverse?

We have years of experience in metaverse software development projects for various clients. Our development team works with the latest technologies, so you can be sure that we will help you out with any project that you deem necessary. We focus on providing an immersive experience to your users that can be felt as unique, while ensuring seamless transmission, security and connectivity of user data. We also make sure that our service is scalable and offer constant support to our users.

Metaverse development services

We offer the following services in the area of metaverse development. You will easily see why we have the expertise we claim to have.
Decentralization services

Metaverse takes heavy inspiration from blockchain technology and thus decentralization is a big part of the metaverse. Be it the gaming, trading or the social connectivity industry we help make it more decentralized when it comes to integrating with the metaverse.

3D space development

With the best Web development, Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, we create custom 3D spaces that are both visually appealing and use as much data as possible effectively. Our developers will work to make the metaverse compatible with most of the 3D hardware and help increase the accessibility of the metaverse to the general public.

Gaming metaverse

The gaming industry, more than any other, has embraced Metaverse technology. With live game streaming services, Nextbrain developers help you give better playability and an appealing 3D virtual environment to your gamers. With NFT and crypto trading services, better Metaverse play and in-game currency exchange can be carried out, which encourages the security of the system and increases its appeal.

Metaverse Real Estate Platforms

Metaverse Real Estate platforms allow individuals to sell and buy venues, workplaces, and other structures in the real world for users. It includes everything from leasing, renting and any other trade that is associated with the real estate business. The metaverse provides a new way to interact for the users and provides better security.

Blockchain Specific services

Our Metaverse developers can help you create user-friendly apps that work within the metaverse or connected to it with blockchain-specific capabilities. Many features like automation, security, transparency, and user authority and adin authority are strengthened in this manner. We can provide these services separately, but we have lots of experience in providing this kind of service in the context of the metaverse.

Third party integration services

Integrating your Metaverse project with various third party APIs, data, ecosystem tools, and Service Oriented Architecture is key to making your metaverse easily and widely accepted by both users and businesses. Nextbrain helps achieve this by making the metaverse as feature-rich as possible and integrating it with the best user experience design.

Social media metaverse

Nextbrain developers are into creating social media metaverse services that help connect, socialize, and share better using an amazing user experience. With Metaverse technology, we constantly work on technologies that help create appropriate connectivity, improved social engagement, and a more realistic approach to consumers. Metaverse social networking services offer a more realistic virtual experience in a 3D environment.

Metaverse marketplaces

We are also involved in creating the most complex marketplaces for the metaverse. We also provide custom NFT and cryptocurrency development services for those platforms. We provide a completely tailor made marketplace with various features like price bidding, product gallery and product resales.

Metaverse Apps Development

Being a highly experienced metaverse app development company, We work on various Metaverse app creation all in accordance with your standards and requirements for the global market. We provide both web applications and mobile applications that work on various operating systems. We can also help integrate such apps with technologies like IoT which are presently in high demand.

Support and maintenance services

We provide support and maintenance services for every project we undertake. We always have a scalable and futuristic approach to all projects and know that maintenance will be the need of every client. We include modularity in our development approach for providing uninterrupted services for your users during maintenance.

Metaverse development standards

We develop every metaverse project based on the following standards.
  • Scoping Sessions


    Decentralization is a central principle in Metaverse development. We make sure most of the features in the metaverse are decentralized. We make sure to use high bandwidth networks for our metaverse platforms and provide all of your users with significant freedom.
  • Interoperability

    We use interoperability with respect to everything that is exchanged within your 3D metaverse. This includes all text, photos, music, video, 3D scenes, 3D things, 3D sequences, and vectors that may be used in the metaverse application. This helps in the increase of security within the metaverse and prevents the handling of data in any uncertain or unwanted manner.
    Targeting the key feature
  • Building a tangible prototype

    Full stack development

    We develop everything in the metaverse and use a full-stack development approach so that we can serve all the requests you have in the metaverse. We use HTML, Java, PHP, Golang and other widely used programming languages in our tech stack. We also have an in-house UX/UI design team that works on the user experience of the metaverse once the development work has been completed.
  • Smart contracts

    We provide secure transactions by making use of smart contracts in most of the transactions. This means most transactions that use NFTs will be transparent, indivisible, permissionless and fast. We further integrate this technology with accepted global currencies with various payment gateway options. We maintain such services at all times and record all the transactions on the blockchain.
    Designing delightful experiences


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  • What are the uses of metaverse?
    Metaverse can be used to provide a better trading platform, create better gaming experiences and improve present day social media technology.
  • Why should you choose Nextbrain for developing your metaverse?
    We have years of experience with working with various clients and technologies in the area of metaverse development and are considered a reputable metaverse development company.
  • Do you provide support services in the area of metaverse development?
    Yes. We provide support and upgrade services for all our metaverse related projects.
  • How long does it take to develop metaverse services?
    This is dependent on the number of metaverse services that you request from us. Give us a call with a list of requirements to know how long it will take your metaverse solution to be deployed.
  • Do you work with legal bindings like NDAs?
    Yes. We will work with Non disclosure agreements and other legal requirements as long as they are presented clearly early on in the project.

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