In the digital world, cryptocurrency is gaining significance for a long time. It is considered a digital and virtual currency offered by cryptography. Therefore, these are the distributed networks generally based on blockchain technology. It is a kind of digital asset that is designed to work as a medium of exchange. The UI, as well as UX of cryptocurrency, are convenient to understand making it easier for newcomers to understand the crypto trading industry. In this blog, we will focus our emphasis on Crypto Exchange Development Services and the several aspects of blockchain app development including features, costs and benefits.

Cryptocurrency app development is not everyone’s cup of tea and it is important to find out the top cryptocurrency app development company that will guide you throughout the crypto exchange app development solution. While developing a crypto exchange app, the developers should keep in mind the different features relating to cryptocurrency exchange apps. When it comes to crypto, bitcoin is the most commonly used term which can be used to swap bitcoins by selling or buying them. For instance, if someone wants to exchange a certain amount of money, he can send bitcoin instead of sending the complete amount.

Important list of apps for cryptocurrency

Important list of apps for cryptocurrency

CoinCap: CoinCap is among the most popular app for cryptocurrency exchange and the app can be used to get daily/weekly updates on price changes.

Coin Stats: Coin Stats is mainly for users who want to track their bitcoin investment and acquire regular updates. It offers an analytical view of the market data.

Coinbase: Coinbase is a robust platform that enables you to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, litecoin and so forth.

There are two popular crypto platforms in the market including centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Centralized crypto exchange helps users and investors to sell and buy crypto resources. The platform is easy to use owing to its advanced features. However, decentralized crypto exchanges let users buy and sell crypto with each other. Due to their transparency, they are less secure from hacking.

Significant features of the cryptocurrency exchange app

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Trading engine

The trade engine plays a major role in the main functionality of the exchange by tackling transaction execution, balancing calculations, matching the selling and buying transactions on the exchange, Making calls to orders and many more.

User interface

The UI/UX design of the crypto exchange app is designed to administer a splendid user experience to customers. The professional developers and designers of a Bitcoin Exchange Mobile App Development company offer a seamless user interface.

User management

Every crypto exchange app platform gets numerous users daily. User management begins with the sign up & sign-in registration process and user creation.

Admins panel

Admin panels enable admins to change trading fees, manage cryptocurrency lists, add new cryptocurrencies, the ability to fund accounts in time of tickets and issues and also manage wallets.


API determines the complete set of functions and processes enabling external apps to access data when the OS is the major part of the cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Among various essential features, analytics offers logs and charts relating to the various activities involved in crypto verse trading. It offers critical insights into analytics.


SQL and REDIS are the two kinds of databases available on crypto exchange websites offering operative storage and persistent data storage.

Technology Stacks For Developing A Cryptocurrency Exchange App   

For the above-mentioned features, the below-mentioned technology stacks are the best combinations.

  • iOS

For iOS Cryptocurrency Exchange App development:

Language: Swift

Design: MVC, MVVM

Functions: Firebase notification, APNS notification, Cloudinary, Payment gateways.

  • Android

For Android app development

Language: Kotlin

Design: Material design

Database: Backend database (MySql), Room local database, SQLite local database.

  • Web application

For developing web application of cryptocurrency exchange:

Website: PHP- Laravel/Codeigniter

Mean stack: Mongo DB, NodeJS, ExpressJS, AngularJS.

The cost of cryptocurrency exchange app development

Most of the time, the cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchange app platform depends upon several factors including the app specifications, integration of features as per requirements and the complexity involved in it. Generally, the cost of developing the MVP app with fundamental features can range from $12000 to $55000. If you are looking forward to developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange App from a top crypto exchange app development company, then it can range from around $50000 to $100000. This range lies in the approximate range of developing the cryptocurrency exchange app.

Final Conclusion

After observing different aspects of cryptocurrency exchange app development aspects, costs of development and features of app platform, it can be well-concluded that crypto exchange app development is a work of expertise performed by qualified and experienced professionals. After reading this blog, readers can get a complete idea of the cost involved in crypto exchange app development and the factors impacting the cost.

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