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Blockchain can provide your business with the next level of efficiency that’s needed to beat today’s market. Nextbrain is a top blockchain software development services provider and we have you covered when it comes to tech.

Blockchain Development Company in Fort Worth

A blockchain is simply a method of storing a list of entries(typically a transaction) in such a manner that both the entries and the list cannot be changed easily after once the entry has been stored. To do this, blockchain combines encryption, with what is called hashing functions that prevent the stored entry or "block" from changing. Blockchains are thus very secure. The blockchain is also managed on a peer-to-peer network and is thus extremely transparent, which all consumers appreciate. As a reputed Blockchain Development Services Company, we help integrate this technology with any business mechanism, making that part of the business highly efficient.

Businesses have begun to recognise the many advantages provided by blockchain technology. By 2023, it is expected that spending on blockchain technology would increase even more, reaching around $15.7 billion. We provide various types of blockchain services that are compatible with other high end technology like internet of things(IoT) and metaverse, both of which are also growing at an expanded rate. We have worked with various clients which has led us to becoming a reputed Blockchain Development Company in Fort Worth.

Services we provide

We are well versed in blockchain technology and provide the following services.
Blockchain consulting

We can offer full design services as well as project consulting when it comes to any kind of blockchain solutions. Our design is always reviewed by professionals, and we'll make sure you get the most ideal solution.

Blockchain dApp Development

We create unique, enterprise-grade decentralized apps (dApps) to assist simplify and streamline client experiences. These apps are designed to be fast, efficient and secure and our design team is known to be very professional.

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Custom Blockchain app development

We have some of the best industry professionals and can create custom apps that are based on blockchain technology. blockchain dapp development is done with unique user experience design and with the highest standards of blockchain technology.

Decentralized Exchange

We have experience with technology to create decentralized exchanges that facilitate real time conversions for various cryptocurrencies in an efficient manner. We’ll make sure the exchange is scalable and is high performance.

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Blockchain wallet development

Our blockchain wallet development service for cryptocurrency transactions guarantees security of your consumers. Our wallets can work in a number of highly used and recognised blockchains, just so that you have a large user base.

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Any asset can be tokenized to remove the volatility attached to it or inherent in it. We carry it out with the aid of our blockchain developers while upholding a high level of effectiveness and client confidence.

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Support services

We provide support services for every blockchain solution that we provide to our clients. Both bug fixes and upgrades are provided so that you don’t get behind in the market at any moment after you’ve integrated our services.

Blockchain Development Platforms

We work with the following blockchain development platforms

Private enterprise which is permissioned and provides enterprise grade blockchain solutions


Smart contract based decentralized applications(dApps)

Data Security

Payment solutions based on blockchain


Platform that provides reliable and scalable payment solutions

Matic Polygon

Layer 2 blockchain solutions, based on ethereum


Blockchain apps with an increased transaction speed


Hybrid dApp and smart contract based blockchain solution

Hedra Hashgraph

Secure and fair decentralized apps on a public network


Tokenization and decentralization app platform


Maximies transparency, efficiency and security as a public blockchain solution


All the blockchain solutions with a high transaction speed


Very efficient and a fast blockchain platform


About Blockchain Development Services

  • What is the benefit of blockchain?
    Blockchain is the best software technology to date when it comes to security. It is also noted for its low operational costs and high efficiency.
  • How much does it cost to develop a blockchain solution?
    The cost of developing a blockchain solution depends on the blockchain solution and the scope in which the client needs it to operate. Contact us with your requirements for a specific price.
  • Do you work with NDAs?
    We are a seasoned company that provides blockchain development services. So yes we do work with non disclosure agreements or NDAs.
  • Why should we pick nextbrain for our blockchain development?
    We are known to have the best Blockchain Developers Fort Worth and work fast to create the best possible blockchain based solutions for our clients. We are also known to be flexible.
  • Will you provide updates for your services?
    Yes. As part of our policy, we provide updates for all our software development services.

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