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Being the best blockchain development company in Houston We provide exceptional blockchain solutions to upgrade your business to defeat market challenges and gain consumer confidence.

Best Blockchain Development Company in Houston

Blockchains are distinct, public distributed ledgers that are used to store information about transactions involving two parties. It has created a payment mechanism that is extremely secure. This form of technology, which is now spreading the fastest in the world of banking, involves encryption, cryptography, and intricate code that works to keep it secure and transparent. Although it is still in development when it comes to possible features that can be added, its integration into companies has been proven to enhance profits. To bring in statistics into the picture, it is estimated to make around 15.9 billion by 2023.

Blockchain is developing systems that could upend the way of different businesses, from banking and FinTech to government and education institutions. A blockchain solution can be developed fully in accordance with your ideas and the project's objectives, although technical experts from a good company are often quite innovative and can offer special solutions to issues. Blockchain developers have also made the technology highly compatible with other so-called web 3.0 technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and the internet of things(IoT). Blockchain technology has pretty much been standardized by big tech companies so it is based on a strong foundation.

Services we provide

We provide the following cutting-edge services to clients
Blockchain Consulting

We keep up with all the latest updates in blockchain technology and hence can provide you with quality consultation regarding anything related to the technology. Professionals check our designs on a regular basis.

Blockchain dApp Development

We specialize in decentralized app or dApp design and development from scratch. We have expert blockchain developers who will guide you through the process. They streamline and simplify client interactions.

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Custom Blockchain app development

Being a reputed blockchain application development company we have experience with various blockchain platforms like hashgraph and Cardano and can easily develop good apps on any blockchain.

Decentralized Exchange

We can help you set up a decentralized exchange, which can be used to easily exchange different types of cryptocurrencies in real time. We also make it work in real-time and secure so that consumers never wait.

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Blockchain wallet development

We provide the option of custom blockchain wallet development for our clients. This way we ensure a layer of security that isn't guaranteed when you work with third party wallets.

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We help you Tokenize a variety of digital assets like music and in game items. This helps prevent any volatility being a problem in your assets.

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Support services

We provide support services for every blockchain solution we develop. Being a Blockchain supply chain development company, we know how important it is to keep a business always running.

Blockchain Development Platforms

We work with the following blockchain development platforms

Private enterprise which is permissioned and provides enterprise grade blockchain solutions


Smart contract based decentralized applications(dApps)

Data Security

Payment solutions based on blockchain


Platform that provides reliable and scalable payment solutions

Matic Polygon

Layer 2 blockchain solutions, based on ethereum


Blockchain apps with an increased transaction speed


Hybrid dApp and smart contract based blockchain solution

Hedra Hashgraph

Secure and fair decentralized apps on a public network


Tokenization and decentralization app platform


Maximies transparency, efficiency and security as a public blockchain solution


All the blockchain solutions with a high transaction speed


Very efficient and a fast blockchain platform


About Blockchain Development Services

  • Why integrate blockchain solutions with business?
    Blockchain solutions are known for their success in getting business to be more transparent, fast and secure. Thus it is a good idea to do it before your competitors do.
  • What is the cost of blockchain development solutions?
    Each blockchain solution will cost differently based on its scope and type of solution. Give us a call with your requirements to get a concrete quote.
  • Do you work with legal issues like NDAs?
    We have worked with many clients that have had NDA requirements and successfully completed their projects.
  • Will you provide support services with your products?
    Yes. It is company policy to provide support and upgrades as part of the product we develop.
  • Why should we choose Nextbrain?
    Nextbrain is recognized as a premier blockchain technology development company, and we have the ability to provide unique solutions for consumers. It is the best choice for difficult problems.

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