Digital Transformation for passenger ship transportation agency

Aremiti is a premium shipping company and maritime carrier in Tahiti that offers proper shipping features establishing the pillars of performance, across different business activities. The company offers robust shipping solutions across different business verticals.


Aremiti is a premium ferry travel servicing and maritime carrier in Tahiti, that offers fast and safe journeys. The proper traveling features of Aremiti Ferry travel and shipment booking system make it a unique solution for the ferry transport company.The company offers robust transport of passengers, goods, and vehicles across the islands of Tahiti and Moorea.

Challenges Involved

Our developers faced many challenges incorporating different features in a single platform. Requirement analysis and systematic planning helped them to overcome the problems. Some important challenges our developers faced during the Aremiti Ferry travel and shipment booking system development:

  • Implementing user authentication: The software needs robust user authentication. So implementing user identity and access management was a challenge in development. Security, best practices, logging, and extensibility are important features that should be ensured during the development of the user authentication part.
  • Finding out the best coding practices; To find the best coding practice, which is suitable for the Aremiti software was a challenge for the developers. The tool should be able to inspect source code and detect any possible bug, bad code, or vulnerability.
  • Unit testing the frontend code using some framework


As the top software development company, our experts work together to confront different project challenges tactfully. With distinctive ideas, advanced methods, and systematic planning, our experts developed suitable solutions for streamlining the shipping business operations. We developed effective solutions to enhance the operational efficiency of the ferry business. Nextbrain created a system that offers flexibility for operating ferries incoming/outgoing, check-in/check-out, and account management.

This handles everything from simple passenger bookings to more complicated freight and account bookings. All the functionality in the booking application is also available via the API for operators' in-house check-in application. The applications differ in possibilities, some are done for quick and easy process

  • To ensure the security of user authentication Nextbrain used an open-source tested system called keycloak.
  • For finding out the best code practice our developers used Sonarcube - a static code analyzer.
  • To test the front-end code we used the Vitest front-end development tool. It is much faster than the popular unit test framework like ‘jest’. We used Vitest to unit test the front-end code written in Vue 3

How does the app work?

1. Select your boarding

In the boarding tab passengers can select the transportation line, ship name, terminus, departure time and date, and gate and confirm.

2. Select the number of passengers.

After filling the boarding details passengers can select the number of seats they need.

3. Summary report.

Summary page will display all the details related to the trip.

4. Scan for details

QR code helps passengers to see the detailed view of the ticket and it will also give the facility to cancel the ticket. Here passengers can change the date and destination of the trip. The existing ticket holder can invite a new passenger. The ticket panel can reject or accept the nominative passenger.


colors & typography

We have created an inner sense of order and balance to exhibit the best visible experience that is appealing and harmonious to the nature of the company. We focussed on maintaining consistency in typography, font, and styling to ensure a professional look and readability.

Primary colors




Secondary colors





We chose Rubik for simple, clear, and bold letters. Our team focused on the proportions, the spacing, and the overall look and feel. It didn’t have a lot of fussy details or mannerisms. The slightly rounded corners gave it a friendly appearance, especially in the lowercase.

User Wireframe Design

We focused on major features and functionalities of the app dashboard where customers can log in with their username and password. Significantly, they can put the ship name and search relevant information like vessel arrival time, boarding time, departure time, status check and many more.


Our Technology Stacks

Our proficient developers create custom and secure software by adopting modern technologies like


Java Spring Boot

Vue js

Vue js





Vue js Capacitor

Vue js Capacitor


Adobe XD

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