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  • Hire dedicated technical team in any skills. Starting at $1500 - $3999/month
  • Such as Spring boot, Node Js, React Js, Flutter, MEAN / MERN, PowerBI, Python and Hyperledger!
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Scale your business
with our remote developers

As a leading IT consulting firm, we have experienced professionals creating remarkable business solutions.


Get an engaged team of developers & domain experts


Obtain full-stack control over the team for high-end results


Flexible engagement models for different client requirements


Instant problem-solving potential & crisis management


Highly scalability and performance of results.


Cost-effective results within a given timeframe

Technology Stacks Expertise
in Industry Domains

We provide services with all the latest technology and
frameworks according to the requirement

Front end Developers

We provide front-end developers with skilled professionals delivering smart user experience by providing a cutting-edge front end.

Back end Developers

We have a skilled team of back-end professionals building tailor-made business solutions and creating an excellent user experience.

Database Developers

Our Database Developers have deep technical knowledge which empowers us to help our clients improve their current database management operations.

Mobile app Developers

We have a team of expert app developers with good technical knowledge offering amazing iOS and Android app development services across all industries.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our Cloud development team is well-versed in modern tools and technologies. Our developers have many years of experience in curating solutions on AWS, Microsoft Azure, DevOps consulting and Google cloud services.

  • AWS


  • Google Cloud


  • Microsoft Azure


  • DevOps consultant


Our Hiring Process For
Dedicated Developers

Our development process follows effective steps with a result-driven formula for upscaling your software development.

Describe your requirements Technology requirements

Step 1

Describe your technology requirements by using our contact form.

Review a resume Review the candidate

Step 2

Review the candidate to determine if they meet your requirements

Test the skills and experience  technical assessment

Step 3

Test the candidate's skills with a coding challenge or technical assessment

Signing the contract new resource

Step 4

If you found the perfect candidate, contract and launch your remote team.

Not satisfied Not satisfied

If our candidate does not meet your requirements, you can choose the new resource

What makes us successful in our services?

Being a professional in the field, several factors have made us successful in collaboration.

Off-site & On-site
Fast Development

Client reviews about the quality of our work

Our Clients



We built a potential health and wellness system using modern tools.

Yemen Mazad

Yemen Mazad

We provided a dedicated team of analysts, designers & developers.



The IoT cold chain is developed to streamline supply management & operations of cold chains.



We provided a dedicated team of analysts, designers & developers.

Our Works

We have a strong portfolio of projects and have delivered quality solutions to different industry verticals.

Frequently Asked

Can't find the answer you are looking for?

  • How to hire developers from Nextbrain?
    Nextbrain professionals are easily accessible via email, chat, and phone. We have a precise job description and interview process which makes it easier for clients to hire developers. Hire dedicated developers having expertise in developing solutions.
  • Do you verify the developer's skills?
    Yes, we always verify the skill and potential of every developer before hiring. From the very outset, we comprehend their technical knowledge and verify different data points through distinct sources.
  • Do you have project managers for managing projects?
    We have experienced project managers having ample knowledge in dealing with different kinds of project challenges relating to development software development solutions. They are dedicated to effectively managing projects for delivering end-solution on time.
  • Is there any option to hire developers on a permanent basis?
    Yes, there are flexible hiring models that enable clients to hire developers on a distinct engagement basis depending on requirements. Our developers can be hired on a permanent basis too.
  • Why choose Nextbrain for hiring developers?
    As the leading software development company, Nextbrain is the one-stop solution for different development solutions including frontend, backend, mobile app development, database and cloud infrastructure. Therefore, clients can get all services on a single platform.
  • Are there any hidden charges involved?
    No, we do not apply any hidden charges as from the very beginning we discuss with our clients regarding project requirements, specifications, and other requisites. However, in case of any additional changes in the middle of the project, additional charges may apply.
  • What is your payment mode & cycle?
    The payment cycle may vary from a monthly to a yearly basis. Clients can choose catering to their requirements.
  • Do you have flexible engagement models?
    Yes, we provide flexible hiring models so that clients and companies can choose developers as per their requirements.



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