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As the leading UI/UX design agency, Nextbrain creates intuitive design solutions using advanced tools and features. Several websites, user interfaces, and mobile applications are designed using Figma. It gives designers the flexibility to work on diversified projects by leveraging modern typography and elements making swift design collaboration approaches. We have a core team of Figma UX UI designers who work with different ranges of tools to create interactive designs. As a major integrated prototyping interface, Figma is functional on Windows, Linux, Chromebook, and macOS.

At Nextbrain, we have effective expertise in UI/UX designs using the Figma tool. As a designing tool, it helps designers to create brilliant prototypes, layouts, and coding. Having distinctive features, it supports teams performing at different phases of the design process. Our web design experts are present to transform your vision into a global digital reality by establishing excellent communication and collaboration across different platform levels.

Hire Dedicated
Figma UI/UX Designers

We have a complete team of experienced UI UX designers who have multiple years of knowledge in creating interactive designs for diverse audiences. Hire Figma designers from Nextbrain who can integrate effective expertise with ample knowledge of web design trends creating unique UI UX designs. Nextbrain offers custom-quality Figma designer services for different project requirements.

Figma Tool &
Its Importance

Figma is a completely web-based application designed specifically for creating interactive user interfaces. It became increasingly popular among design professionals owing to its easy-to-use feature. It does not need major expertise areas to work on it, unlike Photoshop. As a companion app, it helps designers to create better websites.

Seamlessly create website mockup

Seamlessly create website mockup

It does not require individuals to have a solid grasp of coding and makes prototype building easier.

Simple user interface

Simple user interface

Unlike Photoshop, Figma is easy to use with a simple drag-and-drop mechanism, thereby, making navigation easier for designers.

Highly Responsive Designs

Highly Responsive Designs

If you are creating a website, there are times when you resize elements on a web page. If not resized properly, these designs can look haphazard on small screens. Figma is such a UI UX design tool that automatically adjusts elements as per the screen size.

Quick file sharing

Quick file sharing

The moment the project design is completed, it can be easily shared from the browser window. This makes it easy to send designs to clients.

Potential Tools

Potential Tools

Figma comes with different powerful tools such as text tools, shape tools, pen tools, and many more.

Support Different Platforms

Support Different Platforms

Figma is highly compatible with different ranges of platforms such as iOS, Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. Web designers find it easier to work with owing to its compatibility.

Easy Collaboration

Easy Collaboration

As cloud-based, Figma enables designers to work together with others by quick file sharing online.

Customizable Templates

Customizable Templates

With the help of Figma, UI/UX designers can easily customize templates depending on requirements. One can easily change fonts, colors, and backgrounds to create a style.

Figma Design Services By

The certified professionals of Nextbrain have many years of expertise in designing excellent and feature-rich designs for app preferences, prototypes, websites, and others. One can easily hire UI UX designers for creating solutions as per industry-specific standards. Right from creating immersive visual designs to high-end designs, we have hands-on experience with different tools and wireframing. Our team of designers has the creative and cognitive competence to accomplish various Figma designer services.

Creation of Wireframes & Prototypes

Our designers are acquainted with wireframing and prototyping that assist in creating a professional website in accordance with the requirements of your business.

Unique & Interactive Design

Nextbrain’s UI and UX design professionals are knowledgeable regarding the different design principles for creating full-fledged user interfaces.

Typography & Branding

The main objective of an effective Figma mobile design process is to use typography, branding, and color theory for producing intuitive designs.

Style Guidelines

Our experienced Figma designers have proficiency in creating style guides for websites to maintain consistency with the website/app on different platforms.

User Research

Aimed at creating powerful designs for different target audiences, our Figma developers perform user research and create potential personas.

Standard Industry Tools & Practices

Experienced UI UX designers utilize modern tools and techniques for effective creation and design.

Why Hire Figma UX UI Developers
From Nextbrain?

As the top UI UX design agency, Nextbrain tech giants use advanced tools, technology stacks, world-class infrastructure, and techniques to create a pro-business-specific product. We are a team of professional designers having industry experience in handling different kinds of projects ranging from application development, software development, UI UX design practices, web design trends, and many more. The technocrats have mastered modern design trends to create up-to-date solutions.

Flexible engagement models

Different hiring models make it easier for businesses and organizations to hire designers as per business needs. Figma designers go through a proven process of screening and selection.

On-time delivery of projects

Our Figma UX designers strive to deliver projects on time so that clients can proceed with their business plans further. Our on-time deliverables have earned us the repute of a potential design agency.

Seamless Communication & Competency

Clients can directly communicate with the experts via Skype, email, and phone for any kind of queries.

Premium solution at affordable rates

Get effective quality solutions within a cost-effective range at Nextbrain. We believe quality work is always beneficial.

Strong quality assurance & testing

We ensure quality consistency with every project and deliver them with the same enthusiasm and industry-best quality.

Complete transparency

We maintain transparency of project details through every stage until completion and keep clients informed about progress.

What makes us successful in our services?

Being a professional in the field, several factors have made us successful in collaboration.

Off-site & On-site
Fast Development

Client reviews about the quality of our work

Our Clients



We built a potential health and wellness system using modern tools.

Yemen Mazad

Yemen Mazad

We provided a dedicated team of analysts, designers & developers.



The IoT cold chain is developed to streamline supply management & operations of cold chains.



We provided a dedicated team of analysts, designers & developers.

Our Works

We have a strong portfolio of projects and have delivered quality solutions to different industry verticals.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Figma designer

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  • How is the Figma tool important for intuitive UX?
    Figma UX UI design tool has a user interface that assists in the design and prototyping of apps and it works significantly for different platforms.
  • Why choose Nextbrain as Figma UX UI Designer?
    As the leading UI UX designing company, Nextbrain offers a complete range of Figma user interface designs producing intuitive and powerful design solutions for businesses and organizations. Our Figma designers have long decades of experience in creating professional results combined with quality and the flexible engagement models make us unique.
  • Will I own the source code of my project?
    Yes, you can own the source code after the payment process completes.
  • Do you offer any other services apart from designing?
    We have mastered a diverse range of services including enterprise mobility solutions, web design and development, UI/UX design, app development, software solutions, and many more.
  • Do you sign an NDA?
    Yes, our project management team signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement for maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of data relating to the project.



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