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We know what requirements education software needs to fulfil to create a better learning
environment for students. You can help realise your educational goals
by choosing us to develop, test and deploy your software project.

Top educational software development company

We are the leading educational software developers that specialize in developing various kinds of software that either directly or indirectly helps the community of young people who need to study various subjects. We have developed software of varying complexity levels. This includes the ones that help in solving simple calculations to the ones that control entire institutions. A significant amount of automation is implemented at various levels in more complicated software like a school management system. We also have a track record of developing related software like the ones that help with generation of reports and automated messaging as an action of parental control.
We make sure that we are always in close contact with the client that we are working for, and can work fast to meet new requirements that arise in the development process. We also make the software incredibly modular so that the client can upscale any part of the software independently and quite quickly. We carry out bug fixes and update requests for our clients whenever they want them, and we are very good at keeping up with trends and any competition that may arise from the market. We know exactly what the end users want and also what our client wants us to do in their project

Our Educational software services

Following are the many educational software that we have developed for many clients over the years. Each software has its own
unique set of requirements and we have our experts that help us meet all such requirements.
Language learning software

Language learning software

Language is one of the basic mechanisms in which information spreads and as such we take every software based on the idea of teaching knowledge in an easy manner very seriously. We have invested a lot in artificial intelligence that increases the interactivity between the software and the users, who in this most often happen to be students. We also have our own UI design team, which makes the interfaces of these software attractive.

Math software

Math software

Math has been important to education since its discovery, and we have experts in our development team that can help in the process of automating the discovery process for any complicated math problems. While this is helpful for people who deal with higher level problems, we also design software that help students conceptualize abstract problems with attractive and interactive graphic tools.

Research tools

Research tools

Research is dependent on students and faculty members getting the right and accurate citations to appropriate articles in science and technology that concerns the problem at hand. The application developers we have know this and try to minimize the effort and delay associated with it. Such research tools developed by us also help to easily publish new research in the scientific community. The new research is automatically uploaded in public databases.

Event planning software

Event planning software

Almost every school has events associated with it, and organizing these events can be a hassle. It requires a lot of manpower but except now people can do much more stuff done with the help of our special software. Both the school management and the student body are often happy to use our custom tools that can help solve problems of time delays and event planning, among other things.

School management software

School management software

School management software is the most complicated educational software we provide. It can handle entire departments of a school in some cases. This includes tools that help handle repetitive tasks that nonetheless are very essential to a school to keep it running smoothly. Examples include the accounts section, admission form checking and sometimes even making sure exam paper validation. Hardware controls can also be automated using school ERP software.

Our services

We deliver end-to-end digital solutions, custom built for your infrastructure, expanding on continuing
digitization and transformation possibilities.
SaaS Product Development

SaaS Development

We are top product development firms
providing high quality digital products
as per client’s requirements.
User Experience Design in Bangalore

User Experience Design

Our expert designers transform your
ideas into reality creating customized,
user-friendly digital experiences.
Mobile app Development company in Bangalore

Mobile app Development

We help customers to create a next
-generation digital experience with various
mobile applications to enhance
customer engagement.
IOT Development company in Bangalore

IOT Development

We can help you unlock the value of
the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve your
business insight, improve agility, maximize
value chains and reduce cost.
Staff Agumentation Services

Staff Agumentation

Our experienced mobile and web app
developers deliver quality-rich products
within the given deadlines.
Web Development

Web Development

We deliver high-quality software that
performs automated tasks, without human


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  • What are the benefits of software in the educational field?
    There are lots of benefits of software in the realm of education. In fact, most people would know that Globalisation of education and information has only been possible because of certain software. With the innovation in the field of technology, now software can offer in-depth simulations in which students can learn their subject with almost always a practical level of learning approach to it.
  • Why do clients repeatedly come to us for developing their custom Educational software?
    We have such expertise and a track record that we are very popular among educational institutions. The new clients who work with us are pleasantly surprised by our work ethic and innovative solutions we come up with, so they stay in touch. Our repeat customers also acknowledge our understanding of the market
  • How much does it cost to build a good piece of educational software?
    The cost of any software depends not only on the requirements that a client gives us, but also the market conditions and the technical hurdles that may be present in overcoming such hurdles. Simple applications cost less and take less time to be completed. Large applications require a bit more investment and time, but we can assure you that you will end up with a quality product in the end.
  • Do you offer custom software modifications and upgrades?
    Yes. We provide software upgrades for all educational software. We can even work on existing software and don’t need you to start a project from scratch if that’s what you are asking. The bug fixes and upgrades are constant as the field of software in general has a fast paced innovation.
  • What platforms are the best for deploying educational software?
    Educational software can be deployed in any platform, whether it be Windows, Mac OS, or linux/Ubuntu. Both Android and iOS support educational software in them. We can even design software that can work on multiple platforms at once. We implement all kinds of security measures because we know that important user data is a part of the educational system.

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