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Openchain blockchain technology is a completely new field. It has the potential to build seamless decentralized applications with excellent features. Right from serving as a highly scalable distributed ledger technology suiting organizations’ requirements to creating seamless applications with relevant features. In this blog, we have discussed how Openchain serves as a blockchain technology by unifying APIs for establishing secure crypto applications.

Openchain technology has the ability to tune with the companies that manage digital assets in a robust, safe and adaptable ecosystem. Different transactions on a ledger are digitally signed and run on a set of rules that are defined.

Introduction to openchain development

Openchain is considered an open-source Blockchain-based ledger technology that utilizes the partitioned consensus mechanism. It provides unified APIs to developers for creating smart contracts. The Openchain blockchain is highly suited for organizations that wish for creating and issuing their own digital assets in a secure manner. The Openchain ledger is capable of running on a particular set of rules.

Features of openchain & functionality

Scalability & immutability

Openchain creates an immutable record of transactions that has no modification which is permissible the time the data is added to the ledger. Blockchain is very easily expandable to accommodate any number of transactions.

Multiple control levels

An Openchain network platform provides no restrictions for opening a ledger and the admin will assist the participants of a ledger in performing actively.

No mining charges

Within an openchain network, different transactions are guaranteed in real-time by admins present in the system. There are no mining fees involved in it.

Digital signatures

The digital signatures are allocated to different transactions for combining the digital data to the ledger, which in turn, secures the openchain solution.


Openchain provides a complete record of all transactions i.e. no changes are allowed the moment the data has been added to the ledger.

Decentralized nature

Openchain has multiple specialized ledgers that are run by distinct companies having different sets of rules.


The transactions that take place through Openchain are completely secured by digital signatures. This makes the openchain ecosystem more secure and protected. A digital signature is allocated to every transaction that links it to the data present in the digital ledger.

Hierarchical nature

Openchain enables you to define complicated hierarchies of digital accounts having distinct set permissions at varied levels catering to your business requirements.

Openchain development process

Let's take a look at the development process of Openchain technology. As the top Open Chain Development Company, Nextbrain offers a complete range of OpenChain development solutions to startups, enterprises and organizations.


Our consultants estimate the potential and benefits of the Open chain solution for your company that will perform R&D and specialize in the right toolkit for solution development.


Our developers have many years of experience in delivering solutions and precise designs with seamless integration and user experience. The design comprises technical components, database designs and user stories.


The professionals conduct agile development methodologies during the openchain development process and deliver the product catering to your expectations.


Nextbrain offers premium Openchain development services that include deploying the solution on-premise and in the cloud based on requirements.

Support & maintenance

Our support and maintenance team are responsible for the management of new operating system releases. After project completion, they ensure that clients get proper support.


It will assist in the creation of a roadmap for migration, testing, as well as updation of project development.

Use cases of openchain technology

Openchain technology is gradually impacting different industry verticals with its influences and excellent aspects. It has several use cases mentioned below such as:

  • Legal Industry
  • Banking
  • Securities like stocks and bonds
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Property & real-estate
  • Commodities such as gold and oil
  • Supply chain management

How Is openchain blockchain effective than other blockchain technology?

Openchain blockchain technology is considered more effective than other systems that utilize aspects of Proof of Work. It uses a client-server architecture that is more reliable and efficient, unlike a P2P architecture. As there is no presence of a miner, the asset administrator directly validates all transactions that occur within the blockchain network. It makes trading quick and free of cost.

Why select us for openchain development services?

Nextbrain is the leading blockchain development company having incomparable expertise in creating state-of-the-art decentralized applications using the Openchain platform. Having high competency in administering enterprise-wise solutions for a complete range of business-specific applications. We administer high-end Blockchain development and Open Chain Development Services to bring excellence through continuous efforts. With the help of using Openchain APIs, our developers have the potential to develop exchange platforms, smart contracts and wallet cryptocurrencies.

  • Experienced developers
  • On-time deliverables
  • Extensive research and development
  • Complete project support & maintenance
  • NDA Compliant
  • Agile development methodologies

Final conclusion

Searching for an openchain blockchain development company?

Nextbrain is the finest openchain blockchain development company that delivers end-to-end openchain blockchain solutions to startups, businesses and enterprises. Comprising highly experienced developers and blockchain professionals we strive to deliver excellent solutions for different industry domains. Our professionals have ample proficiency in developing blockchain app platforms such as smart contracts, exchange platforms and digital wallets. Connect with our specialists to know more about openchain blockchain technology and its benefits.




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