Blockchain has been gaining ever more mainstream popularity these days. Ethereum, bitcoin and similar services are known even by laypeople, but if you have a business that needs to make the most for its customers, you will need to dive a little deeper into the technology to get what you want. A good way to make an impact on the market is through decentralized apps, or dApps. Such apps can run independently, often with the use of blockchain smart contracts. dApps have already been deployed in the banking industry and have the power to completely transform a wide range of industries. In this article, we'll concentrate on the TRON ecosystem and the benefits of creating dApps there.

TRON is a strong blockchain ecosystem that has been created by experienced developers from around the world. It adheres to the standard "Decentralize the Web" ideology that is well-liked within the blockchain developers community. In addition to dApps, the TRON ecosystem also includes a public chain, wallet client, Ethereum compatibility, and other things. Together, these qualities, which are very tightly tied to one another, maintain the stability of the entire ecosystem. Since its launch on June 25th of last year, it has raised $70 million through investments. TRON processed over 100 million transactions in less than six months after its launch. Now let’s look at the architecture of TRON and some advantages of developing dApps with TRON in detail.

TRON ecosystem architecture

Tron is a decentralized blockchain platform that was created using distributed storage technology. It offers access to free digital material and makes it simple and affordable to share that information with others. The official cryptocurrency of the Tron Blockchain is TRX (Troinix). Three layers make up the Tron Blockchain architecture.

  • Application layer

This is the layer that is used to build crypto wallets and dApps by a typical TRON Development Company. It also has parts with which the users interact.

  • Core layer

The smart contracts, APIs, software, and other components all sit at this layer. The Consensus protocol is also included in this one. In exchange for validating the blocks to be added to the blockchain, elected and authorized super representatives are given TRX.

  • Storage layer

This is the Tron Blockchain's distributed storage layer, which includes places for storing blocks, states, and all other types of data.

Advantages of developing dApps on TRON

Following are the major advantages of developing dApps on TRON

  • Scalability

TRON-based dApps can handle an increasing volume of work. This is a result of the ecosystem's intrinsic design features and the protocols it employs. This means when there is an inflow of customers to the dAPP, it can handle it.

  • EVM compatibility

TRON is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine(EVM). As a result, smart contracts on EVM can be executed on TRON, allowing you to connect more users. The TRON virtual machine(TVM) is also associated with high efficiency and low operational costs because of the way it is designed.

  • High performance

TRON-based decentralized apps (dApps) can process 2000 transactions per second (TPS), outpacing both Ethereum and Bitcoin. This indicates that the ecosystem is working well, which is advantageous for the market.

  • Multi-language support

The TRON protocol is highly compliant with Google's Protobuf protocol, which enables code produced in Python, Objective-C, C++, and Java to be used on it. Therefore developers are not limited to a single language.

  • Proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm

The Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism used by the TRON ecosystem prevents counterfeiting by requiring only specific users to confirm transactions on the main network.

  • Uses high-level storage

The data storage module called KhaosDB in TRON has been designed to facilitate quick rollbacks and an in-memory database for quick switching between blockchains. Additionally utilized for data storage is levelID.

Typical TRON dApp development process

Following is a typical Tron dApp development process, used by seasoned TRON Development Services agencies.

  • Business assessment

The best dApp development companies start with assessing the client business and their requirements. At this stage, use cases of the product are discussed in detail and many processes in the existing system are made ready to be migrated to the smart contract model for them to work with TRON.

  • Design

User experience design is a key component of dApp development and any company that neglects it will find itself in the midst of consumers who aren't satisfied. This stage usually follows the requirements assessment stage and requires the cooperation of both developers and the owners of the business.

  • Development

At this stage, the custom dApp is integrated with the code required to completely run it on the TRON blockchain. dApps can use multiple smart contracts to handle more complex operations and all the code required to run the smart contract is integrated into the application at this stage

  • Testing

The dApp is essentially ready for deployment after the development stage, but rigorous testing is done with respect to speed, performance and security before that happen. At the testing stage, the dApp performance is judged by the clients of the development company.

  • Deployment

At this stage the dApp is deployed on the TRON network with the help of people who have expertise in it. After deployment, the dApp is essentially available to people who are willing to use it.


As you can see, TRON dApp development is picking up pace around the world because of the many features it gives to people willing to use it. It is now trusted as one of the best platforms at least for developing decentralized applications. However, if you are trying to get a custom dApp developed, you better find a TRON dApps development company. This is because the competition is very high these days in the market and if you are not careful, customers will think less of your business for developing an app that performs poorly. Nextbrain is a company well versed in blockchain and app development with blockchain technology. We have worked with several clients on technologies like tron. Contact us to get your app developed in a manner that can entice customers.




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