Agile MVP development services to build market fit MVP

As a top MVP development company in Bangalore, we offer agile MVP
development services which is the best way to release a new product.
Right from analysing the initial ideas to developing prototype and release,
we assist you in offering a perfect solution for your business.

 MVP Development

Our Approach

Flexible MVP development to build viable products

MVP development process is a cost-effective and efficient process where the core features required for the product
development. The remaining features of the product will come in the later stages, once the product is tested
and accepted by the customers. Our team of MVP experts has utilised the agile methodology to guide
enterprises, startups and medium sized businesses sow their vision with minimum cost and with a flexible
approach. We have good expertise in developing digital products efficiently by reducing
the rework time and increasing the client’s ROI.

Developing a big product is the major entrepreneurial mistake

Hire the best developers to lay path for your product development

  • Without Nextbrain:

    Searching for the perfect right software developers to handcraft your product isn't easy. You could!

  • Search for a technical co-founder No

    Finding the right professional developer from a vast pool of companies is not easy. It takes a good chunk of your valuable time.

  • Hire in-house developers

    It is uncertain, expensive, and risky. You might not be aware of the extra paperwork, responsibility, and reliability of their work performance.

  • Find a team of freelancers

    It's a tedious task to seek the right developer in a bunch of freelance websites that is time-consuming. You might not reach a suitable place.

  • With Nextbrain:

    We analyze the problem, develop your product to tackle any hassle and risk out of hiring the best developers.

  • We clear your pathway to success

    No more wasting of time and energy. Our proficient team handcrafts the perfect digital solutions meeting all your requirements and goals.

  • We vet our developers for you

    We assign the project team under our product managers with the right resources and technologies. Initially, we test them on our internal works.

  • We provide a ready-to-perform team

    We already have a team of talented professionals who can tackle any difficult situation to craft the best possible solutions for your business.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development process

Our MVP development specialist will analyze your project ideas and develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
within a less time period.

  • Scoping Sessions

    Discovery phase

    In the discovery phase, we analyse your product requirements and spend enough time to gather as much information as possible from all the aspects which includes your objectives, priorities, target audience, industry, key challenges and competitors. In this phase, our software professionals will give an outline to your project and plan developing your product accordingly.

  • Analysing key features

    After analysing all the main features required for your product development, we focus only on a few features which are mainly needed to build your product with minimum functions. Our main aim is to make your product flawless and impressive to your target audience. Then we will add the additional features, once the Minimum Viable Product is accepted by the end-users.

    Targeting the key feature
  • Building a tangible prototype

    Develop a tangible prototype

    After analysing all the key features, we release a design sprint which includes prototyping, testing and validation of the idea of the product. This is the primary step while developing an MVP. After collecting all the required ideas and going through many creative iterations, we develop a tangible prototype. We sketch all our ideas on the paper and identify the most feasible solution.

  • UX design

    Our creative UX designers are proficient in crafting visually appealing designs which makes end-users to easily interact with your product leaving a pleasing impression to the target audience. We use our UX designing skills to create customized designs for your websites and mobile applications that resolve customer problems by integrating usability, and functionality of the product.

    Designing delightful experiences
  • Developing the MVP

    Develop MVP

    Our product development specialists run many tests on prototypes with the real users and analyse how they engage with your product, then start with developing your core MVP product. Our main goal is to develop cutting edge apps which resolve critical issues and identify product market fit within a less time.

Our Remarkable Works

We offer our services to the world’s top brands helping them deliver quality products. Tell us about your new
business requirements and we are here to help you make it a success.


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Frequently Asked Qustions

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  • Why do I need an MVP for my business?
    There are so many benefits for an MVP. MVP consumes less money and demands only very less investment. Building an MVP prototype helps to identify the flaws of your product that reduces the business risk and helps in making an easy entry to the online market platform. You can analyze the feedback of the early adopters and can rectify the existing technical errors.
  • What is the cost for MVP development?
    The cost of MVP development varies depending on various aspects like time taken, the scope of the work, the complexity of the project, marketing costs, hosting and maintenance cost, etc. Generally, we charge an average of $12,000-$20,000.
  • How will you develop my Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
    We believe in delivering high-quality products. The perfect solution is crafted after a series of iterations and honest feedback from early adopters. It is a customer-centric development technique that we concentrate on user’s problems; analyzes the market trends and the nature of the target audience. We do competitive research and analysis based on the interaction of users. After a series of creative sessions and analysis, we develop a tangible prototype and observe its engagement with the users. Later, we focus on developing your MVP that suits your requirements.
  • How to target the online market while developing MVP?
    We are dealing with a highly competitive market, thus to go ahead of the crowd needs a lot of effort and unique ideas. Initially do in-depth research in your business niche, analyze the competitors, market trends, etc. Analyze the location of the potential customer base and geographically segment them because you need to reach the right audience. After segmenting, find the actual goal behind the purchase, you can do an actual survey. Develop your MVP and understand the future success of your product. After feedback analysis and rectifications, make it to a full-scale product.
  • What are the challenges while developing an MVP?
    We should be aware of the market trends and the competitive environment. The main challenges while developing an MVP are:
    • 1. Unable to identify the difference between proof of concept, MVP, and prototype
    • 2. Failing to reach the right audience
    • 3. Selecting the wrong project management methodology
  • What are the major components of an MVP?
    There are three major components are:
    • 1. Unique and efficient features for the users
    • 2. A feedback mechanism for honest product reviews
    • 3. A scope to be developed further based on the requirements of the users.

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