Implementing modern technologies and advanced strategies to digitize the manufacturing industry

We adopt a value-driven approach to help businesses with ultimate business solutions for the manufacturing
industry. We provide scalable manufacturing software to offer a robust workflow.

Best software development solutions for manufacturing industry

Our team of highly skilled developers offer well-crafted and high quality manufacturing software for the clients all over the world. We provide custom manufacturing software development services to keep in mind your unique business need in order to enhance business productivity. As a leading manufacturing software development company, we deliver secure and scalable manufacturing software solutions utilizing the latest tools and technologies to automate and streamline all your business operations. Our expert developers assist in streamlining the manufacturing operations, production components, etc. by implementing ERP and CRM systems. We always implement next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, etc. to reduce the operational costs. We always offer various flexible hiring models that help businesses to select suitable models depending on their business requirements.
With a good experience of manufacturing software development, our team of talented professionals design and develop ultimate software for the manufacturing industry to assist business with remote asset management, robust production planning, industrial automation, responsive manufacturing, and more. We assist businesses with amazing business solutions with a value-driven approach. We craft custom manufacturing software which provides an efficient workflow among the distributors as well as manufacturers. We are specialized in third-party integrations to the manufacturing software solutions that can offer a competitive benefit. Our proficient developers blend computer vision and manufacturing ERP software to extend manufacturing businesses to run all their business operations in a cost-effective way. Connect with our expert developers for more details on our manufacturing software development services!

Our Manufacturing software development services

We provide exceptional software development services and solutions for the manufacturing industry. With a team of highly talented developers,
we create scalable manufacturing software development for the clients all over the world.
Production planning & reporting solution

Production planning & reporting solution

Our team of proficient developers craft production planning as well as reporting solutions for extending help to various manufacturing companies. We reshape production operations, capacity planning, as well as scheduling operations.

Order and inventory management system

Order and inventory management system

As a leading manufacturing software development services provider, we always extend our support to streamline orders and enhance the productivity of the inventory by developing secure and scalable order & inventory management systems.

Smart products

Smart products

Our dedicated developers extend robust service to the manufacturing companies by implementing the AI-powered models. We create smart products that analyze historical information and the enabling systems to improve productivity and even offer quick outcomes.

Customer behavior analysis

Customer behavior analysis

We help the manufacturing businesses to boost their customer services through AI-based systems that can find the process of customer interaction with services to provide a personalized experience based on behavior analysis.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Through analysis of the historical information including level of vibration, electric current, and sounds that the equipment has made, we will create clear and scalable AI-based models to tremendously enhance the overall maintenance operations.

Third party integration

Third party integration

Our team of expert developers are specialized in offering third-party API integration for the manufacturing industry. By implementation of API integration into data mining, report software, and data modeling more time will be saved to offer proper solutions.

Our services

We deliver end-to-end digital solutions, custom built for your infrastructure, expanding on continuing
digitization and transformation possibilities.
SaaS Product Development

SaaS Development

We are top product development firms
providing high quality digital products
as per client’s requirements.
User Experience Design in Bangalore

User Experience Design

Our expert designers transform your
ideas into reality creating customized,
user-friendly digital experiences.
Mobile app Development company in Bangalore

Mobile app Development

We help customers to create a next
-generation digital experience with various
mobile applications to enhance
customer engagement.
IOT Development company in Bangalore

IOT Development

We can help you unlock the value of
the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve your
business insight, improve agility, maximize
value chains and reduce cost.
Staff Agumentation Services

Staff Agumentation

Our experienced mobile and web app
developers deliver quality-rich products
within the given deadlines.
Web Development

Web Development

We deliver high-quality software that
performs automated tasks, without human


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  • How much will the manufacturing software development cost?
    To get a clear cost estimate to build a scalable manufacturing software based on your business needs is not an easy task. It will be based on various features like requirements of the project, technologies needed, skillset of developers, company reputation, post-launch services, etc. After analyzing all these, it is easy to determine the accurate cost estimate to develop the manufacturing software.
  • What are the types of software required for the manufacturing industry?
    There are various types of software needed in the manufacturing industry such as order management software, inventory software, industrial IoT services, product management software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, computer-based software for manufacturing industry, and many more.
  • Why select Nextbrain Technologies for developing manufacturing software?
    With a collaborative approach, we excel in providing custom manufacturing software development services with robust features and functionalities. Our in-house developers have good command over emerging technologies like Big Data, IoT, Cloud computing, AR, VR, AI, ML, RPA and many more.
  • What are the various features that need to be included in the inventory management software?
    The important features that need to be included in inventory management software are logistics management, demand forecasting, barcode data capture, records repository, payment gateway integration, records management, stock movement notification, and more.
  • How can custom software development benefit the manufacturing industry?
    The main benefits of custom software development for the manufacturing industry are enhanced performance and customer relationship, scalability, reshaping machinery control, improved production plan, precise business intelligence services, better monitoring, etc.

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