In recent years, tokenization has become increasingly important in several business sectors. Different companies, enterprises and startups are selecting business tokenization as a solution to their business problems as it provides new possibilities for emerging trends. The process of investing in tokenization can not only increase the finance flow for a business but also creates a simplified way to ease out different processes through automation comprising advanced assets management. There are times when due to lack of transparency, central management and other reasons, it is relevant to investigate the technology as well as look for potential uses in business. This blog will focus on the major aspects of blockchain tokenization, its benefits, kinds of tokens and the industry verticals where it is used.

After reading this context, readers will be able to get a comprehensive idea about blockchain technology and tokenization, and how it plays a relevant role in augmenting multiple business prospects.

Introduction to tokenization

Digital asset selling can be a matter of question when the seller wants to sell but it can get difficult to hand it over to an investor. This digital asset can be converted into a token placed on the blockchain. Tokenization can be defined as the conversion of ownership rights of digital assets into a digital token on a complete blockchain network.

A digital token carries its own value and in its simplest form, the tokens transfer the value of conventional money to the blockchain network. A digital token is defined as a piece of digital currency that allows storing, trading, as well as transferring of value in the blockchain digital world. These tokens having great value represent the value of real estate/stocks. Real-world assets are converted into digital assets and blockchain that are capable of leveraging the benefits of Bitcoin in combination with feature-rich aspects.

Let's take a look at the advantages of tokenization so that readers can comprehend the benefits of blockchain tokens in business.

Important benefits of tokenization

In this context, it is important to comprehend the relevant benefits of tokenization.

  • Within a liquid global market, tokenization enables the purchase and sale of assets without middlemen. Therefore, it eliminates the intervention of any third party.
  • Tokenization enables access to data such as ownership details from different resources. The history of the asset and the register is public which makes it accessible to owners at any time.
  • With tokenization, a competitive edge can be obtained with the use of blockchain technology and tokens.
  • A system provides the benefits of credibility and transparency.
  • Tokenization of traditional stocks can become the future of financial markets.
  • It is important to search for many investors that are capable of contributing to your project than rely on a single investor.
  • Tokenization can be a great form of investment as people can make small amounts of investment in different projects. It eradicates any high investment plans. Investments in tokens help retail investors to enter markets as well as products by lowering entry barriers. This increases the diversification potential of their portfolios.
  • Tokenization resolves the problem of non-liquid assets. Within the blockchain network, fractional ownership gains momentum. However, with fractional ownership non-liquid assets will become available on secondary markets as liquid ones.
  • Geographic restrictions are applicable to trade.

Tokenization can be utilized for many things comprising shares in a company, shoes, real estate, and many more. For real-world digital assets to be put on a blockchain, different methods can be implemented. The main objective remains to amalgamate Bitcoin’s speed, security, as well as ease of transfer with the real-world value of assets.

List of popular types of tokenized goods

  • Gold Tokenization
  • Real estate tokenization
  • Personal tokenization
  • Art tokenization

Different token types


Nowadays, businesses are capable of raising capital through ICO (Initial Coin Offering). However, in contrast to conventional fundraising avenues such as IPOs that issue shares, companies are issuing tokens for investors to purchase with bitcoins. Organizing ICO and creating tokens is easy now. And sell them in exchange for the amount needed for business expansion. With progressing business growth, the value of tokens will rise in line with their utilization in the business model.


STO is the short abbreviation of Security Token Offering which is accurate to raise capital. At times, enterprises can find it challenging to raise capital for company launch or development, thereby one can issue tokens which enables them more control over any inflows and outflows. The values are tied to specific assets such as ownership rights or shares. Different entrepreneurs are unable to list the shares of a company on the stock exchange owing to a number of conditions.

Utility tokens

Utility tokens can be utilized to pay for purchasing products, paying for services and influencing the fate of a project. As utility tokens become more useful, they will increase their value in turn. As the development potential of a given project is massive, users can buy tokens with future profits. This type of token is mainly created to evaluate the importance of a given venture. Utility tokens are used for receiving products from an ICO. STO is mainly the initial sale of tokens and the value is equivalent to ownership deeds of a given property in the scenario of a real estate business.

Final Conclusion

As tokenization is becoming popular in different industry verticals, its potential is becoming quite evident. Are you looking forward to walking through the path of tokenization of assets? Nextbrain is the leading Blockchain development company in India that provides increasingly niche and world-class blockchain solutions to businesses. The company involves a skilled team of professionals having many years of experience in creating unique blockchain technology and app development solutions. Feel free to connect with our professionals for queries.




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