AI video analytics surveillance software

AI video analytics surveillance software focuses on analytics management of video data and AI-driven solutions. Nextbrain administers agile development and intelligence AI applications for monitoring different security genres of smart offices, smart buildings, and many others.

Effective artificial intelligence video surveillance services
for smart business

As a leading artificial intelligence video surveillance service provider in bangalore we focus on analytics management and AI cloud solutions. Nextbrain administers agile development and intelligence AI application for monitoring different security genres of smart office, smart building, and many others. With effective quality solutions and responsive developments, we have established as the best artificial intelligence video surveillance service provider in bangalore.

The technical team builds technologies that allow the automation of process observance monitoring. It is our objective to produce intellectual AI tools administering status of violations, monitoring, tracking operations, and for security. Our profound experts offer artificial intelligence video surveillance services in bangalore to observe actions and automate observing your required arena. We investigate and assess your business targets, IT foundation, and so on for smoothing out your business measures.

AI video analytics software

Key features of AI-enabled intelligent video analytics

Behavior analysis

For enhanced surveillance solutions, our AI-enabled video analytics software has the potential to deliver effectively optimized tracking algorithms for tracking and identifying objects with suspicious behavior. Therefore, it leads to a reduction in staff workload and prevents any kind of malicious actions.

Unique visitor count

The AI-enabled video analytics solution is integrated with the feature of gathering effective data relating to the number of unique visitors entering the premises under surveillance. It creates a wholesome approach to the unique visitor count.

Human detection

Different movement patterns are easily detected by AI video analytics generating human detection algorithms. It helps in preventing false alarms caused by curtain movement, lighting changes & modifications, and effectively sensing human motion.

Vehicle detection

Vehicle detection is considered the best feature of AI video surveillance solutions that are highly functional for asset monitoring, parking management, traffic monitoring, collision avoidance, and traffic enforcement.

Attendance monitoring

Harnessing the power of AI technology, organizations can automate management of staff attendance & tracking thereby eliminating the need to manually track employees’ attendance. AI-enabled attendance monitoring enables usage of special biometrics to perform accurate data analysis of arrival time, absences, and leaves of employees.

Fire and smoke detection

Smart fire and smoke detectors are established using effective AI technology and computer vision. It assists in sending real-time alerts to prevent fire following the effective detection of smoke emissions & fire within an industrial setting.

Safety gear detection

AI-built technology helps in improving relevant hazard detection by detecting safety gears and triggering alerts whenever it senses the program having potential safety risks. It is highly beneficial in the construction & manufacturing workplace.

Real-time monitoring

With the implementation of the real-time monitoring feature, industries and workplaces can have continuously updated data. Monitoring administers information streaming at zero or low latency. Therefore, there is minimal delay between data collection & analysis resulting in quick detection of anomalies and critical events.

Why choose our AI video analytics for industries?

Cutting-edge technology

Cutting-edge technology

We create effective AI-driven video analytics technologies integrating state-of-the-art tools creating scalable solutions.



AI-enabled video surveillance is quite cost-effective rather to its analog counterparts. AI-driven video analytics reduces overall surveillance costs by effectively streamlining data analysis.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

Our professionals have several years of expertise in delivering expert support and maintenance solutions.

Industries leveraging Powerful AI video surveillance software

Empower your business with AI-driven video insights for smarter decision-making & deliver actionable insights on time.

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Hospitality

  • Infrastructure

  • Public sector

  • Smart city


Our powerful AI video surveillance analytics software helps in enabling seamless integration of video analytics for retail stores into your existing infrastructure. It keeps an update of the visitor count, demographics analytics, retail analytics and many more.



Streamline manufacturing vertical’s processes with effective integration of AI-enabled video surveillance leading to cost-effective functioning of manufacturing plants. AI video surveillance for manufacturing is highly beneficial.

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As the world-class solution, the AI-powered video analytics software administers real-time insights and actionable data to assist in improving business performance. To obtain better goals across hospitality verticals, AI video surveillance systems are a must-have.

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AI video analytics solution analyzes and automates infrastructure objectives seamlessly. Organizations can utilize AI-enabled infrastructure intelligence for quantifying unique visitors and advance business goals appropriately.

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Public sector

Our AI-enabled video analytics solution for the public sector helps in crafting a data-centric and transparent culture for streamlining operations. We curate a world-class public sector video monitoring system that helps in boosting employee productivity significantly.

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Public sector

Smart city

For improving facilities in smart cities, it is relevant to integrate AI-driven video analytics solutions for different purposes. Using AI video surveillance will help in advancing municipal services, embellish public safety and increase surveillance over restricted areas.

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Smart City

Why choose nextbrain technologies for artificial intelligence video analytics software?

Nextbrain is the provider of artificial intelligence video analytics software. The company offers relevant web and mobile app development solutions along with custom AI-based tools and software. It mainly focuses on helping other companies and organizations to main firm business growth with intellectual and advanced solutions. Our custom arrangements are aiming at potential customers and deep learning analytics transforming business with smart AI implementation.

Video surveillance app development FAQ

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  • What is AI intelligent video surveillance software?
    AI intelligent video surveillance uses software programs that examine the sound and pictures from video observation cameras to perceive people, vehicles, objects and occasions.
  • What are the benefits of Artificial intelligence video surveillance?
    When it comes to the benefits of AI video surveillance, it cannot be denied that the process is cost-effective and time-saving. It limits the continuous manpower monitoring manually and relies on a single source of the solution.
  • What are the newest advanced AI tools used seamlessly?
    Among the various AI tools, Google cloud platform and Microsoft Azure AI are the most used platforms.
  • How to monitor the office premises with AI video surveillance services?
    With the help of the AI video surveillance services, one can easily monitor and track employees and movements within the office premises. It covers everything that falls under the depth of field of the camera. The process is seamless and hassle-free which enables businesses to work and monitor effortlessly.
  • Why AI video surveillance is crucial?
    Surveillance over places makes it safe and secured to work. Different crimes can be prevented by the process. Businesses can keep monitoring the actions of the sections and operate tactfully along the fault-lines.
  • Why do we need video analytics?
    The main objective of people flow monitoring software is effective video analytics across different industry verticals. It automatically identifies temporal and spatial events and monitors people flow within the premises under surveillance. Video analytics offers automation of tasks by employing real-time video processing. This assists in automating different processes and gaining valuable insights. This enables industrial verticals to keep everything in control.
  • What are the features of video analytics software
    AI video analytics software is a highly significant surveillance system that utilizes insightful data to streamline different operations by generating actionable insights from complete video data analytics. Several features of video analytics software involve people flow monitoring, AI footfall counting, smart queue management, and many more.

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