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The growth of blockchain technology, and more specifically the introduction of NFTs and NFT marketplaces, has sparked the birth of web 3.0. Non-fungible tokens have made it possible to monetize content without the involvement of a third party. The wonderful characteristics of non-fungible tokens have generated a lot of interest, which has transformed into a new market with billions of dollars in trading volume.
These digital collectibles or assets are traded on what is called the NFT marketplace, which functions as a virtual auction house for a large number of digital artworks. Users of NFT marketplaces can also buy and sell real world objects as NFTs can be also used in that manner. By choosing an NFT marketplace development, you will become the curator of incredible collections of digital artworks of various types, as well as the vast riches that comes with it.

Our NFT Marketplace development services

By choosing our company, you will have the following services available because of your partnership with us.
Custom laravel development
NFT Marketplace Design and Development

Our team designs and implements a user-centric NFT marketplace platform where users may create and trade NFTs, using in-depth understanding of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, smart contracts, and IPFS protocols.

API development
NFT Smart Contract Development and Audit

We provide NFT smart contract development and auditing services to ensure that smart contracts run smoothly and transparently. We also provide automation of tasks related to smart contracts.

Laravel e-commerce development
Custom NFT Development

As an additional feature to your NFT marketplace, our development team also offers custom token creation. It allows platform users to mint your tokens from their assets.

Laravel e-commerce development
NFT Marketplace Support and Maintenance

The NFT market is constantly monitored, maintained, and supported by our development team. We handle third-party upgrades, new OS releases, and make sure all nodes are up and operating at all times.

Core features of NFT marketplaces

Our NFT marketplaces come with the following features. Both features of the admin panel and the user panel are listed below.

These are some features of the custom NFT marketplace for the user end.

  • User profiles
  • A profile can be created by any user, whether they are a buyer or a seller. On the profile, users' assets, a display image, and other information will be displayed.

  • Personalized digital wallets
  • A digital wallet will be assigned to each user when they register for the marketplace. It will function similarly to a physical wallet, with the exception that users will be able to store and manage their NFTs and digital assets here.

  • Listing assets for sale
  • The NFT marketplace will automate many functions. A seller will mint their work as a non-fungible asset, which will then be listed on the marketplace for collectors to bid on.

  • Categorization of collectibles
  • The marketplace will have a varied variety of assets categorized efficiently. It will make it simple for users to find the assets they require. Categories like music, digital art, generative assets, and so on will be made on the marketplace.

  • Auction house
  • Users can utilize this feature of the NFT marketplace to sell their digital assets for an auction. They can also choose various types of auctions.

  • Search bar
  • The advanced search bar makes finding a specific type of asset much easier. Many types of filters will be available to quickly access the assets they want to bid on.

These are some features of the NFT marketplace’s Admin End.

  • Category management
  • The digital assets on the NFT marketplace will be categorized, and the admins will be to keep track of all of the categories from this feature.

  • Profile management
  • In the NFT marketplace, every buyer and seller of assets will have their own profile. This feature allows the admin to easily manage all of the created profiles.

  • Stats management
  • Admins can use this feature to curate the top-performing asset trading stats and update them in the marketplace for users. Users will not have access to this feature.

  • Blogs management
  • The admin can write informative blogs to inform new users about features of the platform and news in general. This feature is available only for the admins.

What are some of our good NFT marketplace development practices?

Following are some of our key practices in NFT marketplace design which leads to market success.
  • Attractive UI/UX Designs
  • A NFT platform with a poor user interface can never be successful. As a result, the UI/UX designs we provide will always be unique and elegant. This is due to the fact that we have a dedicated UX/UI design team with years of experience.

  • Effective admin panel
  • To make the admin panel easier to work with, we integrate CRM, ERP, and select third-party systems with your permission. We also make sure to give multiple user access levels for the administration.

  • Smart Contracts
  • We provide you with thoroughly audited smart contracts for accurate NFT minting and IP tokenization. Our auditing procedure will be highly transparent with our customers.

  • Many types of payment options
  • When it comes to payment options, we give your users a seamless experience. Our NFT marketplace will allow them to pay using cryptocurrencies as well as debit and credit cards.

  • AML/KYC compliance
  • We eliminate fraudulent activities like money laundering by administering strict AML/KYC compliance during registration of new users. This will also increase trust in your platform among users.

  • High security
  • We work with the most sophisticated technology to keep your NFT marketplace highly secure. No matter the type of blockchain you may work on, we make sure cybersecurity is a priority.

How does an NFT platform function?

The NFT marketplace functions when users of the marketplace can engage in the following things.

Creating NFTs

  • Blockchain on NFT is decided
  • Wallet is connected to the platform
  • The file that needs to be converted to NFT is selected
  • Additional info is entered by the user
  • Content privacy is set
  • NFT is created after confirming with the wallet

Selling NFTs

  • Users will select the NFT from their collection
  • Price range of the item is decided
  • The royalties that the user will receive is decided by the user
  • The user might be required to pay a fee as a final step to sell their NFT.

Buying NFTs

  • Deciding the marketplace and downloading the appropriate wallet
  • To buy, the wallet must contain enough of the required cryptocurrency.
  • These are the primary steps for pack and art NFTs.

Benefits of choosing Nextbrain for NFT marketplace development

With the most up to date technology and tools at our disposal, we are confident in our ability to create a secure and feature-rich multichain NFT marketplace. We enable liquidity transfer between various blockchain platforms while also ensuring that the NFT marketplace is scalable enough to manage the influx of new users.
We make sure that our NFT marketplace has Low minting fees, to attract a lot of users. We also provide personalized Item galleries using AR technology so that every customer is enticed with the platform. We help customers retain the ability to sell a fraction of their NFT retaining majority ownership and also provide 24/7 radio broadcast in the marketplace.


Click on a questions to expand and reveal the answer!

  • What is an NFT marketplace?
    A NFT marketplace is where users can interact with and buy both virtual and digital assets using non-fungible tokens.
  • How long does the custom NFT marketplace take to develop?
    It will depend on what kind of NFT marketplace you want and what kind of features you need. Contact us with a list of requirements and we will get back to you.
  • Why make a custom NFT marketplace?
    There are a lot of users and businesses interested in NFT trades as the technology has become popular. Custom NFT marketplaces can also help you secure a good footing in the NFT industry.
  • Do you work with legal binding contracts like NDAs?
    Yes. We will work with NDA and other legal agreements as long as they are presented early on in the development process clearly.
  • Why choose Nextbrain for NFT marketplace development services?
    We have years of experience in developing NFT marketplaces abiding by various blockchain standards. We also provide feature rich marketplaces with full maintenance and support services.
  • How to Build an NFT Marketplace?
    One needs to use all the latest blockchain standards and follow the whitepaper well. User roles must be clearly defined. This must be accompanied by good UX/UI design.
  • What are the types of blockchains on which NFT platforms may be created?
    There are many types of blockchains that can be used to create NFT platforms. Some of them are Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, solana, harmony and avalanche.
  • How much does it cost to create an nft marketplace?
    The cost of developing a Nft marketplace depends on many things like geographical location, blockchain platform selected, manpower and the scope of your project.
  • What kind of custom NFT marketplaces can you create?
    We can create many types of custom NFt marketplaces. Utility based, celebrity focused and multiverse NFT marketplaces are some examples.
  • What types of White-label NFT marketplace solutions can you provide?
    We can provide a perfect replica of existing NFT marketplaces that are already famous and then add extra features. We provide clones for existing marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Decentraland, Sorare, Gods unchained, Axe infinity, and cryptoPunks.

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