IoT asset tracking system

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IoT Based Asset Tracking System

Protecting the availability, safety, and health of the assets is very important for the success of your business. Unexpected machinery downtime or loss of the asset may lead to the disruption of business disruption. The traditional methods of asset tracking simply fall short of expectations of what’s needed to do that, especially when such assets are distributed in geographically different locations.This is where an IoT based asset tracking system can greatly help businesses that need such features.
We provide state of the art Internet of things(IoT) technology and the IoT asset management system is one of our reliable products. Our asset tracking system using iot makes use of GPS/GNSS or any triangulation of the cellular tower to find the asset’s location in real time. Our asset tracking systems can reliably help locate, track and monitor the health status of various kinds of important assets that you may have for the business. Information is transmitted in real time through IoT technology.

IoT Asset Tracking Solutions

IoT based Asset tracking solution provides a robust asset management system which enables
the businesses in tracking their assets in the real time.
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Plug and play

The advanced IoT technology provides an ultimate and unique solution which enables many businesses and enterprises in modifying sensors to track any assets.

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Audit & compliance

With an IoT based smart asset tracking solution, now businesses can easily and quickly track all your assets in real time with just a single click in a most convenient way.

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Minimal maintenance

Reduced power consumption of devices and a wide range of networks even in difficult to reach locations making sure of reduced maintenance as well as servicing.

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Automate inhouse tracking

Beacon powered signalling enables warehouses as well as the manufacturing managers in automating in-house asset tracking in a lot of locations all across the plant.

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Manage risk

By using IoT powered asset tracking and management systems, one can track lost assets during theft and minimize downtime using predictive maintenance.

IoT Asset Tracking Use Cases

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Geo location and theft alert

Fixed industrial tools like electrical transformers can pose some risk from a safety and operational angle. However, for any distributed assets having limited mobility such as sensors for asset tracking, heavy construction tools, etc. may not only find the location that have normal operations but also help in offering alerts in case of any unauthorized happenings.

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Urban mobility

Cars and bikes are highly valued assets and therefore sensors can be installed on them that use IoT technology to help protect them. They transmit live location data and can also be programmed to check the health status of these vehicles. These sensors are self powered and help mitigate the risks associated with these assets in any location.

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Inventory management & control

Managing the ultimate inventory level and control is very difficult to improve operational efficiency. The inventory remote monitoring that is complemented by the customized and unique application solutions will offer clear visibility especially on the consumption patterns, inventory levels, and FIFO or LIFO based movement control.


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  • How does the IoT asset tracking system work?
    IoT works using various chips and sensors which will send data or information to the cloud via any kind of connectivity like Bluetooth, cellular networks, WiFi, RFID, satellite, and LPWAN. The information will be then processed by making use of insights, and software which will be then relayed for the potential customer, through some form of alert.
  • Why is asset tracking with IoT popular?
    Asset tracking using IoT is very popular because we all are aware of the advantages in improved goods tracking. With enabling the monitoring solutions based on IoT, enterprises can track any assets of high value optimally and make sure about safety at a very minimal price.
  • What is IoT asset management?
    IoT based asset management will make use of sensors. It will make companies know the information of their assets', thus minimizing any requirement for the human effort. The sensors will be attached to any assets that will be used for generating data and the same will be transmitted to the Cloud platform.
  • Why do I select Nextbrain for IoT software development?
    As a leading IoT software development company, we offer comprehensive IoT solutions tailored to your business needs for a reasonable price. We implement an agile development process and focus on offering high quality products to gain client satisfaction. Our IoT developers are much experienced in all IoT technologies, and latest market updates.
  • Can smart asset tracking with IoT improve business performance?
    Asset tracking using IoT has a crucial role in the manufacturing as well as supply chain industries which makes many organizations to efficiently monitor operations and resources in order to enhance overall business efficiency and automate all business operations.

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