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Electric Vehicle Management Software

It is required to make sure that your vehicles are charged adequately at all times as electric vehicles discharge quickly. It is also crucial for the operators, dispatchers, and the maintenance crew to have better visibility of the status of vehicle’s charge to better make decisions. There are no traditional systems that can compete with modern EV fleet management software when it comes to this.
Our state of the art Electric vehicle management software (EVMS) clearly analyzes the routes and provides proper suggestions for assigning the tasks to your vehicle fleet. It has in-built Alerts and notifications will help the drivers and the business instantly know when an issue or problem arises thus dealing with it right away. We will update the Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software often so that you experience the best efficiency possible.

Features of our Electric Vehicle monitoring software

Keep your Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet completely charged along with optimizing energy management by using our Electric vehicle
monitoring software for offering a seamless vehicle journey as well as charging experience for your fleet drivers.
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Fuel and EV energy usage report

It is possible to review fuel as well as the EV energy usage. It assists in answering queries like the specific electric range, the fleet EVs performance while compared to the fuel vehicles. It offers clear reports about the battery usage, mainly to identify if the PHEVs are running completely depending on the gas.

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EV charging report

A total charging history of the EVs/PHEVs offers you where and when the vehicle is being charged, the amount of time that the vehicles are charging at a particular location, as well as the charge that the vehicles have received. This report provides a deeper insight about the present percent charge of EVs.

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Route and schedule data

Now you can plan route and schedule data easily and efficiently using the Electric vehicle monitoring software. It is easy to analyze the charge levels in a particular route in order to clearly understand the true battery-life of the vehicle by considering various variables such as passenger loads and the topography.

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EV charge assurance

EV charge assurance will offer a comprehensive, quick, and clear view about the charging status of the entire fleet’s electric vehicles. Now, you can quickly observe what EVs are charged and ready along with setting up any customized notifications in order to resolve all the charging issues efficiently and proactively.

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Driver behavior data

Certain behaviors of the driver including the braking actions and the harsh acceleration may influence the battery life greatly. You need to utilize the data of the driver behavior in order to assign the drivers based on how they manage to behave or you can retrain them by promoting operations to conserve battery life.

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Map functionality

Includes real-time data on the charging status and the percentage of battery charged. Real-time battery charging status will offer a clear view about the vehicles that are active and charged at a particular time. It also assists in identifying which EVs/PHEVs of your fleet are having the more or less battery charge.

Benefits of our Electric Vehicle monitoring software

With a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals, we are well-versed in creating scalable and secure Electric vehicle
monitoring software. Below are some of the major benefits of our Electric vehicle monitoring software.
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Reduced ownership costs

Our Electric vehicle monitoring software enables you in controlling and managing all your EV fleet charging process for maximizing the utilization and reducing energy costs.

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Ensure stability and reliability

We offer insights and a data-driven operational dashboard. We are also specialized in providing automated and proactive operations by making remote issues resolution.

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Seamless vehicle journey

We ensure a smooth vehicle journey and seamless charging experience by implementing easy-to-use and intuitive tools for supporting numerous fleet types.

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Optimized energy management

Minimize initial investment in the infrastructure utilizing the capacity planning and integrating with the renewables, local storage, and intelligent vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging.


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  • What is the importance of EV performance reporting?
    EV performance reporting is very essential as it assists in providing a clear picture of the operations of the EV fleet. It helps to track range, battery levels, battery degradation, state of charge, temperature, and a lot more.
  • What are the main benefits of having an EV fleet?
    There are various benefits of having an EV fleet as given below.
    • Complete ownership and enhanced operational ROI
    • Regulatory compliance and minimize fuel consumption
    • Reduced maintenance costs and improved reliability
    • Minimize electricity cost while compared to other fossil fuels
  • What is the difference between PHEV and EV?
    The electric vehicle (EV) usually refers to a vehicle which is forced partially or completely by the electric motor. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) refers to the EV that is forced by the fuel internal combustion engine (ICE) and the electric motor.
  • What do you mean by fleet electrification?
    Fleet electrification means the fleet transition from the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to the electric vehicles (EVs). Fleet electrification minimizes the fuel costs and emissions along with improving the operational efficiency.
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    You can always contact us through Skype, phone, or drop an email. You can even contact us by filling the form on our website or directly visiting our office. Our team will keep in touch with you and schedule a free consultation to discuss your project and take your project idea further!

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