Last mile delivery tracking software



Deliforce is the ultimate SaaS based delivery management software which facilitates optimized routes and real-time tracking of agents along with automatic dispatch service and easy assignment of tasks.


02User Roles

This app has three users such as Customer, Driver, Admin having different roles.

Customer Customer

Customers will be sent alert notifications regarding their pickup or delivery of items in real-time.

driver Driver

Driver will get notifications from the admin regarding the customer details and optimized route to reach the location on time.

admin Admin

Admin can assign tasks and track the agents in real-time and can also get business growth details through analytics management.


We build clear wireframes for various features and functionalities of the app to develop a robust end-product. This app helps in bridging the gap between customers and agents with real-time tracking and continuous monitoring.

04Plan The Delivery

Admin will send notifications to the Driver when a task is created. Driver can accept or reject that task assigned. Customers will also get notifications regarding the contact details of driver and ETA.

Plan The Delivery

05Proof Of Delivery

Once the delivery is done, the agents need to collect the sign of the customers. This electronic proof of delivery and e-signature collected by the agent, which helps the admin to know whether the product is delivered to the original customer.

Smart Direction

06Smart Direction

This app suggests the shortest route to the agents which assists the agents to reach the destination within the scheduled time and also helps in completion of more deliveries in a less time.

Customers Application


07SMS notifications of service

Customers will receive SMS notifications regarding the product updates or in case if there is any delay in product delivery. Customers can be much aware about the arrival of their product with these constant updates and plan their day accordingly.

08Delivery/ Service feedback

Customers can provide their feedback about the delivery agents or the services. Admin and even other customers can view the feedback or reviews about the delivery services.



Realtime agent tracking

Admin can get the updates about the agents through real-time tracking. Admin can also know the estimated time of delivery and view the exact location of the agent on a live map. Admin can filter the search results based on date, status, time and delay.

  • Filter by DateFilter by date
  • Filter by TeamsFilter by status
  • Filter by StatusFilter by time
  • Filter by DelayFilter by delay

Track travelled distance

Admin can track the total distance travelled by the delivery agent and the amount of fuel consumed. This assists the admin to know whether the delivery agent has taken the shortest route or not.


Agents reports

Agents will be updated about the tasks they have completed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This consolidated report assists the agents to know the task status and manage the tasks efficiently. Admin will also get instant notifications, when the delivery agent starts the work.


Deliforce developed with AWS serverless architecture

Deliforce’s logistic management software is developed with AWS serverless architecture that offers automatic scaling, rapid response to events, and agility throughout the delivery operations. It eases down the Computation processes, enhances the application integration, and helps to store any amount of data. AWS easily handles the tasks like capacity provisioning and patching process. It helps to focus on handcrafting apps and mobile backends faster instead of configuring them. It reduces the operational complexity, decreases the cost, and enhances the code quality.

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