IoT Based Garbage Monitoring System

Traditional garbage management can become inefficient. The iot based garbage monitoring system can prove to
be a reliable alternative for increasing efficiency.

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Smart Waste Bin Monitoring System

Waste collection and management can become a problem, especially in huge cities. Traditional waste management systems rely on a huge network of waste collecting trucks and people that rely on a set time to pick up waste from various places. This method however is inefficient and expensive. This is why an internet of things solution for this problem looks promising. iot smart garbage monitoring system can make this process much easier to deal with.
Nextbrain provides a state of the art iot based dustbin monitoring system that can monitor all types of bins.With this technology, one can easily locate the bins on the map when they are full. This location information can then be used for the optimization of routes related to the bins. Our iot garbage monitoring system can handle harsh weather and requires little maintenance. We will also upgrade your software whenever necessary.

The features of bin level monitoring software

Following are some features that are commonly present in such software, which let it give
the best kind of functionality to the client for a long time.
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Completely wireless

Long-range wireless data transmission capacity is one of the key features of such software. The data transmission can occur even at significantly low bandwidths.

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Durable setup

The setup usually features a battery power which enables it to do its job for a long time, usually measured in a number of years. Easy installation mechanisms using QR codes are also available.

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Reliable technology

The systems use time tested technology for its operation and are not likely to fail. The sensors can monitor any type of waste material, and this only adds to their advantage.

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Tough design

The sensors are made of a tough design and they can function in any environment. The tough design features resistance against shock, water and heat. They notify about such dangers instantly.

Benefits of waste bin level monitoring through IoT software

Following are the many benefits of bin level monitoring software that you can
enjoy if your department installs such software.
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Cost and time savings

The first benefit is regard to cost and time. In traditional waste management, someone must go and physically check the waste level of each bin, and if it fills up early, that can lead to additional problems which can cost time. Usually, a large amount of personnel is required to handle these kinds of waste bins in a particular area. The system sends timely notifications which can be either received through iOS or Android devices. Using IoT software to monitor such waste bins thus can save both time and cost.

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High battery capacity

The system uses a high capacity battery on each of its waste bins that are deployed in a large area. They can usually keep such bins functioning for up to 3+ years without recharging. When it has a low battery level, it can send notifications to you so that you can effectively replace it. Replacing the battery tends to be very simple and then you are set for another round of years of service.

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Low maintenance issues

The sensors are built with IP68 rugged shell technology which means they can withstand dust, dirt, and sand. This rating also means that these devices are waterproof and can resist a maximum depth of 1.5 meters underwater for up to thirty minutes. This means that they are not damaged that easily by the usual environmental variables like rainstorms, wind or heat. They come with a fire risk warning mechanism too, so you will get notifications before anything goes wrong.

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Dynamic data collection

All IoT devices have inherent data collection technology, and this is also a major feature in the waste collection bin. It collects status data for predictive analysis and optimises waste collection schedules based on historical data so as to increase the efficiency of the process. It can also connect with other waste bins and thus maintain a degree of interconnectivity. The software protects such data from state of the art end-to-end encryption using AES 128-bit technology to secure any information related to the system.


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  • What are the detection capabilities of waste bin monitoring IoT software?
    The waste bin can detect the following statuses of a bin remotely: Full, empty, inclined(fallen state), and flame risk. This ensures efficient usage of the bin and ensures they are mostly safe.
  • How do you install an IoT based waste bin level monitoring software?
    The software comes with plug & play install capacity, and the method of installation is usually through a QR code. Using the application, one can simply scan these QR codes to install the software to a work-ready state. The total time of installation will depend on your deployment size.
  • Do the sensors have to be plugged in for this system?
    The sensors are designed to be completely wireless and can operate on low bandwidths, so no, they don’t have to be plugged in for them to work.
  • Are the sensors designed to work indoor bins or outdoor bins?
    The sensors work on both indoor and outdoor waste bins. They can take on tough conditions of the environment, and are designed to operate for a long time.
  • How many of these systems can be deployed at once?
    You can have an unlimited number of waste bins connected to the waste bin monitoring software. All of them will send their data wirelessly and you will be able to monitor and control them in real-time.

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