VNC DEALERDIRECT is a digital assistant mobile app for dealers
of VNC Group that helps them to buy manufactured
products, effortlessly place orders & track orders anytime, checks
current payables and register their payments.

VNC moblie app


We have built a tailor-made app VNC DEALERDIRECT, an assistant app for dealers of VNC Group to find manufacture products like BESTWIRE binding wire, BESTARC welding electrodes, BESTBUILD construction chemicals, etc. The app provides a collection of manufactured products and dealers can buy their required products. They can create an account by providing the necessary details. They can order the products, track orders in real-time, check the current payables, and register the payments easily. There are multiple payment modes that are secure and easy for the online transactions.


  • Difficulty to find a potential customer base for the app.
  • Inability to track the delivery agents in real-time to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Lack of an efficient, secure payment system that can manage and control money transactions, check current payables, and register payments.
  • Difficulties to provide updates on the status of the orders, shipping and delivery details, and notifications.
  • Difficulties to offer a huge stock of necessary products that satisfy customer’s requirements and preferences.


VNC DealerDirect app offers all necessary unique features and functionalities that eliminate the challenges faced by the business. With the proper integration of resources, tools and technologies, we carefully crafted the best possible app for the dealers.

Huge stock of products

The app offers a wide variety of products such as BESTARC welding electrodes, BESTBUILD construction chemicals, etc. They can easily order, track and get enticing offers.

Real-time tracking

VNC DealerDirect offers real-time tracking of products, location of the delivery person, and can find the status of the order. Real-time tracking offers reliability among customers.

Multiple payment modes

There are multiple payment modes such as e-wallet, net banking, debit and credit cards, and cash-on-delivery. It ensures hassle-free payments that attract more potential customers to the app.

Check your current payables

Dealers can check the payables against the invoices. It also helps to know the account balance and the details regarding the previous orders and current orders.

Instant Notifications

Notifications will be sent to the customer’s smartphone when an order is placed, messages regarding dispatching, shipping, and delivery details, offers, rewards, etc.

User Journey

We designed and developed an app that meets the requirements and goals of the target audience. The features and functionalities,UX/UI design,
and every content element provide a better user experience that attracts more potential customers.

VNC workflow

Design System

We focus on every aspect of design; define unique UI styles that provide quality design standards. We fulfill your brand principles with an attractive
design system.

color pallete

We have selected the right colors as it is a powerful marketing tool to attract potential customers, to provide a visually appealing nature.

color pallete


As per the brand guidelines of VNC DEALERDIRECT, we have provided the best fonts and styles that offer a good visual experience, readability, and consistency.


Headline / Subline

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Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
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User Wireframe design

We focus on essential features to develop the wireframe with the best wireframing tools. We have shown the flow of each component, its conditions, and status.

VNC wireframe

User Interface Design

We have built interactive UI designs that are easy-to-use, responsive, simple, and consistent in all interfacing screens. We ensure better
user interaction with compelling and aesthetically pleasing interfaces.

VNC user app design

The extent of our involvement

We have a team of dedicated UI/UX designers, mobile app developers, graphic designers, and QA experts to solve any problems that are concerned
with your business. We offer refined solutions that keep your brand ahead of the competitors.

UI + UX Design
UI + UX Design

We create visually appealing and efficient UI/UX design patterns for developing your personalized app. We do in-depth research and competitive analysis to tackle any issues.


It is the process of developing an idea into a unique app that enhances your business growth. With well-defined strategies, tools and resources, we handcraft robust and enticing apps.


We do continuous testing to make sure that the app is free from all technical issues, bugs and other errors. Our QA team makes sure that the apps sustain the online competitive market.


In this stage, we make the app available to the online store and it includes all the operations involved with the app deployment. We ensure successful deployment of your customized apps.

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