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J.M.Baxi & Co. is India's premier shipping services company, standing firmly on the pillars of innovation, commitment and


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J.M.Baxi & Co. is India's premier shipping services company, standing firmly on the pillars of innovation, commitment and performance. J.M.Baxi & Co enjoys strong brand recall worldwide and is synonymous with the shipping industry in India. It delivers award winning performance in all it's business activities and is backed by over 750 experienced and committed professionals with a nation wide network of company-owned offices spanning 31 locations.The Company has a strong presence in most of its business lines and leadership in several of the shipping support services.

The Challenge

Through in-depth research and competitive analysis, our experienced and highly-skilled in-house team moulded precise strategies and unique digital solutions to handcraft the best possible corporate website for the logistic company. Our website developers have approached the challenges with result-driven technologies and agile methodologies integrating the right features and functionalities that ensure an easy-to-use user experience and appealing web pages. We identify the target audience, set goals, and solve the difficult aspects with the design-thinking method. We have designed, developed, implemented, and tested the website with an insight to deliver a unique customer experience.

The challenges of the shipping business were thoroughly analyzed. Our technical team developed precise strategies and unique ideas through in-depth research to find the best possible solutions. The challenges were:

  • The lack of enough storage space.
  • Less website security and the lack of better backup, easy retrieval, and disaster recovery.
  • Lack of a good shipping strategy for the perfect coordination and management of the shipping activities and operations.
  • Lack of a systematic and efficient vessel tracking system that provides all the necessary information regarding the vessel for the customers.
  • One of the major challenges is the reduced potential customer base.


The services encompass providing a port directory, shipping rates, and methods, marketing services, tracking of vessels, packaging options, e-documentation & EPDA requests, E-visa letter, etc.

Port Directory

Providing port details any user who is visiting this new site & trade notice.

Vessels Tracking

Request for quote/price for any service.


Check vessel status in port.

Request EPDA

Submit documents, edit, visa invitation or forms online which can be directly linked to JMB system.

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Colors & Typography

We have created an inner sense of order and balance to exhibit the best visible experience that is appealing and harmonious to the nature of the company. We focussed on maintaining consistency in typography, font, and styling to ensure a professional look and readability.

Colors & Typography


We work together with a single goal to tackle every challenge with innovative ideas, and suitable methods. With in-depth research, competitive analysis, systematic planning, and coordination, we developed best possible solutions to enhance the operational efficiency of the shipping business.

  • The storage issues are easily removed with the implementation of E-documentation management. It improves the regulatory compliance and ensures website security.
  • Our dedicated team developed well-planned shipping strategies to enhance the operational performance. We defined shipping strategy goals to enhance website traffic, increase the average value order, maximize the ROI, and improve the performance of the business.
  • Our efficient and unique vessel tracking system helps customers to track the vessels and know the current status. Customers can simply login with their username and password. They can enter the vessel name and find the required information such as the vessel arrival and departure time, current status, and the details regarding the port.
  • The reduced potential customer base was enhanced with the optimization of the website. We include quality blog contents, offered new online marketing strategies that naturally expands the market.
  • Our SEO experts optimized the website to rank higher on Google Search Engines, and crafted advertising ideas to enhance their brand more.

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