Electric Vehicle Charging Management Software

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Electric Vehicle Management Software

It is required to make sure that your vehicles are charged adequately at all times as electric vehicles discharge quickly. It is also crucial for the operators, dispatchers, and the maintenance crew to have better visibility of the status of vehicle’s charge to better make decisions. There are no traditional systems that can compete with modern EV fleet management software when it comes to this.
Our state of the art Electric vehicle management software (EVMS) clearly analyzes the routes and provides proper suggestions for assigning the tasks to your vehicle fleet. It has in-built Alerts and notifications will help the drivers and the business instantly know when an issue or problem arises thus dealing with it right away. We will update the Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software often so that you experience the best efficiency possible.

Web back end application

We provide an extensive yet easy-to-use web app for our EV charging outlets so that they can maximize revenue
and keep tabs on everything from customers, employees and power management. Our Web back end
application has the following features that is very useful for charging stations:
Location management

Track which locations have the most power consumption rates and manage your charging stations based on a location map.

Station management

Get all information on whichever charging station you want from a particular location selected. You can also change charging station priorities or turn one off for hardware inspection or maintenance purposes.

Customize interface

Customize the interface and settings based on your liking. Our default interface lets you do many things, but we also have features that keep it pretty and customizable

Employee management

Manage all the information regarding your employee details, shifts and work schedules. Also keep a record of their absence and manage your working days and holidays.

Price settings

Set and manage the price range for each charging session. The price will depend on many factors, like the power rate, connector type used, the real time market integration and more.

Connector type

You can use the software with different types of OCPP connectors. A tab to manage the type of connectors is provided in the web application.

Customer management

Keep track of all the customers that use your service. Details pertaining to each customer can be managed efficiently, and this is where customer queries can be resolved from.

Charging session management

Data related to each charging session done on any of your EV chargers can be managed from this tab. It has details like customer name, station, location, connector, start time, end time, price, payment status, total power consumed and the time of charging.

Coupon managements

A customer loyalty program is integrated within the software. Manage your coupon discounts and coupon information from this tab. It also contains coupon codes that are already used and you can set up custom offers from this tab.

Data analytics

Our data analytics is one of the most advanced when it comes to managing data from your service. Following are some things that our software automatically monitors

Load management

You can easily manage power by looking into which stations and locations consume the most power. Our systems are designed to keep the customers satisfied at all times.

Help and support

We provide one click help and support services to all things that may require troubleshooting or support on.

Automatic updates

Our software receives updates regularly that have the latest EV charger firmware information, security updates and added features like performance optimizations to the EV charging software

Customer application

We also provide software that is used by everyday users who use your EV charging station. Through the app, they can easily
charge their vehicles and also earn loyalty coupons which will make your service more popular.
Our customer app has the following services installed
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User registration

Each user can register for the application using their email address or phone number. Registration can be done easily and securely

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User profile

Each user can manage their profile and content they may use on the app. After registration, a profile is immediately created for them.

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Each user can search for the charging stations nearby using GPS systems and location. They can also access each station profile.

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Access the station profile

Each user can access a station and can see what facilities are available in the station. You can also get wait times and traffic information on each charging station.

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Start charging

The app has features that let it authenticate a charging session by automatically verifying customer details from the server.

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Make the payment

Our customer application comes with a highly secure transaction system, which is also very fast and efficient.

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My charge list

The customer can look into the details of all the previous charging sessions and the locations they have used the app in.

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My offers

The customer app has an offers section where they can see which offers they are eligible for. These custom coupons can then be used to gain discounts on your EV charging site.

Our system can be integrated with many other smart solutions to make life easier and affordable.
It also helps in unique and attractive customer experience. Following are some of the integrations we support.

  • Charging station aggregators

  • You can find our chargers on chargehub, plugshare and other similar services.

  • Smart grid and buildings

  • Our software can easily communicate with smart grid systems and smart buildings.

  • Energy storage systems

  • You can supercharge your chargers using solar or any other similar type of energy storage when needed.

  • Others
  • Many other integration technologies are available, like roaming on other EV networks and such.

Our EV charging software comes with its own API that is designed to specially appeal to both EV charging outlets and the drivers. Our back-end can be extended through third party plug-ins.

Well provide the following APIs in our custom software

  • Interface between the customer app

  • back end

  • charging points

Our software supports all the latest hardware in the EV charging industry. Our software and firmware updates allow you to always integrate any new hardware that might become popular. Our software also has strict hardware recognition features and will not allow any non-trusted hardware to be used in the charging station.

  • We support both AC and DC charging outlets, with 3.7kW to 350kW capacity.

  • We have a flexible architecture that supports most hardware and modular design that lets us develop unique solutions when new hardware is considered.

  • We allow for the use of smart charging functionalities on all the hardware you use, and this increases the lifetime of the hardware.

We have an excellent support team when the EV charging outlets are concerned, and our services let you do scalable business with your customers with ease. Following are some of our support services.

  • Annual maintenance plans

  • Regular software updates

  • Extended warranty plan

  • Personal support services

Do you prefer your own custom EV charging management software?

Our custom EV charging software helps you start and run a full fledged EV charging business easily and effectively. We help you provide seamless customization for your customers and help you regulate tax forms, currency, language and more. Being a well developed application development industry, we provide state of the art solutions for our clients with excellent customer service. Our software usually have the following features
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Multiple languages supported

The software can be made to support multiple languages so that it can serve many locations simultaneously. The default language will be set to the majority language spoken in the area.

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Scalable and modular

The software has modularity built in to it and is highly scalable. This means that you can incorporate any changes you require quickly and efficiently if you use our software.

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Hardware agnostic

The software is hardware agnostic, that is can work with different types of systems without suffering major compatibility issues that may cause problems for customers or administrators of the software.

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proprietary software

We have created this software on our own and thus it is proprietary. Your competitors won’t be able to reverse engineer them and therefore cannot steal your market capital easily.

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