iSabel provides ultimate relaxation and mindfulness techniques that can enhance the positivity and calmness in the work environment by reducing the employee stress levels and relaxing the body as well as mind.


iSabel provides outstanding solutions to improve happiness by healing your mind and providing perfect suggestions depending on your present emotional condition or mood. Usually, almost all the employees will get stressed, lonely, dull, and isolated. In such cases, iSabel assists by making a complete analysis of their current emotional status. It provides personalized relaxation and mindfulness suggestions to every employee to improve their overall emotional balance unlike providing the same kind of solution to all.

get centered

Get Centered



get active

Get active





To build a custom and scalable corporate mindfulness and wellbeing app for employees. This app includes many features like iSabel cafe, mindfulness solutions, and customized support system for the overall wellbeing and happiness of the employees. Creating engaging and appealing UI/UX designs which are captivating to the employees and offers more positivity. To develop a strong and powerful platform for monitoring the overall wellbeing of your employees from any location. To build a secure, robust, and user-friendly app in order to maintain complete confidentiality of the details of employees.


Our in-house development team has deep technical knowledge and complete awareness of the modern trends that helped in developing a powerful and custom mindfulness app as well as a website for iSabel. With a team of talented UI/UX designers, we crafted calming and elegant designs that improve the overall look of the app and the website. We adopt an agile methodology and well-defined strategies to build a personalized website and mobile application with unique features. We provided the ultimate user experience with integration of right features and functionalities and by proper analysis of the behaviour of the target audience.


What does the system do?

iSabel app offers an apt solution for the employees as the app has various unique features and robust functionalities to elevate the emotional well-being of the employees with personalized mindfulness techniques and recommendations.

  • Creates a pleasant, interesting, and vibrant work environment through various relaxation techniques and mindfulness meditation activities.
  • iSabel cafe acts as a platform for social talks which provides an opportunity to interact and speak out your mind with others.
  • Get Active clearly analyzes your emotional status and provides personalized recommendations which perfectly suits your life.
  • Mindfulness solutions and soothing music will assist to minimize negative emotions and stress levels.
  • Get Nutrition provides customized balanced diets especially for the employees that can boost their health.
what system
Admin panel

Admin panel

Admin panel has a robust dashboard that may include user friendly features and powerful functionalities which can allow the admin to effectively manage, add, or delete all the mindfulness techniques and emotional wellbeing activities of employees.

  • Admin can manage, delete, or add various relaxation techniques, mindfulness solutions, questionnaires, and more.
  • Admin can manage, delete, or add different categories of the app including nutrition, social talks, mindfulness, music, and more.
  • Admin can manage, delete, or add any of the organizations in the list depending on their subscription validity.

Organization panel

iSabel comes up with a secure, unique and robust organization panel which enables the admin to monitor and manage the emotional well-being activities of employees and also view the employees list. Admin may manage the events, chat rooms, reports, and offers.

  • Organization panel enables the admin to utilize different filters for searching the employees and details such as name, country, email id, etc.
  • Admin may also delete or add any of the employees in the list and also conduct any events.
  • Organization panel will enable the admin to monitor all the mindfulness solutions and the wellbeing activities that are done by the employees.
Admin panel

Application flow diagram

The application flow diagram represents clearly how the iSabel application functions right from registration to the implementation of all the mindfulness activities of the app. It provides all the information about the personalized features in the app.

Application flow

User wireframe design

Our dedicated app developers completely focus on the wide variety of features as well as the functionalities of the app to build various modules like registration, login, get social, nutrition, get active, get centered, chatrooms, and other mindfulness activities.

Application flow Application flow

Technology stock

Our proficient developers create custom and secure apps and websites by adopting modern trends and utilizing latest technologies like Android (Java), iPhone (Swift), PgSQL, Laravel PHP framework, Bootstrap to provide an ultimate user- experience to your potential customers.

Node js

Node js

vue js

Vue js





Pg sql



AWS Serverless

The extent of our involvement

We have a team of dedicated UI/UX designers, mobile app developers, graphic designers, and QA experts to solve any problems that are concerned
with your business. We offer refined solutions that keep your brand ahead of the competitors.

UI + UX Design
UI + UX Design

We create visually appealing and efficient UI/UX design patterns for developing your personalized app. We do in-depth research and competitive analysis to tackle any issues.


It is the process of developing an idea into a unique app that enhances your business growth. With well-defined strategies, tools and resources, we handcraft robust and enticing apps.


We do continuous testing to make sure that the app is free from all technical issues, bugs and other errors. Our QA team makes sure that the apps sustain the online competitive market.


In this stage, we make the app available to the online store and it includes all the operations involved with the app deployment. We ensure successful deployment of your customized apps.

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