IoT Based Smart Parking System

The Bangalore based Nextbrain provides ingeniously developed IoT car parking system that can increase
convenience for both parking space and car owners.

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Smart Parking System Using IoT

The parking spaces have become crowded in recent years owing to growing urbanization, and the trend of urbanization doesn’t seem to be stopping. Traditional parking spaces usually work on a first come first serve basis which isn’t very effective. There is a growing need for both parking spaces and vehicle owners to adopt new technologies to solve this problem, and the internet of things or IoT based smart parking system seems like a good solution to this.
Nextbrain has created a Smart Parking System that can enhance the convenience of both parking space and vehicle owners. The software uses IoT technology to track cars and connect them to nearest empty parking spaces. The system comes with a control system that can detect accidents and can reroute cars to safety. Thus resourcefulness is increased through the iot based parking system.

IoT technology in smart parking software

Following is a general list of benefits of smart parking that can be achieved through IoT devices. The IoT system is paired with 5G networks
so that a large amount of data is transferred fast. In this manner, there is less room for error in such technology.
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Tracking cars with sensor systems

The IoT solutions use a large number of sensors that are attached to individual vehicles for tracking such vehicles. This helps the people in the vehicles to find the nearest available parking space fast as the software tracks their position through cloud-integrated services. The parking space itself has its own sensors.

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Smart counters and parking spaces

The IoT parking management software is connected to the counter of the parking space. This way it always knows how many vehicles are present in the parking space. It also enables the system to process automated electronic payment for the usage of parking space. The parking space can also determine trends of parking space throughout the year and thus can predict future surges.

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Automation and resource efficiency

The IoT software also helps to automate the parking space. After the invention of such software, multi-level parking spaces have become popular. This is because an automated system can then move vehicles across multiple levels. Resources like electricity and other energy sources are also saved in this process. Proper lighting and ventilation is maintained in the facility because of such IoT solutions

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Control system

There is a central control system that can detect any important aspects of the system, be it an accident in the parking space or a network failure. Thus you can have absolute control over the parking system at all times. It can be operated with a minimal number of employees and is built with a clean user interface. A similar user interface is also fit at places like payment stations for the users of the parking space and is easy to understand.

How do smart parking sensors work?

The IoT parking software development uses sensors of various mechanisms(explained above) to function. They transmit signals through the cloud to the central control system of the IoT system. AWS Lambda and AWS IoT act as common platforms whereas either MQTT or LPWAN act as protocols through which data is transmitted. The sensors have the following states which are tracked in real-time and transmitted to the control system.

IoT parking management software

The smart parking mechanisms are controlled by IoT parking management software which can be run from desktop or mobile devices. They provide many capabilities to the system, important of which are listed below.


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  • How does IoT help build smart parking of devices?
    IoT can enable vehicles to connect apps and parking spaces. The app can then be used to remotely operate such vehicles. Some operations will be automated for better safety conditions. Thus a good smart parking system is built through IoT.
  • What is the advantage of smart parking services?
    Smart parking systems help reduce the time delay that is required to manually park vehicles. It also reduces accidents and reduces the average time spent in traffic for IoT enabled vehicles.
  • Why should you choose Nextbrain to develop your IoT solution?
    An IoT solution smart parking is difficult to develop without the right expertise and we advise working with companies who already have such expertise. We have worked with several clients to develop their personified IoT solutions.
  • Who will benefit from IoT based smart parking systems?
    IoT based smart parking helps many people at once. The general public who uses the system is helped the most. Apart from that, people from law enforcement agencies, tech companies and businesses are also helped.
  • What is the price of your smart parking software?
    The price depends on the services your individual case needs, so we will not be able to provide you with a single price for all of our services. Contact us today with a list of requirements to know the price for your project.

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