How do we work?

Our development process is crafted to assist
clients reach their business goals within the
deadlines and budget.

Our process

We communicate with our clients via online chat, email or phone and gather their project requirements. Then we design a prototype and let it go through several iterative stages till you are satisfied with the product outcome.

  • 1
    Requirement Analysis

    Requirement analysis

    We gather all your project requirements and collect all the information
    about your business goals. Then we analyze your requirements and
    prepare possible use cases.

  • 2


    Based on the above analysis, we make a proposal suggesting all the
    required product features, application architecture, development time
    and cost estimates for your project.

  • 3


    Finally, once the approval of the rough estimate is done,
    then we offer you with a detailed estimate where we specify each
    and every project requirements and wireframes to give our clients
    much clarity about the development process.

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    Pay upfront & Kickoff the project

    After the final agreement of the project then we suggest
    the prototype according to your product requirements,
    the right app architectures, development platforms and
    the technology stack for the product development.

    Pay upfront & Kickoff the project
  • 5


    This is the most crucial and initial part of the development
    process where we refine the ideas and arrange all the components
    of the designs in the proper way. It offers a clear understanding of
    how your required features will be to your designers and developers.

  • 6

    UX Design

    After gathering all your project requirements and once
    we are clear for the development process then we create attractive,
    engaging and interactive designs which provide the most desirable
    experience to the target audience.

    UX Design
  • 7


    We follow an agile methodology to create unique and customized
    solutions for your business. Once you are done with selecting
    the prototype, we completely go through your requirements
    and begin actual coding to make your project into reality.

  • 8

    QA Testing

    During the development stage, we perform rigorous testing
    to check the performance, security, compatibility and usability.
    We ensure that there are no bugs and your application is flawless
    and efficiently functioning in the real-time.

    QA Testing
  • 9
    Release & Support

    Release & Support

    We launch the final product which is flawless with all
    the desired functionalities. We offer free support and will
    always be available to clarify your queries. We also provide
    support in including additional features that your app requires.

  • 10

    Post production service

    We offer post launch services as your product may require quick
    promotion, marketing support and maintenance services so
    that your application will run seamlessly. We also offer a
    proper marketing strategy for efficient functioning
    of your application.

    Post production servicel

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