Probayan is an incredible online Indian fashion shopping
ecommerce web design and development by Nextbrain
Technologies. It is a flexible platform where diverse Indian
handloom sarees directly come from weavers across the



Probayan is an incredible online Indian fashion shopping ecommerce web design and development by Nextbrain Technologies. It is a flexible platform where diverse Indian handloom sarees directly come from weavers across the country. You get exposed to a digital platform of varied kinds of cotton and silk weaved sarees carefully delivered at your doorstep. Their main aim is to bring artful designs and embroideries that portray generations and related traditions.
Probayan caters to customers’ requirements and assures great customer handling. All traditions of sarees such as Benarasi, Begampuri, Madurai, Motka Silk and various others are weaved with extreme care and quality. We emphasize on increasing consistent services so that a huge number of sarees can be bought by utilizing your cell phone devices.


Probayan provides remarkable online shopping experience as it is easy and simple to order from the ecommerce web. It is our objective to meet customer demands and satisfaction with on-time delivery. Customers can order as per their requisite and fashion selecting from the diverse Indian sarees. The ecommerce web is developed by adopting advanced tools and technologies to give high-end product showcases and colour. Fashion people can easily select the preferred item and order it. A fast-paced delivery is another prospect of our efficiency. However, all challenges are overcome with complete quality assurance and real-time delivery.

  • Mass of people is still on the lookout for traditional fashion stores to purchase products.
  • Problems in the delivery management process as the customer isn’t available to receive the product on delivery.
  • Investment of resources for packaging and gift box.
  • Facing problems exposing to small-town market due to lack of mobile devices.


With the aid of serious market assessment, exact procedures, and agile development, we have conceptualized inventive answers for tackling the most common issues with respect to damaged merchandise, late delivery schedules, and incompetent administration framework. Our fashion ecommerce website optimizes the supply management process and has achieved higher customer experiences through hassle-free deliverables and superior quality product.

  • We ensure all products are of quality before delivery.
  • The app resolves delivery glitches by scheduling delivery on time and showing optimized route-way to delivery.
  • We ensure satisfaction from customers’ end and customer’s presence on delivery by scheduled time delivery alerts and notifications.
  • Instant support and solution on any kind of product-related queries.

Customer application features

Customer login

Customers need to sign up with valid email id and password for data credentials. The account will be set up and one can login from that ID and place order.

Search by name/origin and select products

One can go through and search for different items available on the platform. Subsequent to this, you can select the product as per budget and choice.

Select by occasion

The separate part of occasion helps the user to select products based on the occasion type such as wedding special etc.

Exclusive Offers

A separate section of offers page is present where you can look for discounts, coupon codes and seasonal offers. Buyers can use promo codes as well as redeem it while checking out. Thus, it saves the cost of buying.

Add to wishlist

Customers can select products and save it to the wishlist for buying later on in free time. As you add the item from the wishlist, it gets shifted to cart.

Add to cart

Subsequent to choosing items, they can add the product to cart. The process is flexible as one can remove or add items from the cart at any time and place an order with final selected products.

My orders

Customers are capable of viewing their order list, detailed summary of orders, payment transaction, and delivery status of the ordered product. In this section, they can also keep track of the previous orders in a combined way.


After adding all required products to the cart, they can proceed for submission and checkout to the next payment section.

Mode of payment

Clients can make simple and secure payments online. They can adopt various modes like a Credit card, Net banking, Paypal accounts, Debit card, and so forth. They also place COD or cash on delivery which makes the payment process expedient.

Admin Panel features

Design System

We provide appealing designs, interactive content, designed screens, attractive widgets, and navigation bars that satisfy quality design standards and
to ensure a good customer experience.

color pallete

We have chosen the best colors to create an inner sense of order and balance to exhibit the best visible experience. We have given specific colors that are harmonious to the interacting screens.

color pallete


As per the brand guidelines of MDW, we focussed on maintaining consistency in typography, font, and styling to ensure an enticing, professional look, and readability.

Crimson Text Bold

Headline / Subline

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Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
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The extent of our involvement

Our dedicated UI/UX designers, website developers, graphic designers, and QA experts craft the best solutions that eliminate the hassles of business.
We believe in offering refined solutions that turn your company into a unique brand.
UI + UX Design
UI + UX Design

We create attractive and unique UI/UX design patterns for your custom-made business app. We mould the right app through in-depth research and effective market analysis to keep you ahead of the competitors.


We design and develop unique digital solutions through delicate strategies, tools, and the latest technologies that sustain the competitive market. We monitor each phase of the development for better apps.


We do continuous testing and resolve all technical issues, bugs and other errors to deliver a user-friendly app. Our QA team ensures that the apps have quality standards and uniqueness before it hits the market.


In this stage, your website becomes publicly available to the online platform. We focus on the successful deployment of your app without any flaws. We have new technologies and precise enterprise deployment strategies to assist us in the process.

Our Technology Stack

Our Nextbrain professionals use advanced web technologies, strategies, and effective frameworks such as Laravel PHP Framework,
Bootstrap and PgSQL to create effectual and scalable apps for your business. The web apps are search engine optimized,
responsive and user-friendly for all business types. Our main motto is to provide quality solutions
and development to potential clients.

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