Nextbrain Technologies have handcrafted a corporate website for Wellintech, a professional automation software enterprise in China offering automation software platforms such as SCADA, MES, Historian,standalone DAQ platforms, and IoT Platforms.



We have designed and developed a unique business website for the largest automation software company in Beijing, China. We adopted a systematic website development process with quality research, precise business strategies, and innovative technologies to produce the best results. We used precise cutting edge technologies to craft the best website that is scalable, responsive, robust, and user-friendly to the target audience. The factors like speed and navigation affect the traffic of the website that we focused on optimizing the websites to grow the band much bigger. The company developed many products like KingFusion, KingView, KingHistorian, KingIOBox, SECS/GEM, KingIOServer, and KingSCADA.


All the existing challenges were carefully analyzed and solved with refined solutions that suit the requirements and preferences of the company. With the perfect combination of resources, innovative technologies, precise strategies and tools, we handcrafted a responsible and scalable website.

  • Difficult to minimize storage, and enhance website security
  • Difficulties related to ensure 100% search engine optimization
  • Lack of online marketing strategies and agile methodologies that are essential for the improvement of customer base.


wellintech home banner


E-documentation management

The problem of storage space is removed with the help of E-documentation management. It is very effective to build the website which minimizes the storage space, enhances website security, improves regulatory compliance, disaster recovery, better backup, better collaboration, and easy retrieval.

SEO friendly

The traffic of the website is enhanced by the dedicated efforts of our SEO team. We made the website more unique and SEO friendly with quality content and suitable keywords.

Quality blogs

We have created a blog section for Wellintech with good quality blogs with effective images and meaningful content. We have made the website free from all technical issues, bugs and errors to ensure complete optimization.

Effective communication

A ‘contact us’ page was necessary for clients to reach out to the company. We have created the contact page with necessary details such as name of the client, email address, mobile number, company, location and other details. This helps the technical team of Wellintech to answer to customer’s queries.

Design System

We focus to provide designs that satisfy quality design standards. All foundation elements, UI designs, and principles will be designed to ensure a good customer experience.

color pallete

We have chosen specific colors that are visually pleasing and suit the brand guidelines. It is a strong marketing tool to grab the attention of potential customers.

color pallete


As per the brand guidelines of Wellintech, we have given the right fonts and styles that are enticing, readable, and consistent with the interfaces.

'Avenir Next LT Pro'

Headline / Subline

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The extent of our involvement

Our dedicated UI/UX designers, website developers, graphic designers, and QA experts craft the best solutions that eliminate the hassles of business.
We believe in offering refined solutions that turn your company into a unique brand.

UI + UX Design
UI + UX Design

We create attractive and unique UI/UX design patterns for your custom-made business app. We mould the right app through in-depth research and effective market analysis to keep you ahead of the competitors


We design and develop unique digital solutions through delicate strategies, tools and latest technologies that sustain the competitive market. We monitor each phase of the development for better apps.


We do continuous testing and resolve all technical issues, bugs and other errors to deliver a user-friendly app. Our QA team ensures that the apps have quality standards and uniqueness before it hits the market.


In this stage, your website becomes publicly available to the online platform. We focus on the successful deployment of your app without any flaws. We have new technologies and precise enterprise deployment strategies to assist us in the process.

Our Technology Stack

We handcraft the best possible customized websites for your business with cutting-edge technologies such as Laravel PHP
framework, Bootstrap, PgSQL. We deliver unique websites that are scalable, responsive, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly
and enticing to ensure the best user experience for all the customers.


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