Web applications have become the standard of the 21st century that people use to do many kinds of complicated tasks, such as ordering food, banking and storing files so that they cannot be lost. A web app is an application that is not installed in a local computer, but is actually only accessible on the internet. It runs on the server, and it uses the local computer’s processing power when it is being used. In 1999, a scientific study showed that 81% of popular businesses that had the capability and the budget had opened a website for an increase in profit. From 2010, the world of e-commerce is slowly shifting to mobile devices, as they are now acquiring the processing power required to run most if not all web apps. cloud-based web app development platforms have sprung up recently to help small businesses that offer an easy way to develop such web apps. Such platforms now collectively make a $24 billion market in the US alone and are said to be continually growing by a rate of 4.9%.

Now if one is on the lookout for making good web applications in the present era, they still need good developers if it especially needs to be developed for complicated business purposes. But there can be web app ideas that exist solely as the business model for many companies, and these businesses add more features to the web app as the years progress. This is another advantage of web apps, that is features being added to without the requirement of stoppage of services.The only thing is that in the present era, is that most businessmen are not aware of the applications of the web applications and massively undervalue their business value. In this blog we shall see where the possibilities web applications can help.

Web app ideas for startups of 2021

The startups of this year can be incredibly helped by the web app capabilities. Food delivery apps and other logistics departments have heavily relied on web apps in the pandemic since it has started. The following list is other ideas including food delivery that can be used as the core of a web app business in 2021

Payment apps

payment web app

Since web applications run on servers and have efficient data management techniques, they serve as a perfect candidate to become payment apps online. The payment data must be secure, fast and well looked after, traits that are possible if a good web app is designed. Web apps today are the major reason why transactions through the internet are possible.

Online pharmacies

Pharmaceutical data and selling of medicines is another thing that needs to be done with caution. Many web apps that may not look outwardly that complicated are used to sell pharmaceutical medicines to people and they actually store individual data and verify each prescription before distributing it to the individual, which is very essential for online pharmacies to do both ethically and required by law.

Domain and hosting providers

This is another demanding service that has grown recently because of the number of businesses that seem to want a website. Domain hosting web apps can help track customer activities in hosting services and help businesses serve their customers who already use the service well.

Website builders

Web development is another area which is of high demand in recent era, and due to its complexity cannot be developed fast. This is where web apps come in that help build websites with the help of prewritten code blocks. These code blocks form important structures of the new websites that clients try to develop. There are many templates to choose from, made available by the website builders.

Crypto exchange platforms

Since bitcoin and other crypto coins have become popular, web apps are being used to convert them from one form to another and then back to cash. All the security concerns that apply to payment apps apply here and this is precisely why web apps are being used for these kinds of crypto service web apps.

Ride sharing web apps

Ride sharing web apps have become a popular way of travel recently and they can be your next startup idea that can be developed by web app development process. Ride sharing allows a business to give its customers on demand cab services in multiple cities, states and sometimes even other countries.

Grocery delivery websites

grocery web app

This is another type of website that can be developed as a web app. Since grocery delivery websites have a lot of data to take care of like the effective update of grocery stock, delivery details of its customers and customer preference data, many such websites are being developed by web app designers recently.

Music streaming web apps

Music streaming is another very popular thing that has lots of potential customers for it. Music streaming platforms also hold huge data like the actual music files, user preferences and likes and thus require complex music streaming web apps to effectively function worldwide.

Food delivery websites

This is another type of app which has been already mentioned, but not in much detail. Food delivery apps help customers select and order their choice of food right at their doorstep. This type of web app also has features for tracking and proof of delivery and is incredibly helpful to both delivery agents and its customers.

Ecommerce stores

ecommerce web app

This is one of the largest markets for web app development in the world as of the moment. The first web apps in the world made online e-commerce stores possible by integrating product marketing and services through the internet and it has been this way for years now.

Used goods buying and selling platform

This is just like an e-commerce store, but instead of buying new stuff, users can buy products from other users who are willing to sell them. They are very old and seemingly could work with old internet technology, but web app technology has given the used goods buying and selling platforms more security, speed and reach in the modern world.

Flower and gift shop website

This is another web app idea that can be profitable as a business model. You can create a website where you sell customized gift cards, flowers and other decorative items to interested customers. The gift shop web app will help you reach ever people with your features being reliable and responsive on all devices

Language translation websites

While this is a harder thing to develop than other items listed here on the list, a well designed web app can help translate different languages into one another. Language translation websites will need a huge amount of references that it can find on the internet and an API that can help do it but if developed correctly also invites a huge amount of profit to the business.

Virtual meeting platforms

virtual meeting web app

Virtual meeting platforms are designed to provide people with audio and video transfer through the internet. They are also web applications that cannot be installed on a local device and require a server to run on. They can be developed in novel ways with more speed being offered to the customers for them to sell well.

Online video games

The video game industry makes more money than music and the film industry combined and web apps can be used to make online video games that are fun and entertaining enough to the customers. In online video games, the profit will come through in game subscriptions, ads and a number of possible other ways to the business.

Health monitoring platform

Although not much processing power is required for most health monitoring services these days, health monitoring platforms that take up the majority of the data and are responsible for storing and sending such data through large distances are made of web app technology. They need high security, quality and reliability which the web app by virtue of its design can provide.

Transport booking web app

transport booking web app

When many people try to book tickets from home to their destinations in the festive season, they do so through web apps. Transport booking web apps have very high popularity among the population because of their utility and businesses can only develop such services using web app design services because of their complexity.

Restaurant booking web apps

Restaurant booking has seen a shift towards online booking for several years and now web applications handle most booking services for popular restaurants. This is due to the ability of the web app to handle a large number of customers at once and also include things like customer support for each customer.

File hosting website

Many websites on the internet operate file hosting services where people or organizations can dump their files which can often be huge in size. The cloud is used for its immense storage capacity and the web app is used for its capability to handle many customers at once.

Chatbot hosting website


Chatbots in the present era are more complicated than their contemporary versions and use complicated AI(artificial intelligence) to operate and web apps by the virtue of handling enormous amounts of data can help make them faster. Chatbot hosting web apps are taking off in the present moment as more businesses want to be able to work with artificial intelligence.


This is just a small list of the potential applications that a web app can be used in. Due to the enormous capabilities of processing power, modern web apps can do lots of things, and they have few limitations besides the ones set by the developers' design limits. Even such limitations are broken by constant innovations by the app design and development sector. Nextbrain Technologies is one of the best web app development company in Bangalore, and has one of the best expertise crews that are ready to handle any kind of web app development requirement. They also have in-house user experience designers that help make the apps more desirable. Due to their skills and reputation, they are continuously approached by clients that need such apps developed for them.




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