Technological advancements have spread its wings across different industry verticals. Video analytics is one of such emerging technologies that applies algorithms to video processing. The automated video analytics technology powered by AI has been a game-changer effectively monitoring traffic and alert in real-time. It analyzes customer’s flow in retail for maximizing sales in addition to object detection, intrusion detection, facial recognition, and many more. In this article, we are going to discover the fundamental concept of AI video analytics surveillance software and how it is used in the real world for automating processes and obtaining valuable insights.

AI-based technology is brilliant in retail, manufacturing, public sector, hospitality and smart city. Having real-time jam alerts, it can monitor customer movement in businesses for boosting sales.

Introduction to intelligent video analytics

The robust framework of AI-enabled video analytics is excellent at detecting suspicious behavior and recognizing differences in patterns, actions and objects in real-time. It generates real-time alerts allowing operators to take preventive action swiftly and prevent any unfortunate situations. The primary objective of video analytics is to recognize temporal and spatial patterns in videos. For instance, a video analytics solution can easily spot flames and smoke, and suspicious activities. It can automatically identify potential threats in real-time.

In order to have a proper understanding of the video analytics solution, it is necessary to gather knowledge about its advantages.

Effective decision-making

 Effective decision making

While creating algorithms, accurate decision-making is key to threat and crime detection. Leveraging security data video analytics software delivers actionable insights. Operators can have detection assistance by involving video analytics in operations processes. Machine learning algorithms can seamlessly recognize and differentiate between false and real alarms.

Increased time & efficiency

During the primordial times, monitoring operators used to focus on screens for longer periods of time at the time of remaining alert to different changes. Operators can invest ample time and effort however, such data can have many flaws. With the implementation of video analytics, the business operations can be automated enabling concentration on prioritized actions. For effective reactions to security threats, operators are capable of looking forward to integrating technology.

Seamless learning & improvement

Seamless learning & improvement

One of the multi-faceted aspects of AI-enabled video analytics is ML algorithms are a rapidly growing theory that are adept at distinguishing real and fake alerts. With the seamless learning process AI-enabled Video analytics software is constantly improving and evolving with time. A video management system organizes video from security cameras and provides a seamless interface for users. It harnesses video data to deliver actionable insights in real-time. The VMS incorporates video analytics capabilities for supporting manual operators.

The advent of computer vision systems

A computer vision system has the potential to analyze images utilizing image processing algorithms in multi-step computer vision pipelines for extracting information from video data. It can easily handle complex and commercially relevant tasks including object detection, facial recognition, quality inspection and many more.

Major industry applications of video analytics

 Major industry applications of Video Analytics

Smart cities

Smart cities across different nations are developing in a major way enabling automation across different nations. It has benefitted dramatically from video analytics powered by artificial intelligence. For complete traffic management, vehicle movement monitoring, object tracking, crime detection and traffic congestion identification, AI-enabled video analytics people counting software have proved beneficial to varied aspects of smart cities. Traffic light control and traffic jam monitoring data can be analyzed using traffic analysis systems.

Additionally, it can assist in identifying dangerous situations in real-time such as people driving against traffic flow, vehicles halted in prohibited areas, vehicles involved in accidents and observing overspeed vehicles. In the scenario of a lawsuit, the real-time video data can be helpful.

The implementation of the real-time searching has enabled automatic number plate recognition feature. It can identify vehicles that break any law or are involved in a crime. At Nextbrain, we developed a video analytics platform for detecting pedestrian’s behavior on road/street. It is able to process high volumes of data and generate actionable insights.


One of the relevant technological advancements that have been useful is machine learning and video analytics in the retail industry. As per a latest report, it has been noted that businesses have already started incorporating AI into their business models. Retail stores have begun incorporating AI into their business models as it can analyze video footage utilizing video analytics software for helping users find patterns in consumer behavior and increase in store sales depending on real-time video data.

For a retail business infrastructure, getting analysis of the footfall count helps in conversion rate through footfall counting software solution. Security cameras can be utilized to leverage this strategy making deployment effective. Face recognition algorithms can easily identify shoplifters if they are stealing something from a shop and hiding anything in their backpack in real-time. Data collected from video analytics can be utilized as training data for machine learning models.


Using the automatic number plate recognition and facial recognition feature, real-time identification of vehicles and people can be performed. One of the vital roles of security systems is crowd management and these tools can send alerts in real-time. Detecting fire and smoke from potential places can raise the alarm in real-time. Crowd management has improved security in malls, stadiums and airports in addition to various other public places. It can send alerts as a threshold is achieved significantly. ML algorithms can filter and differentiate motion brought by wind or person. Sharing notification to security personnel in real-time will enable them to take immediate steps in case of any emergencies.

Final conclusion

Searching out for AI Video analytics software solutions? A vast array of applications can easily customize use cases. At Nextbrain, we have worked with both the private and public sectors. Right from leading brands to government agencies, our AI-enabled video analytics is created with expertise to provide real-time alerts and detect accurately. Connect with our expert professionals to know more about AI-enabled video analytics.




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