Deliva africa

Delive Africa

Deliva Africa is the best food ordering and delivery application
offering service to the clients based in Mozambique. Customers
can find the restaurant nearer to them and get their favorite food
delivered to the door



Deliva Africa is the best food ordering and delivery mobile application which offers on-demand food delivery services for the customers based in Bairro, Polana, Alto Mae, Malangalene and Sommerschield. The application allows customers to find the best restaurant within their location. Customers can order the sumptuous food from the given menu and easily get the food delivered to their doorsteps. Using the app you can make hassle-free payment and get the food delivered quickly.


deliva africa screen


Our mobile app developers always analyse the issues and come up with the right solutions to tackle those challenges. We use advanced technologies and tools to develop the best food ordering and delivery app with user-friendly features and functionalities.

  • Difficulty in choosing the nearby restaurants and tracking the delivery agents.
  • Inefficient checkout process and difficulty in payment.
  • Unable to deliver orders on-time.
  • Maintaining a database and adding new items to the database became difficult.


Our expert app developers have resolved the challenges by thorough research of the requirements and end-user behaviours. By integrating the correct features and functionalities, we make sure to offer excellent user experience to the customers.

Search restaurant

Using the applied filters, customers can search the restaurant to find the exact category of hotels or restaurants nearer to their location

Real-time tracking

This feature helps the users to track their order live, estimated time of delivery of their item and location of the delivery agent.

Payment modes

Customers have multiple modes of payment like Net Banking, Credit card, Debit card, e-wallet and Cash on delivery, etc.

Add new items

Restaurant owners can add or delete the dishes and manage dishes, their prices, and discounts or cashback on any dishes of their choice.

User Journey

We created a clear Information architecture and demonstrated the flow of the process to offer exceptional user experience to the end-user
from all perspectives. We also define the number of pages to the app to make it more interactive and user-friendly.

User Journeys

Design System

Our remote UI/UX designers create apps that are attractive, unique and responsive with clear layouts and exceptional dashboards designs.

color pallete

We select the colors with care so that it improves the look of your app enhancing your business growth.

color pallete


Our team of expert UI/UX designers thoroughly analyse the app requirements and design with the perfect typography that suits the Deliva Africa app with good user experience to the customers.


Headline / Subline

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User Wireframe design

We focused on major features and functionalities of the app like login, real-time tracking, easy checkout process, multiple payment modes,
optimized routes to drivers, etc.

User Wireframe

User Interface Design

Our expert app developers built an engaging and appealing UI design that is visually driven. We offer user interfaces which can easily
grab the attention of the end-user.

User Interface Design

The extent of our involvement

Our expert mobile app developers follow an agile approach and clear strategies to develop robust apps. Our UI/UX designers, mobile app
developers, and QA analysts completely focus on the project to provide a better user experience to the target audience.

UI + UX Design
UI + UX Design

We make a deep research and analyse your project requirements to craft a responsive and visually-driven app with the best features.


Our mobile app developers use cutting edge technologies in developing unique and scalable applications with all required functionalities.


Our QA team conducts thorough testing to resolve any issues in the app and ensure that the app is flawless and free from bugs.


We successfully deploy the apps into online stores. It is the process that includes all the operations related to app deployment.

Our Technology Stack

Our development team handcrafts high-quality, scalable and responsive apps using advanced technologies like Android (Java), iPhone
(Swift), Laravel PHP framework, Bootstrap, PgSQL to offer an interactive experience to the end-user.



Deliva Africa is the best on-demand food ordering and delivery application where you can order your favourite food from nearby
restaurants, track the delivery agents in real-time. Customers can make an easy checkout, hassle-free payments
and get the ordered food delivered on-time to their doorsteps.


Lalaveigh Jane

March 13, 2020

Great app, can't wait to see how it progresses as more restaurants add their menu but a suggestion, the delivery prices should be lower, in an economy like Maputo, what you charge for delivery is the same price for another meal...



October 2, 2018

Really good app for Maputo. Food is delivered quickly and you are provided with updates. I have had nice delivery drivers so far.



November 27, 2019

Guys this is the best app for Maputo the creativity of this app lets appreciate

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