The user experience design in software is defined as the process of supporting user behavior by increasing the desirability, usefulness, and ease of use of the product. A software with great user experience(UX) design makes sure the person using it always gets what they want. The user experience of the product helps the customer understand the purpose of the product and how to use the software. The UX design is responsible for making the software as intuitive to use as possible. Incorporating the right UX design in software can make it immensely popular and this can definitely drive the revenue and sales higher.

Bangalore is a big tech hub of India and has a lot of software development companies in the city. UX design requirements often come up for these software companies. This is why many UX design agencies have made their offices in Bangalore. They make use of tools like Adobe Photoshop and Indesign to make the software products user-friendly. After creating the design, they test it using various methods like A/B testing and user testing. The design is finalized only after testing and verification of the final design with the customer. Some companies also provide re-design services, wherein they take the existing design and improve on it.

List of the Top 10 UX design companies in Bangalore

Since skill is the only thing required to make a good UX design, a handful of designers can come together and consistently create the design required for most software companies. This has led to lots of companies that provide these services in Bangalore. Here is a list featuring the top 10 UX design agencies in Bangalore, India.


NetBrahma has become one of the best UX design agencies in Bangalore since its inception. This company which has its sole focus on UX and UI design was founded in 2008. It has around 22 experienced designers working in the field of UX research design and testing. It provides services to many clients ranging from small-scale startups to large, global enterprises. They have provided design services for companies like Huawei and Schneider electric. Their process includes taking concept design from the customer, doing research, and designing components to fit market value.


Nextbrain is a significant UX design agency that has its offices in Bangalore. It was founded in 2016. Apart from UX and UI design, it also offers its clients services in the field of mobile app development. In user experience design, it provides the services of UX research, interaction design, interface design, and testing. They have several years of experience in UX design. They have many clients around the world ranging from startups to mid-range companies and global enterprises. They have provided design for e-commerce, agriculture, transport, healthcare, and many other areas for their clients.

Lollypop design studio

Lollypop Design Studio was founded in 2016. It focuses mainly on user experience design solutions and has offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. They have over 7 years of experience in the field and have over 150 members working for designing the products. They design tools and application models for many industries, including education, healthcare, food technology, and social platforms. They provide end-to-end service to the customer. This means they take the design concept from the customer and deliver the end design without taking help from any third party.

Divami Design labs

Divami Design Labs is a UX design agency founded in 2008. They have over 90 employees for the purpose of UX design. They also provide .NET and WordPress management systems to their clients. They provide affiliate marketing services to their clients and help design custom logos. They provide end-to-end customer service for major clients around the world.


Origin is a UX/UI design agency with its headquarters in Bangalore. It has over 20 employees working dedicatedly to provide the best UX design to their clients. They provide end-to-end services for the clients. Their services include UX research, wireframe creation, and interface design. They also provide competitor analysis and responsive web design services. They have major clients around the world.


GoProtoz is one of the leading UX design companies in Bangalore, India. They also have offices in Dallas, United States, and Hamburg, Germany. They have provided design services for a wide range of industries. These include education, financial institutions, healthcare, and e-commerce. They deliver both business to business and business to customer projects.


DesignString is a company that focuses on UX design and software development. They have over 30 members working for their design team. The company has over 7 years of experience in UX design services. It has designed over 45 different client designs. They provide services of user interface design, experience design, responsive web design.


ScreenRoot is a company that offers solutions in User experience design and front-end web design to its clients. It has provided services in the sector of travel, education, healthcare, entertainment, and real estate industries. ScreenRoot has often designed interfaces for websites and mobile applications.


UniKwan is a UX design company that was founded in 2012. They also focus on video production and design apart from user experience design. They work with various types of design tools. They have provided their design services for the public sector, corporate sector, and private startups.


F1studioz is another one of the many UX design companies in Bangalore. It was founded in 2012 and they also have offices in Hyderabad and Mumbai. They provide services to many enterprise-level clients. They have a team of over 30 members that provide services of user experience design.


Without a good UX design for software, the usability of the software decreases. This can affect the sales of the software. The UX design by increasing the desirability of the product drives the sales of the product. Nextbrain technologies is a leading UX design company in Bangalore that has its own UX design team. They develop and deliver some of the best software products suited to both customer desire and market value.




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