Apple users often wait for years to get the newest features in their devices, as their devices run on iOS, an operating system developed for exclusive use on apple devices. They often have features that are not present in any of the other devices that run on other operating systems. The iPhone Operating system or iOS is the second most popular operating system in the world today. It lags behind google’s Android operating system, and the two have competed for market share over the years. Apple’s mobile operating system is proprietary software, although some parts of it are open source. Major updates to the operating system are released annually, with the addition of new features. Existing features are also sometimes modified.

iOS 14, the major update that is going to replace its predecessor iOS 13 has a lot of new features. It was reported that 80 percent of people who had the previous operating system were willing to update to the new version for this very reason. This report is from VentureBeat, a top technology news analysis website. The company also said that there were no previous devices that were dropped. This means that every device which runs on iOS 13 can be updated to the new update. iOS 14 brought about many changes, including a compact UI for both Siri and Phone calls and the ability to change default web browser and email apps.

Ten New and Important iOS 14 Features

With each major release, Apple is known to add new features to its devices. This is done in order to meet up with the customer demand in features not present in the previous versions of the operating system. Apple also showcases unusual features in every release, as it is an innovative company. Following are 10 important features that have been added to iOS 14.

Shifts the newly downloaded apps from the home screen to the app library

app library

In iOS14, when the user deletes an application it will no longer remain on the home screen but will shift to the new app library. This will help make the home screen look clean,  and yet one will still have access to the deleted apps. This is one of the iOS 14 features that can be activated by visiting the home screen section of the settings and making small changes to it.

settings<home screen<app library only

Here in the top-right corner, the user can find the newly downloaded apps in the recently added category.

Apps can be curated into separate categories

Within the app library, all the applications can be separately put into different categories. The different categories include social, entertainment, creativity, and other categories. This makes it easy to navigate between the many applications a user might install on their device.

Automatic setting adjustment when the battery becomes low

The user does not have to do anything in particular when the battery is about to die. The Siri shortcut automatically adjusts the screen brightness, notification settings and turns off Bluetooth and location sharing. These settings are part of power mode settings and the operating system consistently changes the settings depending on the power level.

Hide photos effectively

iOS 14 has come up with a new feature to hide photos in what is called hidden albums. This helps people hide their personal photos effectively. Turn on the setting as follows

Settings< Photos<Hidden Albums<On

One of the major things that are a feature in this updated OS is that the hidden photos on the camera roll are kept both on the device and the iCloud. But the user must turn on the hidden albums to view them. 

Pinning the chat on top of messages

ios 14

The new features in iOS 14 make it easier to express the user’s feelings and thoughts through this feature. A user can pin up to 9 important and favorite chats on the screen, after which it will become difficult to use this feature. 

Do other activities in PIP mode

PIP(Picture in Picture) mode is one of the features that greatly influences the usability of the device. One can easily watch Netflix and chat at the same time with this feature. The setting can be activated as follows

Settings<General<Picture in Picture

When this feature is turned on, one can leave the app and the app shrinks to a floating window. This feature works for twitch as well, but it is still not applicable for youtube videos. The iOS app development companies can take advantage of this feature for creating a better user experience.

Fake eye contact on facetime

Facetime’s eye contact feature was first seen in the iOS 13 beta version. But iOS 13 itself did not have this feature. This feature has now been added to iOS 14. This feature then makes it look like the person is staring directly at the camera. This setting can be turned on by navigating to the following

Settings < FaceTime < Eye Contact.

Widgets on the home screen

ios widgets

This is one of the newest introduced iOS 14 features. The user can add widgets on the home screen and arrange them however they like. The widgets can be resized as the user wants. The user can also add a smart stack of widgets per app, which helps the user use it in a more comfortable manner

Automatic device switching

The device will now easily switch between peripheral devices. The user does not need to manually connect the air pod after finishing their phone calls. The iPhone will switch from the air pod to the phone and back to the air pod seamlessly.

Privacy and Higher security

This major update strengthened the privacy of the operating system. In mobile operating systems, iOS ranks as the world’s best operating system for user privacy.  It has features to detect compromised and weak passwords. App permissions are also strictly allotted so that the user can have more control over the data they choose to give to third-party apps.


The features in a world-class operating system are always updated according to customer demand and the latest trends. By just installing the updates, all devices that run on previous versions of iOS can get these features easily. Nextbrain Technologies is one of the most experienced Mobile app development companies which has its office in Bangalore. They deliver the apps to many clients situated all over the world.




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