Selecting A Mobile App Developers For your own app

The smartphone has changed the mode of doing the business. All business whether it is in product or service it must be available on mobile. The technology is getting upgraded day to day, in the same way people are also upgrading themselves with the upgraded technology. So why not a business will upgrade? It must upgrade to capture the market or we can say to reach the customers.

There was time when a business used to make good appearances of their physical delivery point to attract the customers. The time has changed now customers do not come to us, we have to reach the customers with your products and services. How will you reach to the customers? It is not possible to go door to door with your product or services to the customers. Customers whether they are from a town or a village, they use the smartphone so we can access the customer via their phone. The new technology gives a base to create an app and help to reach to the customers with our products and services.

The challenge is how to develop the mobile app for our business. It is like searching a piece of stone in a pond. So will we go for trial and error method? The answer is not at all, the app will set the direction and acceleration to our business. Then how we will develop the app? There are two ways to do this:

A. Develop app in-house

We have to buy the required infrastructures and hire IT personnel and develop the app. This is very time consuming, painful and very costly so practically it is not feasible. Our domain of business is different, development of the app is not our the cup of tea that's why I don't prefer in- house app development.

B. Outsource the app

There are many app developers in the market through whom we can get an app developed. This is easy and cheaper, here we no need to buy infrastructure, no need to hire the IT personnel, other hand developers are expert in this domain.
The biggest challenge is how to select a mobile app developer?
Now we stuck here, do not worry just find out the answers to the following questions it will help you to find an appropriate developer............

1. Design a top priority

The design of an app is the first most important aspect. The design will help customer flow to go through the app. Ask the developer how they design your app, make sure it that the app should function smoothly. Here smooth flow means, the movement of a customer from login to the payment or delivery.

2. Assess the portfolio

We can ask the developer's portfolio which will guide us to whether the developer has experience in developing an app of our field of business or not. Suppose we are in healthcare business and developer has already developed some apps in the similar field previously so, it is suitable for us.

3. Check the app and client's reviews

We can check the user's reviews about the developed app by the developer at the app store. We can also check the client's reviews about the developer.

4. What platform developer develop the app? Whether they develop an app on cross-platform?

We should ask the developer whether they develop an app for iOS, whether they develop an app for the Android base and whether they develop the app for a cross platform which will be run on any platform.

5. How app will make money

We must ask developer how our app will make money, suppose developer develop an app and do not embedded payment or purchase option so, it will become a visiting platform for a customer on that app no any benefits for business.

6. What are the special features will be added to the app

What are the special features going to be added to the app like payment gateway, review option etc?

7. Communication during the development of the app

Communication matters play a vital role in mobile app development. To get desired and the best app which is suitable for our business there should be good communication between developer and us. If a developer communicates with us at each stage of development, it facilitates developer to understand our requirement better. Ask the developer how they sent the report, daily basis or weekly or how frequently?

8. Who will own the final app

At the end of the development of App who will possess the ownership of app? These day developers develop and keep ownership with him and give us the access as a user. Make sure about this latter it will be a legal issue between a developer and us.

9. What are the test methods applied in the testing of the app

Ask developer which test methods they follow in the testing of the app. A good testing method makes sure to develop a hassle free and delicate app. Which test method they use whether they follow the best test method or not?

10. Do developer submit an app to the app stores

Submitting app to the store needs to pay fees and technical in nature. So ask the developer whether they submit the app to the app store or not? If no then whether he supports to put the app on the app store?

11. Do not let price to drive the decision

The businessman normally makes mistake when the cost comes in picture. They go for cheaper one, try to understand the app is the base for our business, we need a highly technical, delicately designed app. So do not go behind money go for excellence, finally it is a one-time investment.

12. Whether developer interested in your business?

Go for the developer who shows interest to know your business not just for making money. If a developer understands our business well, he can develop a good app for us.

13. Look for full package?

Instead of going for just coding, we should do for the entire package. It will help us as well as a developer too to develop a good product. The entire package will be cheaper as well as it helps a developer to develop a full-fledged app where he can use his all the skills.

14. Technology going to be used

Ask the developer of the technology which is going to be used in the development of the app. Make sure that the best, latest technology be used which are available at that time.


I think above points will help you in the selection of a mobile app developer. My last suggestion is the incurred cost in development of a mobile app is not an expense it is an investment.




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