Swift has become one of the widely popular programming languages that is used for the development of iOS apps. As per the latest report, it has been found that Swift has been recognized to have a relevant powerful tool that makes the task of iOS App Developers add value to the applications. To have a good command of Swift language, an expert developer needs to get familiar with the language.

The platform provides a highly functional and secure application making it one of the popular language choices among the developer’s community. The developers can loosely connect code that assists in substituting and changing the elements in the code making a hassle-free experience for users. Being a renowned App Development Company, Nextbrain curates a definitive approach to Swift design patterns which are functional for iOS app development.

In this blogpost, we are going to discuss the relevant aspects of Swift design patterns for iOS app development which enables developers to use Swift for writing simplified codes.

Major benefits of design patterns

In addition to gathering a thorough knowledge and understanding of design patterns, it is relevant to acknowledge the varied benefits of Swift design patterns and how they are useful for creating world-class iOS apps.

Common vocabulary

With the help of common vocabulary, the development of software becomes easier. There isn't any requirement for complicated definitions to resolve a problem. One can indicate the design patterns and understand the solutions that have been involved.

Code unification

The design patterns are beneficial in administering solutions associated with testing of bug removal. It also recognizes the mistakes during the coding and structuring of the app architecture.

Tested solution

The design pattern will ensure that the developers have incorporated the optimum solutions at the time of resolving a specific software problem. For designing the best pattern and acquiring an oriented result, it is relevant to gather knowledge on Xcode 8.2.1 in addition to familiarity with Swift 3.

Major categories of software design patterns

 software design pattern

The diverse design patterns used in the Swift iOS development can be categorized into three major categories. The three categories involve structural, behavioural and creational.


The main function of the structural design pattern is to simplify the process of designing and to search for an easy method for correlating the classes and objects. It involves different methods such as adapter, MVC, decorator, and bridge.

  • MVC

The model-view-controller is considered a relevant pattern for iOS app development. The model is implied with data. The view can be related to comprising the interface design and creating the animation buttons. The controller is known for its complexity as a result of the logic associated with the model.

  • Adapter

The adapter is a structural pattern that assists objects with effective interfaces to work simultaneously. The adapter can easily encompass the object dealing with the meters. It can easily convert the data into feet. The adapter is functional at the time of implementation of the third-party classes where there is no match in the interface. It can be used to employ diverse existing subclasses and comply with the specific functionality.

For focussing on the adapter method, the calendar and event management iOS apps can be the proper instance. One can easily incorporate the Eventkit framework and adapt the Event model from the framework to integrate the calendar. In this way, the adapter encloses the model of the framework to make it compatible with the app model.

  • Decorator

The decorator pattern helps in adding new functionalities to an object as well as wrapping them in wrappers. The implementation of the wrapper design pattern assists in adding the behaviour and responsibility to the object without the requirement to modify the codes. The design pattern provides the flexibility to view the source code while harnessing the third-party libraries. Two types of decorator patterns can be utilized such as EncodingDecorator and EncryptionDecorator for encoding and decoding.

  • Facade

Rendering an easy interface to frameworks, libraries and complicated groups of classes, Facade turns out to be a beneficial pattern. In this scenario, developers don’t need to show several methods with different interfaces. It assists in creating its class and delivering a simplified rendition for users.


If you want to get a common communication pattern between units and integrate these patterns, then it is the best choice to follow the behavioural pattern. It involves some relevant methods including momentos, observers, commands and so forth.

  • Observer

In this pattern, the object has the potential to notify the other objects regarding their state change. This can work actively for push notifications.

  • Command

For getting an interface in the command pattern, a method is linked to an action touch.

  • Momento

The pattern assists in saving the objects such as Archiving and NSCoding protocols.


The creational design patterns are beneficial for making the object mechanism work. It administers precise evidence in favour of objects. These patterns involve several methods including abstract, factory, and builder methods.

  • Abstract

This method is quite similar to the factory method; however, it can be used to develop a group of objects. One can find the abstract method at the abstract base.

  • Factory

Factory method design pattern has a logic determining the selection of the class.

func createSchoolbus(_ students:Int) -> Schoolbus? {

var carImp: Schoolbus.Type?

switch students {

case 0...3: carImp = Compact.self

case 4...8: carImp = SUV.self

default: carImp = nil


return carImp?.createSchoolbus(students)


Final Conclusion

After completely observing the different facets of Swift's design patterns, it can be concluded that Swift developers must have a proper understanding of the design patterns to create full-fledged solutions. Selecting the proper design patterns is important as it enables you to develop a more responsive functional app with more security. As the leading iOS App Development Company, Nextbrain comprises a core team of developers with many years of experience in developing effective applications for different industry verticals. Connect with the top professionals to know more about Swift design patterns.




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