When it comes to measuring work efficiency, employee attendance plays a major role in determining the overall success of the organization. Employees who miss work frequently can cause a major lacking point in work productivity. Therefore, it is important to track attendance however, manually tracking can be a daunting task for human resource professionals. With the help of modern technology, it has become easier to automate attendance tracking for your employees. In presence of an efficient time & attendance tracking system, employee attendance can be easily maintained without errors. It enables professionals to ensure attendance and work assignments, thereby offering clear insights into the progress of employees. This blog content has assorted a complete series of must-have features that can boost the productivity of your organization.

Significant benefits of Time & Attendance Tracking that make it unique

time attendance tracking

Manual recording of worked hours and attendance can be a challenging task. Work culture has become different nowadays compared to a few years ago. The advancement of technology and applications assists you in setting and tracking weekly goals on different tasks. One can utilize the application for tracking time and behavior in distinct ways.

Mobile applications elevating user experience

A mobile app has a major role to play in the time-tracking system. As several employees are working in different modes, organization and management of work can become tedious. Therefore, a mobile rendition of time and attendance tracking software is required for enabling employees to enter and exit during flexible hours. It enables a streamlined workflow while managing employees and collaborating with other employees. Mobile applications integrated with attendance tracking systems can work for the safety of employees too. In this context, we have delineated the major features of the time and attendance tracking software.

Flexible employee scheduling

Nowadays, many organizations and businesses provide flexible schedules enabling employees to enter and exit their days. Contrarily, many others try to keep their working days more organized within a sync work routine. A time and attendance software is a complete system that records the time and attendance of employees at particular locations and times.

Effective time tracking

One of the foremost important features of the time & attendance management system is tracking functionality. It helps in collecting data about employees relating to how much time they are spending on the completion of organizational tasks on a regular basis. A successful time-tracking system comprises magnetic card readers and biometric scanners for accurate tracking of hours worked during the designated time.

Integration of payroll

To automate payroll processing, attendance and time modules can be integrated into payroll functionality. It helps to measure exact attendance data to be captured rapidly and the data is used to calculate salary and other advantages. The time and attendance tracking system automatically generates reports displaying real-time attendance information, break hours and so forth. One can also prepare payroll with the attendance management system for avoiding technical errors.


The time-tracking software has the potential to administer notifications when a rule or policy is broken or violated. It enables us to recognize the problem and correct different shortcomings involved in it. As amalgamated with employee activity tracking apps, the attendance management system can assist you to manage employee presence and absence keeping in compliance policies of the company.

Absence management

In an organization, it is important to manage absence and make sure that the employee group follows an attendance policy with an attendance management system. With the help of time and attendance tracking software, HR professionals can keep track of medical absences, vacation time, and other situations.

Report generation

If your business or organization lacks accurate analytics, then it will become difficult to scale up employee numbers depending on the performance of present employees. When an organization finds its employees are loyal and hardworking, it can choose to keep those employees and invest in training them for performing at a higher level. The time-tracking application helps in measuring employee performance metrics for an organization. It provides important insights into how an individual employee is performing and doing teamwork. This type of report can be highly important for an organization to keep a record of employee performance.

Project management

The project management feature is considered a blessing for the best time and attendance management system for tracking projects. Project management is a relevant part and parcel of any business. Having the potential for tracking deadlines, tasks and progress, companies are capable of managing projects effectively by implementing a time and attendance tracking system. From another perspective, it assists in identifying and solving problems easily.

Productivity calculation

The help of productivity calculation feature enables employers to have an accurate image of the active hours of an employee and the idle time. This information can assist managers in making informed determinations regarding allocating employees' tasks and improving productivity. This assists employers in making better decisions about scheduling and staffing.

Timesheet calculation

Timesheet calculation is one of the best features of time and attendance tracking software. It helps in calculating employee timesheets and also producing exact timesheets for each track. The system stores this timesheet and updates it automatically every time an employee transitions to a new track.


As technologies are evolving, businesses are trying to stay ahead of the competition. An organization or company can remain productive by integrating time management applications for improving the overall work process involved in the organization. Employee tracking is becoming more relevant with time and attendance tracking software being made functional from all aspects. For a futuristic company, employees can remain more productive for your business. If you are thinking about where to begin integrating your time and attendance tracking system, then you are in the right place. Nextbrain is the leading app development company who have many years of expertise in building distinctive and productive time-tracking software for meeting your business requirements. Connect with our professionals to leverage maximum productivity and value on time.




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