The Future of Mobile Apps: IoT & Bots Development

The number of mobile app users is increasing day by day. Statistics estimate that the number of mobile app users is likely to increase to 230 million, only in India. These numbers highlight how important it is to use niche technologies like IoT and Bots to secure the future of mobile apps development. The effective use of bots and IoT has great significance. Most companies admit the fact that customers prefer to work with companies and firms that can reply to their questions and queries anytime round the clock. 


Mobile apps with IoT

IoT or Internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices that can interact with each other and with humans through a smart interface. In an IoT ecosystem, the users’ mobile devices are used to control all the existing IoT devices in the house such as smart lights, fans, security cameras, cooking devices and so on. 

IoT with Mobile apps


Why IoT is the future of mobile apps

IoT is the future of mobile apps for the following reasons:

IoT offers cloud-based solutions

With the use of IoT based solutions, users can get access to the cloud, thus enabling them to access the applications, anytime and anywhere.

Easy integration with enterprise mobility 

Integration with enterprise mobility is easy with full control of the IoT ecosystem in the user’s mobile devices.


Automation is the key benefit that is offered by IoT, ensuring device interaction and communication with humans through the smart interface. 

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Control without Internet connectivity

With IoT technology, devices can be controlled even without Internet connectivity.

Next-generation technology

IoT is the next-generation technology that paves the way for a better future of mobile apps. Hence, using IoT helps in long term sustainability of mobile apps.


Mobile apps with Chatbots

Chatbots are virtual computer assistants helping you to automate processes such as getting an appointment, booking or responding to the queries of the customers. Bots help in offering prompt response to the customers, to get their queries resolved faster.

Chatbots with Mobile apps


Why Bots are the future of mobile apps

Experts and researchers claim that customers prefer using applications with chatbots, rather than without these. This is because bots are the future and help in assisting the customers, get a better and faster solution to their problems. 

Easy to install

Bots can be easily installed in any pre-installed system and tailored to assist customers of a particular industry. This portability and easy installation make bot essential for the future of mobile apps.

Easy to distribute

Bots can be installed in one app and distributed among the common users, without them having to download and install the bots again. This easy distribution helps bots to be easily used among a group of members.

User-friendly option

Bots are known to be user-friendly and have a great impact on the consumer’s buying behavior. Hence, installing efficient bots in your eCommerce app will help you to enhance your customer and push them towards buying. 

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Both IoT and bots have immense advantages to offer to the mobile app industry and are truly capable of paving the path for the future. 





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