Chatbots were developed to assist humans and they have been doing same for quite some time. If we compare the properties and efficiency of old chatbots with new ones, you will find that now they are more efficient, advanced, and capable. Today’s generation chatbots have learnt to do more tasks in several fields and they are assigned to do more complex tasks. Chatbots are now part of messaging platforms, apps, websites, educational industry, toys, healthcare, telecom and at much more places.

Although chatbots were in existence for years but since 2015 most of the people were unaware about it. A report says that more than 50 percent of developers worked on it for first time in 2015. Facebook has played very important role in the re- establishment of chatbots in the industry. By introduction of chatbots in the Messenger, Facebook has brought a revolution in the industry. Now they are proceeding with more innovative application of chatbots. In June 2017, Facebook revealed that its chatbots can negotiate as well as human.

The company’s artificial intelligence is learning how to bargain and in some case it is as good as human. Facebook claimed that human opponents didn’t even realize they were interacting with bots. Facebook AI research team used pre-negotiation recordings of human to teach their bots to imitate their responses. And now Facebook has successfully achieved this new milestone also. Here are some key takeaways of Facebook Artificial intelligence research (F.A.I.R) about chatbots in negotiation.

1. Multi-issue bargaining

Multi issue bargaining is an idea to train chatbots to recognize the priorities when they are negotiating on multiple issues.

2. Dialog Rollouts

Dialog rollout is an idea formulated by F.A.I.R team to for building long term planning dialogue agents.

3. Negotiation data set

Negotiation data set was to train negotiation agents and to conduct large scale quantitative evaluation. Chatbots can be applied in different industries to provide excellent services, and they are doing it for quite a long time. But now they can bargain also, and it is such an awesome thing to hear about. Let’s take a look at the sectors where they can be assigned.

1. Retail Business

Chatbots can be one of the most resourceful inclusions in your retail business. The can give personalized experience to your customers and they can interact nicely. And now they can bargain too if required. So application of chatbot technology in retail business will be very fruitful for the brand.

2. Healthcare 

The most interesting fact is, the first chatbot was developed for healthcare industry only. And today’s era, they are also very useful in healthcare industry. Chatbots can help patients in booking their appointments with doctors. They can guide the patients also.

3. Restaurants and delivery

Chatbots can help customers to place their order with the restaurant. Customers can directly place order to the chatbots or it can be implemented in the online food delivery application for better customer experience while ordering.

4. Customer support

For customer support work, chatbots are the perfect solution. Customer support takes a lot of resources from the related company. Not just customer support executives, but the machinery setup also takes away a good amount of capital. So implementation of chatbots in customer support task will be better and cheaper.

5. Banking and finance

Chatbots can be implemented in banking and finance sector also to assist the customers. They are able to accomplish multiple tasks in banking and finance hence will ease the life of bankers. These research and innovation by Facebook Artificial intelligence team show that chatbots are the future. Chatbots can be a perfect digital assistant.




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