Consider the Checklist Before Integrating a Payment Gateway

Mobile applications, its use and development have soared up in the past few years and the world has seen a significant change in the way of lives of people after the revolution brought in by the mobile apps. The use of mobile apps is seen in every sphere of lives now. Be it hailing for a cab, getting the favorite restaurant food delivered at home, completing banking transactions, buying things online, getting home servicing done and so on, mobile apps have taken a front foot and became the leader in the industry. In order to ensure the successful and effective use of the mobile apps, it is important to integrate a payment gateway with the app, such that payment and checkout can be carried out seamlessly.

Here is a comprehensive list of things to be considered before integrating a payment gateway with the mobile app.

Simplicity in integration

One of the major things to be considered before integrating a payment gateway in the mobile app is the simplicity of integration. The process of payment gateway integration should be simple and easy to integrate. This is simply because mobile apps are meant to make the lives of people easy and not complicate it in anyways. The developer’s SDK needs to be simple, taking the minimum number of developers as well as time to integrate the payment gateway. Moreover, the SDK needs to be light and occupy the least amount of space in the user’s mobile, thus avoiding the overburden of the mobile with a single app, that has a huge size. Moreover, before the integration of the payment gateway, the compatibility of the SDK with the framework and platform needs to be ensured as well. This will ensure the success of the payment gateway, after integration with the mobile app.

Attractive user interface

Though the payment gateway is one of the essential functionalities of the mobile app, yet the aesthetics of it needs to be given adequate importance as well. The user interface of the payment integration page needs to be attractive and match with the other screens in the app, along with the brand value. The payment integration page should be mobile users friendly and optimized. The customers, using the mobile app should feel that the payment gateway is an essential part of the app and not something outside it.

Inegrating payment gateway in mobile app

Analytics of the payment

Payment analytics play a key role and needs to be considered while integrating a payment gateway. There are various factors such as dropoffs, failure of payments, double payments, delay in payment, refunds and so on. Hence, all these factors need to be put together before the integration of a payment gateway. Various analytics such as average page load time, a mobile network used to complete the transactions, the status of transactions, OTP received by the users need to be captured, before the payment gateway integration. Hence, analytics play a critical role and should be considered before payment gateway integration.

Customer support

It is important to provide customer support while the payment gateway is being integrated. This helps the customers to approach any person as a sole point of contact in case of any issue while processing the payments. Dedicated customer support for answering the queries and issues related to the processing of payments ensure seamless transactions.

Supporting features and plugins

In order to optimize the experience of payment and ensure that the customers can enjoy seamless transactions, supporting features and plugins needs to be accompanied by the payment gateway. Saving the card number, along with other essential details is one of the important features of a payment gateway integration. However, that needs to be done in a secure way such that breach of privacy of the cardholder is not done. The customers receive OTP while trying to complete their online transactions, a supporting feature or plugin will help in an automated reading of the OTP, thus saving time and effort of the customers.

Time of settlement

The payment settlement is usually done in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the business size and the amount to be settled. It is essential to get the details of the quick pay merchant, that is used to integrate the payment gateway, before proceeding towards seamless checkout.

Sending payment receipt information

After the payments are done by the customers, it is important to send receipts of payments to the customers, as an acknowledgment. This response needs to be sent automatically and hence has to be taken care, before the integration of the payment gateway.

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Ensuring the successful fulfillment of the above-mentioned stages ensures that the payment gateway integration is done successfully and a seamless transaction can be carried out by the customers. Get your mobile apps with the ultimate payment gateway for your web and mobile apps to grow your business successful.




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