Revolutionize the Future of Business with IoT, Blockchain and AI

IoT, Blockchain and AI are some of the emerging buzzwords in the trending technology industry. These technologies have indeed brought in a revolution that paves the way not only for the present but also for the future. With these technologies emerging and making a promising move towards the future, the mobile app development industry is offered challenges in order to incorporate these technologies effectively and design the mobile app in such a way that the benefits of IoT, AI, and blockchain technologies can be put to use.

IoT, blockchain and AI has something revolutionary to offer, that is accompanied by an array of possibilities as well as opportunities for the mobile app development industry. Some of the possibilities include using the technology of chatbots or context-aware sensors, along with sensors communicating with other nearby devices in mobile apps. The technologies such as IoT, AI and blockchain is indeed the future of business in the mobile app industry and the most effective ways to ensure customer retention and increase customer engagement.

Importance of using AI, IoT and Blockchain in business


Security is one of the major issues when it comes to the use of IoT and AI. This is because, it is easier to break into the system for the hackers and cause havoc damage, as in IoT all the devices are interconnected with each other and breaching the security in apps such as smart city and smart agriculture, a single breach may result in havoc. Hence, with the implementation of blockchain technology, and the cryptographic nature of blockchain makes it difficult for hackers to break into the system, thus enhancing security.



Trust plays a key role in any business. With blockchain technology, the transactions are potentially secure as autonomous sensors and devices interact with each other and the timestamp with each transaction makes it more reliable and authentic.


The traceability of transactions and events are facilitated with blockchain technology. This is because, the time stamp attached to the transactions and allows custodianship to track from one point to the other, thus enhancing traceability.


The implementation of AI, blockchain technologies and IoT opens a wide range of opportunities for mobile app development. New features such as an implementation of chatbots, sensor-based communication devices, augmented reality, predictive analysis and so on can be successfully implemented in order to create a new venture and a new trend in the field of mobile app development. In order to explore the potential of these revolutionary, world-changing technologies, it is essential to implement these technologies in the mobile app development.

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With IoT, AI, Blockchain technologies in mobile app development, advanced future awaits that understands the customers even better, uses predictive analysis successfully to understanding the buying trends of the customers, and offer customized suggestions and notifications.




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