NodeJs has been one of the popular developmental frameworks among developers across the globe. The moment developers became well-versed with the ongoing NodeJs rendition 21, the Node community declared another terrific version, its release date and the activation of the recent NodeJs. It aroused a sense of great anticipation and excitement among the NodeJs developers who remained waiting for the latest release. NodeJs 22 is the long-awaited version for which the dev community were longing. 

In this blog post, we are going to focus on the major features and updates of Nodejs. It can seamlessly enhance the development experience and become one of the favourites of developers. 

The release of the recent NodeJs version

Nodejs is an open-source and cross-platform framework that enables developers to work and create server-side applications and tools with Javascript. As an in-progress project, Nodejs 22 can display a major portion of features and updates. NodeJs 22 has redefined the current release line. This has enabled the Nodejs developers community to explore the new features and relevant benefits brought by the current release. It can seamlessly analyze the relevant impact of NodeJs 22 on the application. 

It is time to explore the remarkable changes brought about by the current release.                            

It comes with a wide plethora of features and updates for the developer's community. Relating to the recent release, NodeJs global leaders are of the opinion that Node 22 has the potential to improve small, relevant and important areas making it seamless to use in enterprise deployments to write command line tools.   In this context, let's take a look at the myriad features and updates of Node.js 22.


NodeJs 22 Latest Features & Updates

The recent rendition of Node.Js has surprised developers and business owners by introducing new features and fixing bugs. Let's take a look at the major highlights.

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Maglev compiler

As the new JIT compiler, Maglev can be enabled by default on distinct supported structures. It helps in improving the performance of CLI programs.

V8 Javascript Engine update to 12.4

The V8 release 12.4 comprises features such as garbage collection, web assembly, and array.fromSync, iterator helpers and set methods. 

Running package.json scripts

With the latest release, a new experimental feature has been added. It enables the execution of scripts from the package.json harnessing the CLI flag node. Additionally, it supports the node-run test that performs the test command inside package-json scripts. 

Support require() ESM graphs

One of the relevant updates of Nodejs 22 is to support required () ESM graphs. Within the release, it requires() support for synchronous ESM imports in the code. 

At the time of using -experimental-require-module flag if ECMAScript is updated by require(), then it comprises two different conditions.

Firstly, it is completely synchronous. Secondly, it is entirely marked as an ES module with a “type” module in the closest package.json. In this scenario, require() can be treated as an ES module and return the module namespace object. The primary objective is to make the default behavior require(esm) without needing the flag. Hire node js developers having technical expertise in upgrading your next Noejs project. 

Stream default high water mark

The major change Nodejs 22 brought is it has increased the default high water mark for streams from 16KiB to 64KiB. This modification is expected to embellish performance across the board with slightly higher memory usage. 

Stable watch mode command line 

The watch mode command line in the present Node.Js 22 is stable. One of the major benefits of this feature involves the developmental process becoming more efficient. The app begins automatically as the watched files are changed.  

glob and globsync   

With the latest release of Node 22, it introduces new functionalities to the Node.fs module comprising the glob and globsync functions for pattern matching. It can be used to match file paths as per specified patterns. 


Websocket can be used by default for browser compatibility. This enables clients to connect to NodeJs without external dependencies. 

AbortSignal creation performance enhancements 

The recent release comes with the improvement of AbortSignal creation performance. Here developers have optimized and improved the process of creating instances. It will substantially amplify the fetch and test performance of runner functionalities. 


Wrapping up

With the latest release of NodeJs, developers are eager to try it for creating applications. Coming with a wide range of features and updates, it looks promising as the dev community goes on testing the future compatibility of the project on the latest rendition. The optimum rendition release is still awaited in October 2024. Therefore, it takes a little more time to get the stable version. The features and updates brought in the rendition are aimed at boosting performance and making things easier for users. As the leading app development company, Nextbrain comprises a dedicated team of Node js developers having effective proficiency and skills in creating cross-platform applications for different industries. Even if it's for building real-time functionalities and streamlining development workflow, NodeJs 22 provides compelling features that make it an attractive choice for your next project.

Making things easier for users, NodeJs 22 is one of the best versions until this time. Connect with our professionals to learn more about NodeJs development and its applications across industries.




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