Dedicated team model is a model of software development, where software engineers work on a client’s project exclusively, for a long period of time. This means hiring the professionals of your choice that you need to carry out the tasks you normally can’t (or don’t want to) in-house.

Dedicated team model is one of the three most popular types of client and developer collaborations, the other two being time and material(T & M) and fixed price(FP) models. Dedicated team becomes the extension of your internal team, and their cooperation works in the interest of the company and the client. The outsourcing vendor is responsible for the selections of the dedicated team’s professionals and the administrative support division of the team.

The dedicated team in the mobile app development industry can include people from following domains:

Web design and back end developers, including cross platform platforms.

quality assurance engineers

UI/UX design team


business analysts

project managers, and others

At first, the outsourcing team or the outsourcing vendor acts as a mediator between the dedicated team for the in house mobile app development team. But with time the relationship is improved and possible creativity and innovation in the field of mobile app development can follow. The outsourcing vendor charges a fee called the vendor fee which is to be supplied by the client for the dedicated development model to work.

As one can imagine, the dedicated development team can greatly enhance the productivity of the company. We shall now see the advantages and disadvantages of the dedicated development model in the field of mobile app development in great detail

Advantages of a dedicated development team to your mobile app development project

Any mobile app development company can benefit from the advantages of a dedicated team. Dedicated development teams can consist of many experts in the domain of many software development departments.

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Following are some of the advantages that come into view of the dedicated team model for mobile app development:

Large scale and long term mobile app development projects are best suited for dedicated team models. The expert communication reduces cost, increases accuracy and reduces the time taken to complete the project

Dedicated development team is involved in one mobile app development project, exclusively, at a particular time. This means the mobile app development project gets greater reviews from increases the accuracy of the project.

The internal mobile app development team becomes an extension of the dedicated team. They can then learn greatly from the project’s dedicated development team, since the dedicated team is composed of experts.

Flexibility is awarded to the client as you as the client will decide the scope and changes that must be made to your project. The dedicated team for your mobile app development project will act as your employees until the project is complete. Deadlines can be effectively communicated with the team.

The dedicated team model also gives all the more clarity when it comes to cost tracking. Clients are in these days required to usually pay the dedicated team monthly. The payment consists of the vendor fee plus the salaries of each dedicated development team member.

Disadvantages of a dedicated team model to your mobile app development project

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Here are some of the possible downsides if you choose dedicated development models for your mobile app development project

The dedicated team model becomes disadvantageous if the project is too small or the project itself can be managed by in-house developers easily. Then the extra cost of the dedicated team will affect the client and the company.

Since the dedicated team is not familiar with the work culture of the native company, lack of effective communication can hamper the collaboration of both the mobile app development teams.

The project must be able to work well in the market since the dedicated team model is one of the models which includes the extra vendor fee.

Benefits of hiring a dedicated team

Nextbrain Technologies is a Bangalore based mobile app development company that specializes in mobile app development and it has products ranging from SaaS(software as a service), serverless app development and MVP(minimum viable product) applications.

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Here is a step by step process of how we help with a dedicated development team for you as a client

Building the team: The first step is gathering the team members for the dedicated team, and this is done by asking the client about the project criteria and analysing it. Here the management team will decide which staff to be assigned to your project and in what numbers. The information is relayed back to the client and after negotiation, a decision is made.

Managing the team: The second step is the major part of the process since here our dedicated development team selected by the client will be managed jointly by nextbrain and the client.  The clients are engaged in the mobile app development team work on an executive level. They will have access to the project details and carry out full inspection of every dedicated team members’ work. 

Supporting the team: In the third step, we will take care of the dedicated team member’s professional growth, by giving them free training in the form of internal and external training courses and organizing meetups once in every month. We try to build teams that can meet every expectation of the client and create the team of mobile app developers the client is hoping to create.


Dedicated development model is one of the three most popular models of mobile app development in the present era, and it has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is suited for large scale software application development projects and you should choose your dedicated development team from the best companies available. Nextbrain Technologies is a Bangalore based mobile app development company, which has solutions in various fields like MVP, ERP, SaaS, and even AI.




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