It is important to understand the path which the customers take during their online shopping journey. Also, it is very critical to optimize the organic traffic conversions. With a marketing conversion funnel, marketers can clearly analyze various steps that prospective buyers take before deciding to buy any product. Sales funnel is also referred to as marketing funnel or revenue funnel or conversion funnel. The funnel shape usually reflects the shoppers dropping off before going to the final phase of the funnel. It shows the various options that customers undertake while comparing with other competitors.

Stages of the Sales funnel

Here, we are going to make a clear analysis of how SEO services can support the sales funnel and improve conversion rate. Let's have a detailed discussion of the various stages of the sales funnel.

Stages of sales funnel

Awareness and attention

This is the stage where the prospective customer will usually get familiar with your business and know how your services or products will satisfy the needs of your customers


Here, the customers will think about your products and realize how they can improve their quality of life and resolve certain issues. The potential customers will not get motivated to buy your product but just check if the product is needed.


The customer then will explore the entire market in order to compare any special offers from various other brands. The customer is well aware of all his needs and wants to get them satisfied.


This is the stage when the buyer re-thinks and finally arrives at a decision. Based on the type of business, the customer orders products from the particular online store and turns into a customer of your brand.


Most of them think that the process of sales funnel will end with the conversion or purchase, but it may not be true. Loyalty plays a key role if the buyer gets satisfied with a service or product. Then there will be many chances that they will visit your online store and shop again. A satisfied buyer will create a continuous marketing cycle that transforms into enhanced brand recognition.

How SEO drives more customers to your business?

Getting your website content in front of potential customers as much as possible is the basic step to enhance your website traffic online. Below are some of the main reasons for the importance of SEO services for business.

how seo drives more customers to your business

Helps customers to find you

In this virtual world, it is a known fact that the online marketing content is going to act as a signage, billboards, and storefront for your brand. The individual website pages of your online store will  grab the attention of your customers when they browse. If you have highly effective content across the internet, you will obtain more opportunities to connect with customers who are eagerly looking for your services.

Improves your search engine ranking

Search engine optimization for your website can be done by optimizing the content of your website and thus improving your rankings in SERPS. If a user searches for some product which is similar to your products, the main goal of your website is to appear first in the search results. Hence SEO is very crucial because if you rank higher in the search results, it is more likely that your web page will be clicked by the prospective buyers as they will view your website even before many other competitors.

Assists in obtaining qualified traffic

The easiest way to make users click on your website is to offer them proper answers to their queries. Analyze the frequently asked questions which you always get from your clients and customers. By providing proper answers to these questions on your website will be a great thing to do, as it reflects your reliability. You can also add various images that improve visual engagement and make users stay on your web page longer. It is also beneficial to add links which enable visitors to redirect to the industry authorities and check other relevant content connected to the business on your website. This helps in improving the qualified traffic. Always get your website updated with the content that your customers are actively looking for.

Drives users to proper place in the sales funnel

Usually, most of the search engine visitors today are searching for various answers to their queries. Business SEO assists your website content to act as an ultimate sales funnel, driving these users towards your website and hence easily improving your sales. By having unique, user-driven, SEO-friendly, and high-quality content, you can prove that you are an industry leader in your business and make potential customers come back for your products or services.


Sales funnel shows the various phases or the path that occur during the purchase of the product by the customers. It enables you to track or analyze the user behavior and helps to make customized marketing activities tailored to the needs of customers at each stage. Nextbrain Technologies is the most reputed SEO company in Bangalore offering advanced SEO techniques and well-defined business SEO strategies to improve your sales and conversion rate.




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