Every business needs to consider digital fitness for their hospitality business. A digital health check will cover various aspects of the digital activities of the business. While some industry giants and entrepreneurs are considering a digital health check as a measure of technology adoption, let’s outline the various ways that SMEs in the hospitality domain will enhance their online presence in the digital world. The main role of the digital health check is to have a deep look about your business from the perspective of your customer’s. Instead of considering the impression of customer’s, a digital health check will assist you in considering the approach they think about your brand, your company, your services, etc. that are offered online.

Importance of Digital health check

An ultimate digital presence will provide your brand a great platform for communicating effectively with your customers. Your digital presence will set  you apart from all your competitors. It will certainly expand all the touchpoints of your customers with your brand online. It may include your company website, online presence may also encompass various areas out of your control such as conversations about your business or brand on social media as well as online reviews.

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Why is having a website important for the hospitality SME?

In case if the hospitality business is not having a website, you are surely missing out on a huge audience. Similar to other customer-focused industries, for SMEs also online visibility is a crucial factor. It will be the ultimate determining factor if customers want to decide whether to approach your business or not. It is certain that your website will offer a first impression to your potential customer. To have your own website will provide complete control over the brand image and your business. Internet marketing and digital marketing service are highly required to enhance your business productivity.

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How are digital menus beneficial for hospitality businesses?

Potential customers always want to check your information regarding your special offers, contact details, location information, and how to make bookings from your website, etc. To provide your customers with all the required details always plays a crucial part to create an ultimate online presence. The advantages of digital menus are given below:

  • A chance for your prospective customers to check your menu in advance
  • A simple approach to offer customers clear or value-added information.
  • Clear and flexible pricing.
  • Promoting discounts, special deals, offers, upselling opportunities, and a lot more
  • Streamlined payment as well as self-service.
  • Quick service for customers without any requirements of physical payments and waiting in long queues.

Email and digital marketing ideas for hospitality businesses?

Email marketing is an ultimate approach to obtain attention from your potential customers. Although customers do not want to be bothered with regular updates, emails, regular updates, etc. but promotional discounts are an amazing incentive for consumers in order to buy your products or services. Your email needs to include attractive content about your brand or company blog, consumer reviews, discount coupons, and reminders about your business information like contact details or how a customer can book a reservation.

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How important is customer reviews for the hospitality industry?

Almost 91% of consumers trust online feedback or reviews and feel it as personal recommendations and 93% of consumers check reviews from the local businesses to decide about the product quality. Positive online reviews play a crucial role and they are even essential for the success of your business. Customers value reviews as they are content generated by the users which is known to be more trustworthy and reliable than direct advertisements from retailers. Online reviews create risks as well as opportunities. Even the negative reviews or feedback may damage your brand reputation and perception.


While considering running a business in the hospitality industry, it is sometimes difficult to understand where to start especially in the case of managing your own online presence in today’s digital world. A great digital presence will certainly offer you an ultimate brand image and a great reputation. It even acts as a good platform to make effective communication with your prospective customers.

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